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FAQs about mezcal

Yes, you can drink mezcal straight, and many connoisseurs prefer to enjoy it in this simple way. However, most bartenders recommend against shooting mezcal or gulping it down from a shot glass. Instead, keep your mezcal at room temperature and serve it neat, without ice. Then inhale the aromas and enjoy the flavors slowly. To cleanse your palate and continue to maximize the flavors, drink some water in between sips of mezcal.

If you prefer not to drink your mezcal straight, add it to a cocktail instead. Like tequila, mezcal makes an excellent addition to Margaritas. You can also get creative by mixing mezcal with ingredients that celebrate its earthiness, brightness, or floral notes. Many mezcal lovers like to combine it with citrus, ginger, or even chilis.

To buy a bottle of mezcal that you're likely to love, keep these guidelines in mind:
  • Younger is better. While many alcohol varieties develop more complex flavor profiles with age, mezcal isn't one of them. Younger mezcals, which are clear rather than brown, often have more interesting flavors.
  • Opt for a higher proof. Unlike other types of liquor, mezcal doesn't do well with dilution. Although some bottles boast a standard 80-proof, some go up to 100-proof or have unrounded numbers like 94-proof. When in doubt, choose a bottle with a higher proof to ensure that the mezcal is undiluted.

Essentially, mezcal is a broader category of spirits, and tequila is a type of mezcal. Both tequila and mezcal come from agave, but the two spirits have a few key differences:
  • Distillers can produce tequila from a single type of agave, while mezcal can come from about 50 different species.
  • To make tequila, producers typically steam agave and distill it in copper pots.
  • Tequila generally has more mild flavor notes and less of mezcal's smoky or floral qualities.
Fortunately, you can shop for both via Instacart. Browse the inventory at your local liquor or wine shop, and order through Instacart for same-day delivery.