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Grow your business with our suite of marketing opportunities, from self-serve tools to fully customized strategic partnerships. Regardless of size or budget, we provide differentiated solutions for all our retailer partners.

Self-serve tool

Create campaigns on your Marketplace storefront or your branded site

Best for:

Reaching high-intent consumers on the platform

Acquiring new customers

Winning back lapsed customers

Rewarding loyalty

Growing basket sizes

Driving category adoption

Managed campaigns

Unlock new channels and leverage our resources to get 
in-market quickly

Best for:

Reaching consumers off the platform

Running video campaigns on services like Hulu and Tubi

Running streaming audio campaigns on services like Spotify and Pandora

Targeting specific geographies

Supplementing your in-house marketing

Strategic partnerships

Go all in and go big with fully custom options and more channels

Best for:

Reaching consumers off the platform

Planning a cadence of campaigns

Driving long-term goals

Advertising on Google, Facebook, YouTube and more

Experimenting and piloting programs

Thinking outside the box!


lift in Retailer first time orderers from In-App Activation campaigns*


Retailer ROAS for OTT and OLV campaigns**

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Self-serve tool

Through the Instacart Partner Portal, you have the ability to create your own promotional campaigns for launch on Marketplace or your white label sites. Set it up quickly and watch it perform. Drive key business goals from acquisition to reactivation to retention. Incentivize larger basket sizes or specific product categories. Benefit from boosted homepage placement and additional reminders through the customer journey.

  • Reach high-intent consumers on the platform
  • Acquire new customers
  • Win back lapsed customers
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Campaign in-market

Reminders throughout the customer journey ensure your incentive campaign stays top-of-mind.


Managed campaigns

For retailers who have more funding and want to expand their channels to CRM and off-platform, we have a team of marketers who can design and deploy campaigns that meet your objectives. Ideal for one-off campaigns to drive seasonal moments or other key events.

  • Run video campaigns on services like Hulu and Tubi
  • Target specific geographies
  • Supplement your in-house marketing
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OTT & OLV ads

Our optimized and templated creative formats make campaign development easier, so you see results faster.


Strategic partnerships

When the budgets get bigger, so do the opportunities. Working together, our teams become more deeply integrated, reaching for the same mutually beneficial goals.  A dedicated Instacart Marketer provides full service in lockstep with your team(s) to determine where the funds are spent via long-term planning and continual engagement.

  • Plan a cadence of campaigns
  • Drive long-term goals
  • Advertise on Google, Facebook, YouTube and more
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End-to-end management

Through our agency relationships and in-house creative team, we can take a video from conception to execution to media planning.


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Frequently asked questions

Self-serve tool
Self-serve tool
Managed campaigns
Strategic partnerships

What is Instacart's self-serve tool for marketing?

Instacart's self-serve tool is a new feature in our Instacart Partner Portal that enables retailers on our platform to create and launch marketing campaigns on their storefront on Instacart or their own white label site. At launch, Retailers can design campaigns to help acquire new customers. In the near future, opportunities will expand to winning back lapsed customers, driving categories or basket sizes and loyalty linkage.

What marketing opportunities are available through Instacart’s self-serve tool?

At launch, retailers can use the tool to acquire new customers by offering incentives to shop at the retailers' store for the first time. In the near future, we will enable the ability to develop campaigns designed to win back lapsed customers, incentivize category purchases or larger cart sizes, and reward loyalty program linkage.

What are the benefits of using Instacart's self-serve tool?

With our self-serve tool, retailers can take control of their growth strategy for their storefront on Instacart. Retailers benefit from reaching a high-invent audience on our platform, boosted homepage placement and reduced time-to-market. With our closed-loop ecosystem, you don't need to drive consumers off-site to complete their transaction. This is beneficial for both conversion rates and results tracking.

Is it possible to design landing pages using Instacart’s self-serve tool?

No, Instacart Marketing Solutions and the self-serve tool do not create landing pages. If you have a question about creating product collections on your storefront, please reach out to your BD rep or Customer Success Manager.

Does Instacart’s self-serve tool with third-party apps and tools?

We do not integrate with any third-party apps at the moment, but if there is something in this area you would like to explore with our team, please contact us at [email protected].

How does Instacart’s self-serve tool allow me to track the performance and ROI of my marketing campaigns?

We provide embedded insights on campaign performance like customer acquisition cost, ROI, conversion rate and geo-specific results.

What type of support is available when using Instacart’s self-serve marketing tools?

We provide all of the documentation needed to get started building your own campaigns in the self-serve tool. For additional support, please reach out to your BD rep, Customer Success Manager or email us at [email protected].

What types of marketing campaigns can Instacart manage?

Instacart can manage a variety of one-off or seasonal campaigns like CRM, OTT/OLV on networks like Hulu and Tubi and streaming audio on platforms like Spotify and Pandora, depending on your goals and budget.

What are the benefits of launching a managed marketing campaign with Instacart?

When you work with us you can leverage our internal and agency resources, get into market quickly, and receive full campaign readouts upon completion. You can expand your reach through our owned CRM channels (which include email and push notifications) as well as paid media channels like over-the-top advertising, online video and streaming audio.

What channels do Instacart’s managed marketing campaigns cover?

For managed campaigns, the channels we cover are the ones we have found to be most effective for one-off moments: CRM, OTT, OLV and Streaming Audio.

Can I customize my marketing campaigns to align with my business goals and brand identity?

Absolutely! All managed marketing campaigns are a collaborative effort between our team and yours. We'll work directly with you to design co-branded creative that is a balance of both our identities and aligns with your specific business goals. You approve all work before it goes live.

Can I track the performance and ROI of my marketing campaign through Instacart's platform?

Yes. We'll provide performance and ROI readouts to you at the completion of your campaign.

What level of support is available throughout the implementation and execution of a marketing campaign?

When you partner with us to run a managed campaign, our team handles it all end-to-end. This includes everything from the creative development to media planning and full results reporting. You approve assets and plans every step of the way.

What is Instacart's strategic partnership program?

Our Strategic Partnership program provides opportunities for retailers on the Instacart Platform to grow their business on Marketplace or their own white label sites by working on long-term plans with an Instacart Marketer on our team. Retailers gain access to more channels and more custom creative executions than in other service levels.

What marketing resources and tools are available through Instacart's strategic partnership program?

Retailers who choose to establish a strategic partnership have access to the highest level of resources. We have in-house strategy and channel experts alongside a network of external agencies ready to provide a full-service experience.

What are the benefits of a strategic partnership with Instacart?

Benefits to a strategic partnership are our ability to develop long-term plans together, design fully custom creative assets and deliver complete campaign results readouts. Everything we build and launch will be done with our mutual business goals in mind and shepherded through to completion by a dedicated Instacart Marketer.

Can I customize the marketing materials provided by Instacart to fit my brand and target audience?

Yes, all of the materials we create will be customized for your brand and your unique audience by our talented in-house team our one of our agencies. If our templates don't fit your needs, we can go fully customized all the way up to dedicated photography and live-action video shoots.

What kind of support is available for strategic partnerships?

Strategic partners get full-service support for strategy, development, execution and reporting. We will meet on a weekly basis to ensure we are continuing to drive our mutual goals.

What types of businesses are eligible to participate in Instacart's strategic partnership program?

Any retailer on the Instacart Platform that can reach minimum investment amounts are eligible for a strategic partnership. This generally starts at $500,000 a year.

How can my business apply for a strategic partnership with Instacart?

There is no application process, but if you would like to get the conversation started, please reach out to us at [email protected].

What is the planning cycle for a strategic partnership with Instacart?

At this level of service, our team engages with your team on annual and semi-annual planning, depending on what works best for your promotional calendar. We hold high-level strategic summits as well as weekly tactical planning meetings to ensure we are building and executing on plans that will reach our mutual goals.

The content in this article is not sponsored, endorsed, or associated with Hulu, Tubi, Spotify, Pandora, Google, Facebook or YouTube.

* Based on internal tests run across active multiple retailer banners measured over four weeks ending on January 18, 2023, leveraging In-App Activation Campaign product.

**Based on streaming and online video campaigns run across multiple active retailer banners measured over three months ending on Dec 31, 2022, leveraging OTT and OLV campaigns. There can be no assurance that the outcomes for these tests can be maintained or replicated due to a variety of factors, some of which may not be within Instacart's control or cannot be anticipated.

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