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Smart Living Movies & Music Near Me

Buy your favorite Smart Living Movies & Music online with Instacart. Order Smart Living Blu-Ray and DVDs, CDs, Blu-Ray, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

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FAQs about movies and music

Movie and music returns are subject to the individual store policy. Most stores will allow you to return an unopened movie or CD. If there is a problem with the CD, then you may be able to return it, even if it has already been opened. Return or exchange policies may vary based on whether it is a disc, Blu-ray, or another type of media.

Paying attention to the movie or CD genre can help you determine if you will like it before buying. You can also look at the actors or musicians as well as the reviews of the media. Some movies may have free previews available online and some CDs may have access to one or more songs included in the playlist, so you can decide if you like it and want to hear more.

Ratings can help you determine if a movie or CD is appropriate for your child. Both movies and CDs have ratings, informing you of their intended audience. Movie ratings include: G — general audience, PG — parental guidance, PG-13 — it may be inappropriate for children under 13 years, R — restricted, and NC-17 — no-one under 17 years will be admitted.

CDs may have labels, like Parental Advisory Explicit Content, on the exterior of the CD. Additionally, even some CDs that have parental advisory warnings may sell a "clean" version.

There are many benefits of buying a physical copy of a movie or CD versus a digital one. A physical copy allows you to retrieve and watch, or listen to, your favorite media, any time. A physical copy of a CD or movie can also be a good gift. Digital movies and music often require that you have a subscription service to the provider you're using. If you cancel that subscription service, you may no longer have access to them.

Instacart partners with many media retailers, including Walmart and Best Buy. In addition to fast and personalized service, Instacart can also shop for all your CDs and movies from these locations. Whether you want to grab a few movies for this week's movie night or you're hoping to get a copy of your favorite artist's CD, you can do it all online through Instacart.
We'll do our best to get your order to you as fast as possible. Instacart offers same-day deliveries, sometimes in as little as two hours. Whether you want to watch a certain movie or you want to stock up for a movie-filled weekend, your Instacart shopper can grab the media items you want most. Your shopper will notify you when they begin shopping as well as when they are on their way to you with your movies and music.

Do you want access to convenient movies and music delivered right to your front door? Instacart shopping is available for more than your grocery needs. By placing an order for your favorite movies and music through Instacart, you can have them delivered right to you. Choose the movies or CDs you and your family want and enjoy the convenience of online shopping and delivery through Instacart.