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FAQs about pale ale

The main difference is in the yeast used for fermentation. Pilsners, like all lagers, are brewed with bottom-fermenting lager yeast, and pale ales use top-fermenting ale yeast. In appearance, pilsners are generally clear, while pale ales are a bit cloudy. In comparison, the pale ales taste maltier, more bitter, and hoppier than the crisp and clean lagers.

India pale ales, like other malted barley-rich beers, is one of the best supplements of silicon, which helps in bone-building and maintaining bone health. To maintain the body's metabolism, orthosilicic acid is essential, which is present in this beer.

Most pale ales should be served between 50-60°F. A few India pale ales and American pale ales are best served at colder temperatures of around 45°F, but as a general rule, ale beers should be served warmer. These English pale ales can be served in standard pint glasses. In contrast, Belgian and American pale ales, including India pale ales, are served in tulip glassware to help maintain the beer temperature and hold the beer head.

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