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Our commitment to health

Instacart Health is on a mission to ensure every person has access to the food and products that help them thrive. We build the tools and technology to empower healthy living. Working alongside health professionals, hospitals, businesses, nonprofits, researchers, and policymakers, we aim to champion nutrition access, resources, and education. See how we can work together to revolutionize health for all.

Areas of focus

  • Nutrition security

    Today, 1 in 10 Americans struggle to get fresh, nutritious food.1 As a company that’s redefined how people access food, we have an opportunity—and responsibility—to deliver ingredients for health. We’re improving access to nutritious food that supports health and wellness by expanding EBT SNAP and launching Fresh Funds as a new payment option. We’re also supporting public policy solutions that can bring food assistance programs fully online and increase the availability of affordable nutritious food in underserved areas. 

    1USDA. “Food Security: Key Statistics & Graphics.” April 22, 2022.

  • Healthy made easy

    There's no one-size-fits-all definition of health. We build the tools, not the rules, to support every person's evolving journey and needs. While healthy lifestyle changes take time and effort, our technology makes the experience more seamless, convenient, and connected. Our product features like Health Tags, Shoppable Recipes, and Lists are all designed to bring health education and inspiration to consumers’ fingertips.

  • Food as medicine

    We partner with healthcare providers and stakeholders who share our belief that integrated food and nutrition is an essential tool for disease treatment and prevention. Our programs like Fresh Funds, Care Carts, and Lists enable collaborative care. These tools empower organizations and individuals to help people get the personalized nutrition they need. And we’ll go further by supporting policy solutions that increase equitable access to health-tailored groceries and food prescription programs.

Our products

For businesses & nonprofits

  • Fresh Funds Program

    Organizations can fund category-specific spend through our Fresh Funds program. Recipients of Fresh Funds can shop eligible categories on Instacart, like fresh and frozen produce, and pay with a digital code to access funds. Funds can also be auto-reloaded on a recurring basis.

    Nonprofits, providers, insurers, and employers can use Instacart Fresh Funds to bring existing food prescription and nutrition incentive programs online or launch easily scalable programs that enable and encourage healthy eating.

    For example, Partnership for a Healthier America is able to use Fresh Funds to provide families experiencing food insecurity a monthly allotment of Fresh Funds to spend on healthy produce. Fresh funds can also be implemented by major employers and health insurance companies to offer new healthy eating benefits to employees—we’re working on launching these programs in 2023.

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  • Care Carts

    Organizations and individuals can send food and other supplies directly to clients.

    Hospital systems, dietitian services, and individual caretakers use Care Carts regularly to support those unable to order for themselves, such as individuals with diet-related diseases, in post-surgery care, or who are elderly and homebound. Like Fresh Funds, Care Carts provides healthy groceries and essentials. However, instead of allotting them a stipend, the organization or loved one directly orders the items on behalf of someone else.

    For example, through Care Carts, patients cared for via Medically Home are sent groceries directly to their home. In addition, dietitian services like Foodsmart and Season Health use Instacart to send personalized nutrition plans to patients.

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  • Lists for Nutrition

    Lists are a collaborative, scalable tool to recommend personalized bundles of healthy food and products that people can instantly shop and get delivered.

    Nutritionists, dietitians, and coaches can create private lists to share nutrition plans that fit their clients’ health needs—from low sodium to low carb.

    Lists can also be used by businesses and brands to share with a public audience. For example, an influencer can curate a shoppable list of products that are discoverable on the Instacart app.

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  • Shoppable Recipes

    Shoppable recipes bring online inspiration to life, with Instacart helping to deliver all the ingredients for healthy meals. Our widget integrates into any website so readers can fill their cart and check out in minutes.

    This way, businesses and brands can integrate the shopping feature directly into their websites so their readers can immediately bring healthy inspiration to life. Our partners at launch include new Hearst Partnerships with Women's Health, Men's Health, and Prevention. See how you can work with us today.

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For consumers

  • EBT SNAP & EBT Cash

    Instacart has pioneered online EBT SNAP benefits to make grocery delivery more accessible across retailers. We’re proud to power payments for 120+ retail banners, spanning more than 10,000 stores across all 50 states and Washington D.C. Over half of retailers who accept EBT SNAP secured their accreditation through their partnership with us. 

    In the months to come, we're launching a brand new program to expand access: EBT Cash. It will offer consumers more ways to pay for things not covered by traditional EBT SNAP, including household essentials and service and delivery fees.

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  • Care Carts

    Caregivers can use Care Carts to support clients or loved ones who are in need of healthy groceries and essentials. In a few taps, they can order groceries and products for same-day delivery to those they care for, near or far. Recipients can simply sit back and enjoy getting everything they need delivered.

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  • Shoppable Recipes

    Instacart’s new Shoppable Recipes pages are filled with healthy inspiration and ingredients, which you can add to your cart and order with a tap. Same-day delivery brings ingredients straight to your kitchen, so you can go from browsing to eating in a few hours.

    We also partner with popular online recipe sites like Men’s Health, Women’s Health, and Prevention, so you can explore and shop beyond the app. Simply select the “Shop on Instacart” button next to the ingredients to fill your cart.

  • Health Tags

    We provide transparent nutrition attributes, ingredients, and label information on food and products across our catalog. This makes it easier to make informed decisions based on one's unique health needs, because information is power.

    Items are also labeled with tags like "Low Sodium" or "Gluten Free" for easy searching and filtering so you can get nutrition information. Tagged products can also appear in our Health Pop-Ups (U.S. only) where users can discover relevant products in one place.

    Explore our Pop-Ups:

    Vegan Favorites

    Low Sodium Lifestyle

Community impact

We work with researchers, nonprofits, and policymakers at every level of government to fight hunger, expand access to nutritious food, and improve health outcomes.

Policy advocacy & research

We advocate for policies that help ensure everyone can access nutritious food. The Instacart Health Policy Agenda outlines our top policy priorities, Instacart’s product and research commitments, as well as our support for public policies on these issues. We look forward to continuing to partner with leaders like the Milken Institute, the Tufts' Friedman School Food & Nutrition Innovation Council, and the Alliance to End Hunger, and to working with all those who share our commitment to ending nutrition insecurity and fostering better health. We invite you to join us as we pursue this work together.

Read the Instacart Health Policy Agenda

Nonprofit partnerships

We’re on a mission to create a world where everyone has access to the food they love. That’s why we’re partnering with experts in this space, like Partnership for a Healthier America, Feeding America, and No Kid Hungry. Together, we’re making it easier for families to get access to fresh, nutritious food, no matter where they live or how much money they make.

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