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FAQs about soju

There's no wrong way to enjoy soju. You can drink it straight or mix it, depending on your preferences. Here's how to get maximum enjoyment from your soju, no matter which option you choose:
  • Shots: Many people opt to drink soju with groups of friends or colleagues, using small glasses or shot glasses. Although you can drink it slowly and enjoy the flavors, most people shoot their soju or drink the glass in one gulp. To follow proper soju etiquette, fill glasses for guests and elders.
  • Cocktails: Because soju has a taste similar to vodka, it also works well as a cocktail ingredient. For example, you can replace vodka with soju in classic cocktails like negronis or mojitos.
You can drink soju with food, and it pairs with a variety of dishes. Try it with a spicy soup or grilled pork belly.

Compared to other alcoholic beverages, soju is relatively inexpensive. Most bottles of soju actually cost less than similarly sized bottles of beer. Because soju has a higher alcohol content (20% ABV) than beer (5% ABV), this spirit delivers even more value than the typical beer bottle. Less expensive varieties are often diluted and come with fruit flavors.

Naturally, other varieties of soju have higher price tags and cost much more than other types of alcohol. If you opt for a more expensive bottle of soju, you typically get a clean flavor with a higher ABV.

Each state has its own laws for alcohol sales. Depending on where you live, you might be able to purchase a bottle at:
  • Wine and Liquor Shops: In most cases, wine and liquor shops are your best bet for buying soju, especially if you want to browse a larger selection.
  • Grocery Stores: If your state allows alcohol sales in supermarkets, you can shop for soju at your local grocery store.
  • Convenience Stores: Some convenience stores also sell soju, especially smaller bottles.
In most states, you can shop any of these stores online and place your order via Instacart. That way, you can save time while stocking up on soju for your next party with friends or get-together with family.