Modular E-commerce

Instacart provides a set of flexible, enterprise-grade solutions that enable retailers to elevate their owned and operated properties with a comprehensive suite of capabilities. 

Connect Fulfillment

Use one of the largest shopper networks and end-to-end customer service technologies


Leverage our machine learning models to increase cart sizes directly in your company’s storefront


Carrot Ads offer relevant ad formats, dual sourcing models and campaign measurement tracking

Connect Fulfillment

Instacart offers one of the largest shopper networks in North America backed by our flexible fulfillment software.

We can provide access to hundreds of thousands of dedicated shoppers located within minutes of your physical store locations to pick and deliver orders same-day to your customers.


of households in North America have delivery or pickup coverage

The flexibility of our post-checkout capabilities will empower you to design an experience that fits the needs of your different customers.

Deliveries are fast and reliable, and improve overall satisfaction by providing a high-touch or low-touch experience depending on the engagement preferences of the customer.


out of 5 average star rating given to our orders


Replacements and upsells are critical to building a customer’s lifetime value and increasing cart sizes.

Our interfaces leverage the same machine-learning models used in the Instacart app and will respond with popular and complementary items based on the customer’s cart contents.

Embeddable Components

Customizable UI that Instacart will continuously improve and optimize.

Connect API Integration

Integrate directly with Instacart APIs and own the UI and customer experience.


Get relevant ad formats, dual sourcing models and campaign measurement with Carrot Ads.

Seamless end-user experience

Natively weaves featured products across the natural buying journey of an end user—search, browse, recommendations and buy-it-again lists

Personalization Models

Features Instacart’s proprietary personalization models to ensure ads served are relevant to the consumer

Dual Sourcing Models

Includes dual sourcing models (Instacart sourced, Retailer sourced) that can be leveraged to maximize fill rate

Frequently asked questions

How does the Fulfillment solution work?

Our Fulfillment services can be included as a part of our full-stack e-commerce solution or integrated into your existing site. Our team of technical experts will help build the right engagement model for your business.

How can retailers use APIs to connect machine learning models and increase cart sizes in their storefronts?

With our APIs, you can choose to either embed our customizable user interface components or directly integrate so that you control the customer experience. Either option gives you access to our proprietary machine-learning model-driven features like replacements and upsells.

What are Carrot Ads, and what features do they offer for advertising on Instacart?

Carrot Ads is a service that can be a part of your full-stack solution from Instacart or added on to your existing e-commerce site. It enables CPGs to advertise their products on your shoppable site and choose from a number of different ad formats.

How does Instacart connect my stores to their hundreds of thousands of shoppers?

When you choose Instacart Fulfillment solutions, you gain access to our network of more than 600,000 shoppers who have an average order rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

How do the post-checkout capabilities of Modular E-commerce provide flexibility for retailers?

We have a number of post-checkout capabilities that will help you design the ideal solution for your site. Your customers can choose how engaged they want to be with their shopper, and provide a high-, medium- or low-touch experience.

How do the Embeddable Components and Connect API Integration options differ in terms of customizable UI and customer experience?

The difference between the two options we offer is that Embeddable Components are modules with a user interface that Instacart builds, improves and optimizes. A Connect API integration means that you own the user interface and subsequent customer experience that is powered by our backend tech.

What makes Carrot Ads effective in weaving featured products into the end user's buying journey?

Carrot Ads offer a variety of placements that naturally weave in featured products across the shopping journey. We also provide access to our personalization models that serve up ads that are most relevant to customers, based on purchase behavior.

Can retailers leverage dual sourcing models with Carrot Ads to maximize fill rates?

Yes! Carrot Ad placements can be sourced by both the Instacart Ad Sales team and your own internal resources. This will maximize your reach and ensure higher fill rates than a single-source model.

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