FoodStorm: Streamline your prepared foods operations

FoodStorm: Streamline your prepared foods operations

Bring your food service operations online, increase sales and improve in-store processes.

Powering the leaders in grocery food service

Hundreds of brands use FoodStorm to simplify their workflow and boost their sales.

Get acquainted with FoodStorm

Get acquainted with FoodStorm

Learn what makes FoodStorm so powerful and what it can do for your business.

Multiple use cases powered by one order management system

No matter how you sell freshly prepared food items, FoodStorm can help.

Holiday catering

Own peak holiday catering periods, maximizing your sales without overloading your capacity.

Everyday catering

With purpose-built catering functionality you automate and simplify your everyday workflow.

Real-time ordering

Power your made-to-order counters and service lines with one streamlined system across your store.

Deli ordering

Unlock ordering ahead for your Deli, Meat and Seafood departments with weighted item support.

Custom cakes

Offer a delightful ordering experience for your customers as they build custom cake orders.

Bakery ordering

Enable order ahead for your pies, breads and sweet and savory treats from your Bakery.

Technology to support your entire fresh foods business

See how FoodStorm can take your business into the future of food service.

  • Omni-channel ordering
  • Order management
  • Customer marketing
  • Integrations
  • Customer success
  • Security

Omni-channel ordering

Customer expectations are rapidly evolving, so ensuring you’re meeting potential customers when and where they want to shop is crucial. That’s why our software provides a central location for all your order channels so you never miss a sale.


Instacart App

Email & phone

Service counter


Caper Cart

How FoodStorm fits into your operations

Allow your customers to order online or in-store while providing your team with tools to improve the production process from order placement to fulfillment.

000 Food Storm

Feel confident in FoodStorm’s expertise

We obsess over our technology so you don’t have to.

Homegrown system


Built for grocery

20+ years of order ahead experience

Integrated online and in-store experiences

Omnichannel ordering

Support for all prepared foods use cases in one system

Industry leading feature enhancements

Seamless system maintenance

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Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get set up and start using FoodStorm?

FoodStorm can be up and running as quickly as a couple of weeks. Ultimately the timeline depends on your requirements, and how quickly you can provide the information about your business to us to set it up, and your availability to support the transition.

If my business upgrades to FoodStorm, does my kitchen workflow need to change?

FoodStorm works with your existing processes, and our team is happy to tailor production reports to match what your kitchen is currently working from.

When I purchase FoodStorm, what comes out-of–the-box?

FoodStorm pricing is all-inclusive of features and does not require the purchase of additional modules. All feature enhancements and maintenance are included in your licensing fee.

What type of systems do I need in place to run FoodStorm?

A basic Internet connection is required to run FoodStorm. So as long as you can browse the internet and check emails you can use FoodStorm. FoodStorm also works on mobile and tablet devices so you can use the internet connected devices you already own.

What do I need to provide FoodStorm to set up my system?

We ask for details such as your catering menu (including great menu item photos), key reports and any other details you can share about your process.

Do I need an existing website?

No, we can set up an online e-commerce website built for catering from scratch for you. Some of our clients engage a third party designer. But if you do have a website we can set up the e-commerce website to match your existing branding.

What will be my return on investment?

With FoodStorm you will immediately begin to see a return on administration overheads. FoodStorm will help you work faster, more efficiently, find more customers, furthermore FoodStorm will:

  • Increase online ordering revenue

  • Consolidate your orders into one place

  • Provide better oversight of your catering business

  • Bring all of your software together

  • Handle payments securely

Partner with us to drive proven results

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