Eversight: Optimize your pricing with AI

Eversight: Optimize your pricing with AI

Continuously drive growth with dynamic pricing through experimentation.

Empowering world class brands and retailers

Leading brands and retailers rely on Eversight to optimize pricing in response to market conditions and to deliver higher ROI on promotional spend.


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Eversight is ushering in the future of pricing—and grocers are already seeing the difference.*

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AI-powered experimentation

Eversight is a Software-as-a-Service “SaaS” platform that seamlessly integrates with your physical and digital store network to help you unlock dynamic revenue growth.

Dynamic rules management

Dynamic pricing with robust rules engine manages complete pricing strategy, while scenario planning simulates and implements what works best.

AI-powered experimentation

Dynamic experimentation at-shelf automatically uncovers optimal prices and true elasticity to drive category goals.

Sidekick reporting

Flexible reporting provides full visibility into the performance and governance of your pricing strategy.

How it works

Eversight’s Retail Pricing Suite unlocks revenue growth via automated, continuous testing of untried everyday prices directly with shoppers. These in-market experiments flex pricing within controlled ranges to produce the best elasticity in the industry. Advances in AI enable experiments to be automatically designed, deployed, and evaluated, making it possible to rapidly test and analyze millions of price permutations across your physical and digital store network.

Drive sales and profits across diverse categories

Current, correct, complete pricing across your categories.

Beer & wine

General merchandise

Packaged meats


Frozen foods


Non-alcoholic beverages



Health & beauty

Family care

Condiments & spices

How Eversight fits into your operations

The system is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure, store operations and paper tag change processes.

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Frequently asked questions

What is experimentation and why does it matter?

Experimentation is essentially the testing of untried prices directly with real shoppers in small ‘experiments’ that continuously run at scale. Rather than analyzing history alone, experimentation provides a direct line to today’s market dynamics – and as a result, sharper, more relevant, and more accurate recommendations.

Does Eversight work with ESLs or paper price tags?

The Eversight Retail Pricing Suite works with both Electronic Shelf Labels and paper price tags, seamlessly integrating with existing brick and mortar and ecommerce infrastructure, operations, and processes.

What’s the consumer experience like?

End shoppers are not aware that they’re in an experiment. For any given shopper in any given store, prices only change on a few of the products they shop and only by a small margin; it’s negligible. But at scale across a store network, those small changes create an orthogonal array of data points that changes the game.

How exactly does experimentation work for pricing?

Within the constraints set by the retailer’s existing pricing rules, prices are flexed up and down in controlled ranges depending on category objectives. AI is applied to run experiments at scale, resulting in a more robust, relevant data set based on current shopper behavior.

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*Claims are based on in-market results across a sampling of different product categories with varying price optimization objectives as set by the Retailers. Retailer-specific results may vary according to competition, other market conditions, and a Retailer's unique pricing strategy.