Caper Cart: Make shopping an adventure

Increase basket-sizes, drive new revenue, boost omnichannel customer engagement, and improve operational efficiency with Instacart’s AI-powered smart cart. Make in-store shopping personalized, seamless, and fun for the whole family.

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Net Promoter Score*
faster in-store experience*
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increased basket size*
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Caper launches in the news

Make in-store shopping seamless and personalized

Drive revenue

Enjoy incremental customer spend with larger baskets during shops, more frequent return trips and omnichannel conversions that increase LTV of each customer.

Improved operating efficiency

Reposition your staff to specialized roles, and improve your customer service — all without the need for advanced training.

Customer satisfaction

Increase retention with optional loyalty login, seamless coupon access, reduced checkout times, major payment options built into every cart, and gamification.

Advanced technology to transform the in-store experience

Sensor fusion with AI integration

Instant CV Camera recognitions

All-day battery

Weather resistant

Weights and measures for loss prevention

Sync shopping list

Loyalty integration capabilities

Customized ads and digital coupons

Frictionless payment on built-in terminal

Order Ahead integration with FoodStorm

Advanced technology

Caper integrates seamlessly into your operations

Nested charging makes keeping carts charging a breeze, and Caper integrates into existing systems and operations enabling fast scaling at your pace.

Caper Cart Operations

Seamless shopping for your customers

1. Start Shopping

Simply grab a cart and go (no app or login required)

2. Add Items

Place or weigh items in the cart to add to your basket

3. Pay & Go

Pay for your items on the cart and leave the store

4. Digital Receipts

Receive your digital receipt via text or email

Introducing Ads on Caper Carts

Powered by Instacart's leading online advertising solutions, we've brought personalized and dynamic recommendations into the physical aisle, giving CPG brands a new way to advertise, unlocking a new revenue stream for retailers, and delivering customers a more tailored in-store shopping experience.


Anti-theft and operational capabilities

Powerful cloud capabilities easily accessible on mobile devices to manage Caper Carts and provide tools to help prevent shrink.


Remote management

Software release hub

Receipts recall

IoT targeted updates

Configuration control

Anti-theft and operational capabilities

Launch Caper Cart in 4 simple steps

Meet with our team

Explore your unique needs and how Caper Carts can meet them

Integrate your systems

Connect Caper to your POS, inventory and other important systems

Prepare your launch

Train your team, install in-store signage and receive your Caper Carts

Caper Carts live!

Congratulations! Watch your revenue and customer satisfaction grow

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to change my POS system?

There’s no need to change your POS. The Caper Cart integrates with your current systems.

Does the Caper Cart require modifications to my store?

All of our game-changing software, sensors and AI cameras are built into the cart, so you can simply plug, play and scale!

Can I still use my current payment processor?

Yes. Your current payment processor’s details are added to the Caper Cart, whether it be credit, debit, Apple Pay, or Android Pay.

Will customers still be able to use their loyalty cards?

Absolutely. Your loyalty programs will be front and center when customers begin shopping with Caper Carts.

Can the Caper Carts be taken outside?

Yes. The Caper Carts are built to last and IP-X5 certified, allowing your customers to take them out to the parking lot, no matter the weather conditions.

How long does it take to charge the battery?

It takes about 10 hours to charge a stack of 10 carts from 0-100%

How long does the battery last?

Both the Model 3 and the Model 3 Lite have a battery life of 12–14 hours.

How do you prevent theft?

Caper Cart has GPS tracking in place on the cart and can set parameters to the store location. In the event that the cart goes outside of the parameter set, the wheel locks would be turned on automatically and we have the ability to track the exact location.

Can customers who don’t have a loyalty account still use a Caper Cart?

Yes! Caper Carts are configured with no mandatory loyalty login required for ease of use by all your customers.

Can I make loyalty account login mandatory on the Caper Cart?

Absolutely. If you want to make loyalty account login mandatory on your Caper Carts, we can configure your system with that setting.

How do shopping bags work with a Caper Cart?

If a customer wants to use their own shopping bags, they can place their shopping bags in the Caper Cart basket before they begin shopping, to which they will be prompted by on the cart screen to confirm they’ve added shopping bags into the basket, and then they can begin shopping and bagging as they go!

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*Net Promoter Score (NPS) is based on non-incentivized customer survey responses overly quarterly usage of Caper Carts at various retailer stores. Claims are based on an average of in-market results across consumer and retailer employee behaviors. Retailer-specific results may vary.