Carrot Tags: Connect your shelf labels to Instacart

Carrot Tags: Connect your shelf labels to Instacart

Bring your shelf labels into the digital world for a connected shopping experience.

Here’s how Carrot Tags can take your aisles into the future

Dynamic Attributes

Carrot Tags displays key attribute information, including dietaries or certifications so customers always know what they're purchasing.

Interactive Content

Customers can scan a QR code to learn more about an item, including whether it’s eligible for EBT SNAP, or save a recipe to their online profile.

Pick to Light

Customers, store associates, or Instacart Shoppers can select an item on their phone and the corresponding shelf label will flash.

Price Optimization with Eversight

Retailers can update item pricing more easily. And by leveraging Eversight, they can unlock dynamic price and promotion optimization strategies at the shelf.

Who can benefit from Carrot Tags?

Learn how this smart feature helps consumers, store operators, and e-commerce pickers enjoy a seamless in-store experience.


Provide your customers with detailed item information, QR codes to scan for savings, and even a flashing light to help locate items.

Store Operators

Reduce labor requirements for shelf label management and enable quick price and item updates across the store.

eCommerce Pickers

Make picking items a breeze with flashing lights and features in the Instacart App to ensure your end customers get what they ordered.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Carrot Tags the actual electronic shelf label hardware?

No, Carrot Tags is a software that connects to your electronic shelf labels. You will need to source the hardware.

Do I need to be on Instacart App to use Carrot Tags?

No, all you need are electronic shelf labels in your store and then you can purchase the Carrot Tags software.

Does Carrot Tags work with only specific brands of electronic shelf labels?

No, Carrot Tags is hardware agnostic and works with many leading ESL hardware vendors or can integrate with your preferred vendor.

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