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Let's talk about the future of retail

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Enable unified commerce experiences online and in-store powered by Instacart Platform


Connect customers’ online and offline shopping experiences, unify ordering, and make checkout frictionless.


Inspire customers in-store to discover new products with companion digital content.


Improve operations, unlock increased customer value, and allow associates to focus on delivering delightful experiences.


Deliver scalable, new customer experiences while avoiding costly new store builds.

Bristol Farms’ Connected Store

As more and more people shop for groceries online, they increasingly expect the same kind of seamless, personalized experience within the physical stores they visit. That’s why we’ve partnered with Good Food Holdings’ Bristol Farms banner to launch our first-ever Connected Store—a bundle of new and existing Instacart Platform technologies that will help grocers build a unified, experience both online and in-store.

You’ll be able to see our Connected Stores technology—including Lists, Caper Cart, Scan & Pay, Carrot Tags, and FoodStorm software—in action at the Bristol Farms store in Irvine, California. Good Food Holdings will be using its Storefront Pro to power Bristol Farms’ online store, connect it to the physical store, and create a better experience across both.

This is just one of the ways we’re working with retailers to help power the future of grocery—both online and in-store—and bring a little magic to your grocery shopping experience.

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Opening up possibilities for in-store innovation at scale

Our Connected Stores technologies are flexible and modular. Retailers can pick and choose whatever combination of solutions work for them, enabling faster, phased roll-outs of Connected Stores.

For customers, this means a better grocery shopping experience—with fewer headaches and more inspiration, whether online or in person. For retailers, it means greater efficiency and higher revenue at a time when they’re under enormous pressure to turn a profit.

All of this is part of our goal to empower retailers with technology and serve their customers in ways that reflect each grocer's unique brand, identity, and community. We’re excited to build Connected Stores alongside our retail partners.

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