Instacart Ads Academy

Instacart Ads Academy lessons cover everything advertisers need to know to engage consumers and drive sales on the Instacart Marketplace. Learn how to run standout ad campaigns that reach consumers throughout the shopping journey on Instacart and develop best-in-class Instacart Ads skills.

Learn how to succeed with Instacart Ads

Free and flexible learning

Ads Academy provides self-serve and self-paced online learning. Lessons cover all the different ad formats, how to use Instacart’s self-service portal, Ads Manager, and the reporting and insights tools available to inform advertisers. Learn where and when you can.

Immersive and effective learning

Invest your time completing lessons in Ads Academy and come away with in-depth knowledge on the ins and outs of Instacart Ads. Complete every lesson in a few hours or easily navigate to the lessons that interest you most.

Verified and accountable progress

Become Instacart Ads Certified to demonstrate and champion your learning progress. Anyone who completes Ads Academy lessons can take a certification exam designed to test their knowledge in the subjects covered.

Explore our catalog of micro-lessons

Interested in learning more about Instacart Ads but not sure you have time to go through Ads Academy? That’s where micro-lessons come in. They cover a range of introductory topics, how-tos, and best practices in short multimedia lessons.

How Instacart Ads works

Brand new to Instacart Ads? Watch this short video on how it all works. View the lesson


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