Full-stack end-to-end fulfillment technologies to power pickup and delivery in as fast as 30 minutes—whether you’re on the Instacart platform or not.

Native fulfillment picking technology

Instacart’s market-leading Enterprise Fulfillment Software allows you to Plan, Pick, Chat and Replace.

Enable your customers to view order status and chat with the Instacart shopper or your store associates in real time

Offer the convenience of Long Distance Delivery, Priority Delivery, Scheduled Time Slots and more with our full range of options

Capture growing demand for pickup by powering your curbside service with our technology, or tap into overflow support when needed

Native fulfillment picking technology

Instacart offers one of the largest shopper networks backed by our flexible fulfillment software.

We can provide access to hundreds of thousands of dedicated shoppers located within minutes of your physical store locations to pick and deliver orders same-day to your customers.

of households in North America have delivery or pickup coverage
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The flexibility of our post-checkout capabilities will empower you to design an experience that fits the needs of your different customers.

Deliveries are fast and reliable, and improve overall satisfaction by providing a high-touch or low-touch experience depending on the engagement preferences of the customer.

out of 5 average star rating given to our orders
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Frequently asked questions

What does Instacart Fulfillment offer and how does it enable fast pickup and delivery?

Our Fulfillment capability offers software to pick, chat and replace during e-commerce orders. Our shopper network is one of the largest in North America and enables orders to be delivered in an average of 105 minutes.

What are the key features of Instacart's Enterprise Fulfillment Software?

Fulfillment is available as a part of an end-to-end e-commerce solution, or as a separate feature that you can plug in to your existing site. It enables your customers to stay apprised of order status and chat with their shopper in real time if replacements are needed. We can additionally offer long-distance delivery, priority delivery and scheduled time slots.

How does the flexible fulfillment software support access to a large shopper network?

If you use our full-stack solution, an Instacart shopper will be responsible to pick, pack and deliver orders from your customers. If you choose Connect Fulfillment to plug into your own site, you can choose between your own store associates and Instacart shoppers, or only rely on Instacart for surge times.

What is the coverage of Instacart's shopper network in the US?

Instacart's shopper network enables more than 600,000 people to earn money on their own schedule.

How does Instacart's post-checkout flexibility enhance the customer experience?

Post-checkout, customers have access to in-depth information about their order status to help drive customer satisfaction. They are kept apprised of replacements for approval, can chat directly with their shopper, have access to a live map of their order location and can adjust the tip amount after delivery.

What is the average star rating given to orders fulfilled by Instacart?

Our shoppers earn an average order rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars on the Instacart app.

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