In-Store mode: Deliver an omnichannel experience

In-Store mode: Deliver an omnichannel experience

In-Store joins Delivery and Pickup as the newest option for customers, turning the app into a valuable companion as customers shop in stores. Make shopping more affordable, efficient and inspiring.

In-Store mode for the Instacart app and Storefront

In-Store mode for the Instacart app and Storefront

Now available for IC app and your Storefront or Storefront Pro app, In-Store mode enables you to deliver personalized experiences to your in-store customers.

Retailer & Customer Benefits

Increase customer loyalty

Give customers more reasons to make you their first choice

More opportunities to engage with your loyalty program

Provide loyalty pricing and benefits

Offer easy access to loyalty card at POS

Surface digital load-to-card coupons

Buy It Again enabled with online and offline purchases

Grow in-store sales

Use your most flexible in-store marketing surface to drive upsells, cross-sells and frequency

Digital flyer distribution through the app

In-app placements

Smart shopping lists with aisle locations

Search and browse items with stock levels

Provide nutrition and dietary information

Gain a 360° customer understanding

Build a comprehensive view of the customer journey

Loyalty linkage data passback

Feature metrics

Convert an in-store list to a delivery or pickup cart

More Customer Benefits

Help save money

Customers can browse all the deals at all of the stores they love

Discovery on deals tab and flyer

Budgeting with list totals

Help save time

Easier planning for faster shopping

List organized by aisle location

In-store availability information

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Frequently asked questions

How does In-Store mode make grocery shopping more efficient?

With the ability to create lists automatically sorted by location and in-stock levels, In-Store mode enables customers to plan their weekly shop ahead of time and complete it in less time than before.

What is the value of an omnichannel experience?

The customers using In-Store mode will enter your virtual store on your Storefront app or the Instacart app and navigate through a retailer-branded experience.  Customers that choose In-Store Mode are those that prefer an omnichannel shopping experience. These omnichannel customers typically generate more lifetime value than single-channel shoppers.

Does In-Store process transactions?

No, it does not, but it can be integrated with our Scan & Pay solution to do so.

What are the requirements to launch In-Store for my brand?

Basic launch requirements for In-Stor mode include providing in-store item and sale pricing.  Enhancements include your weekly flyer, full item assortment and item location.

Are there differences between the offering on the Instacart app versus Storefront Pro?

The main functionality of In-Store mode is the same for both solutions.  The Storefront Pro version may offer you more customization options.

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