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Buy your favorite Oral-B Oral Care online with Instacart. Order Oral-B Dental Floss & Picks, Water Flossers, Teeth Whitening, and more from local and national retailers near you and enjoy on-demand, contactless delivery or pickup within 2 hours.

FAQs about oral hygiene

Keep your dentures and bridges looking fresh and clean with products such as Polident denture cleanser effervescent tablets or the more powerful Stain Away effervescent powder. Efferdent liquid denture cleanser has antibacterial properties that help to eliminate odor-causing bacteria and will help your breath stay fresh. Polident is a paste cleanser that helps brighten and cleanse your dentures.

You want to feel confident that your dentures stay firmly in place, so you can add adhesive products like Fixodent, Poligrip, Sea-Bond, and Rite Aid adhesive creams. If you have loose-fitting dentures, order a denture reliner from Dentemp, and if you experience denture pain, use Orajel medicated denture pain relief gel.

There are many products and kits that you can add to your Instacart order to help keep your teeth bright and radiant. You can order whole kits, strips, gels, pens, or light-technology to help maintain white teeth. Pro Light offers a dual-energy light system to help whiten teeth without tooth sensitivity. Rite Aid offers a blue light whitening kit, and Smile Club Direct has an LED accelerator light system to help whiten teeth.

Crest, Rite Aid, Gleem, Top Care, Rembrandt, and Berkley Jensen all offer various styles of whitening trays, strips, and touch-up pens. You can even order Uncle Harry's Natural tooth whitener powder, Burt's Bees charcoal powder, or Active Wow charcoal whitening system. Consult with your dentist about appropriate teeth whitening products before starting your routine to know what's best for your unique situation.

You can use water flossers like the Waterpik system, or you can manually floss your teeth with dental tape, ribbon, floss picks, or interdental brushes. Dental floss tape and ribbons tend to cover a wider area between the teeth for efficient flossing. Waxed floss helps the tape or ribbon glide smoothly between the teeth, and non-waxed floss tends to do a deeper cleaning. Floss picks are ideal to carry with you in your purse, personal bag, or for traveling when you need to floss on the go.

You can get dental floss in mint flavors, ones with cranberry essences, coconut-flavored floss and picks, and even vegan cinnamon floss from Eco-Dent. Top Care has interdental brushes for dentures and bridges, and The Humble Co. offers charcoal-infused dental floss picks. When you order dental floss via Instacart, it's easy to make flossing part of your daily oral hygiene routine.

Once you place your Instacart order through the Instacart app or through the website, your personal Instacart shopper will do their best to find the exact item you ordered. If your shopper can't find the item you ordered, they'll notify you with a few options including:
Simply download the Instacart app today to start your order for oral hygiene products and to enjoy the convenience of having your items delivered to your door with same-day delivery. Once you order your items, your Instacart shopper will gather your items together and deliver them to your home. You also have the option of picking your order up from select stores at their designated curbside pickup location in order to save time and make your day easier.