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Sierra Nevada IPA Beers for Delivery or Pickup

Sierra Nevada India Pale Ale Near Me

Buy your favorite Sierra Nevada India Pale Ale online with Instacart. Order Sierra Nevada India Pale Ale from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about India pale ale

IPAs pair well with many types of food, including:
  • Spicy meals, such as Indian food, Thai food, or Mexican food
  • Grilled food like burgers, shrimp, or kebabs
  • Deep-fried foods, including chicken, buffalo wings, or calamari
  • Mango or citrus-flavored foods, such as key lime pie, mango lassi, or lemon chicken
  • Salty cheeses like blue cheese, feta, or swiss cheese

It's best to consume your IPA as soon as possible since the hop flavor and scent IPAs are so famous for often fades within a few weeks. Manufacturers usually include a best by date to help you choose a beer with the fullest flavor possible, so look for a beer that has a recent bottling or manufacture date. The fresher an IPA is, the better your tasting experience will be.

An IPA has more hops and a stronger flavor profile than other pale ales. As manufacturers experiment with new brewing methods for IPAs and pale ales, some consumers find it difficult to distinguish between the two. IPAs typically have more hops flavor than other pale ales, however. Because they have more hops, IPAs also tend to have higher alcohol content.

Pale ales are typically less bitter than IPAs. They often have an IBU rating between 30-45 IBUs compared to the typical 40-60 IBUs you can expect from an IPA. Pale ales also tend to have more a more bready taste, versus the variety of citrusy or herbal flavors you find with IPAs.