Cart Star Rewards

Get rewarded for being a top shopper

Get rewards and recognition for being the best of the bunch

We launched Cart Star—a program that celebrates shoppers for consistently delivering outstanding service—as part of our commitment to you. We believe that behind every great order is a stellar shopper, and you should get extra rewards and features to support your goals.

Everyday savings
to take you further

All tier levels get you cash back for gas and discounted oil changes 
so you can make the most out of shopping.

More recognition
and opportunities

Customers can see your top-tier status and you'll get priority access 
to batches.

Bigger rewards
as you progress

Every tier has something extra. 
At the highest level, enjoy premium discounts with our partners like to get a helping hand 
when the unexpected arises.

Become a Cart Star

Shop to earn points

Get 10 points for every order to work toward unlocking the next tier.

Maintain a 4.7 rating

Meet and maintain this customer rating to qualify for Cart Star and receive rewards.

Unlock new tiers 
and rewards

The higher the tier you achieve, the more savings and rewards you'll have access to.

Diamond Cart (2000 pts)

Platinum Cart (1000 pts)

Gold Cart (200 pts)

Check status in the app anytime

As the program rolls out over the next few months, you’ll see it as soon as it’s available in your area.

Shop like a star.
Get rewarded.

Tap rewards
for details







Cash back on gas

Get cash back per gallon through Upside.

Get cash back per gallon through Upside.

Oil change discounts

Get savings on oil changes through CarAdvise.

Get savings on oil changes through CarAdvise.

Recognition in customer app

Customers will see highlights of your experience when you shop their order.

Customers will see highlights of your experience when you shop their order.

Backup Care

Get discounted care for a child, pet, or senior when the unexpected arises through

Get discounted care for a child, pet, or senior when the unexpected arises through

Priority access to batches

Get priority access to batches before stores open or when you're closer to the store.

Get priority access to batches before stores open or when you're closer to the store.

Introducing Platinum Protection

To recognize shoppers who have completed at least 4,000 orders, we’re introducing Platinum Protection. Platinum Protection ensures a shopper never drops below Platinum Cart status, maintaining access to Platinum Cart rewards for life*. We know that life can get busy with all you do, but now you don't have to worry about losing your Cart Star status and rewards.

*To qualify, a shopper must have completed 4,000 lifetime orders and have taken at least one order in the last 3 months, as well as maintain a 4.7 rating.

How it works

The more you shop, the more rewards you'll unlock.

As a shopper, you have three months to earn points and reach the various qualifying tiers of Gold, Platinum and Diamond. If you reach a tier during the qualifying period, you immediately get access to the tier rewards.

When you unlock tier rewards you'll keep them through the following 3-month period. Points will reset after the qualifying period ends. To keep your rewards, earn the minimum number of points for your tier by the end of the qualifying period.


Our partners and rewards

We're proud to partner with these companies to bring rewards that make a difference every day.

Backup Care with

Every 3 months receive discounted Backup Care for kids, seniors, or pets for when the unexpected arises.


Get cash back per gallon so you can save more while you shop.


Get oil change discounts from local mechanics with an easy online platform.

More to come!

We're working on more valuable rewards—
stay tuned.

Frequently asked questions

Support and resources

How do I know what rewards tier I’m in?

You’ll see your reward tier status in your app under your shopper profile. You’ll also receive an email with your tier status.

How do I earn points? How many points do I get for completing an order?

You will receive 10 points for every order you complete. For example, if you complete a multi-order batch with 2 orders, you will receive 20 points (10 points for each order in the batch).

What happens if my rating drops below a 4.7?

If your customer rating is below a 4.7 at the end of a qualification period you will not qualify for Cart Star. 

If your rating drops below a 4.7 during the qualification period it will not affect your access to the rewards earned from the previous qualifying period.  However, your rating will need to be back up to a 4.7+ by the end of the current qualification period so it won’t impact your access to Cart Star during the next 3-month period. To learn more about qualifying periods, see the “How it works” section of the website.

How will I be notified if my tier is changing?

You’ll see a message in the “Shopper rewards” section of the “Your stats” page. You’ll also be notified via email.

How is this different from other rewards programs I’ve seen at Instacart?

Cart Star will be replacing the previous 24 Carrot Club program and will provide new, meaningful rewards to shoppers in real time.

How do I access my rewards?

You can access rewards provided by our partners Upside, CarAdvise, and through the app. Go to “Your stats” > “Shopper rewards” > tap on the reward under “All rewards” > redeem via the partner website.

For shopper profile recognition and early access to batches, the app will automatically provide these rewards once you reach the tier threshold.

How will I be recognized in the Instacart customer app?

Customers can see highlights of your experience as you are completing their order and before they leave a rating or adjust tips. Based on experiments run during the pilot this resulted in higher tips.


How do I redeem my Upside or CarAdvise rewards?

For Upside: Once you tap redeem and are brought to the Upside app, you can select a gas station near you and claim an offer. The app will guide you through the remainder of the process and Cart Star boosts will automatically be applied on top of the offer you selected.

For CarAdvise: Once you tap redeem and are brought to the CarAdvise app, you can search and book services. When you add an oil change service to your cart, you will be able to view your Cart Star discount before booking your service appointment. CarAdvise rewards refresh quarterly and don’t rollover, so be sure to complete your oil change within the quarter you qualify if you would like to use this reward.

What if I already use Upside or CarAdvise? What are the additional savings?

These offers can be paired with other discounts offered by Upside or CarAdvise. For example, if you already get 20¢ cashback per gallon from Upside, you would get 24¢ as a Gold Cart shopper or 28¢ if you are a Platinum Cart.

To link your existing account with the Cart Star program, just click the redeem button and log in.

How does priority access work for Diamond Cart shoppers?

Diamond Cart shoppers will get priority access to batches before a store opens and when they are close to the store. Priority access means they’ll have a higher chance of seeing batches from that store.

A highlighted area will appear around the store on your map when you are within a close enough radius to qualify for priority access. As long as you are within the highlighted area, you will have priority access for that store.

faq priority access 01faq priority access 02

What is the discount?

If you’re a Diamond Cart shopper pay only $1 per hour for in-home Backup Care, and $10 per day for in-center Back-up Care. Offer covers 4 days of services for loved ones, including children, seniors, and pets. rewards refresh quarterly and don’t rollover, so be sure to use your subsidized care within the quarter you qualify if you would like to use this reward. You’ll only be able to schedule care within the quarter you qualify as a Diamond Cart.

If I reach a tier point threshold during the qualification period, when do I get access to my reward?

Immediately! Your new tier will be reflected in your app and you’ll have access to the rewards in that tier through the next 3-month period.

For example, if you unlocked Gold Cart during the Jan 1-Mar qualifying period, you’d keep your rewards through Jun 30. To extend your rewards through Sep 30, you’d need to earn 200 points during the Apr 1-Jun 30 qualifying period.

I joined Instacart in the middle of the qualification period, how do I qualify?

You can still qualify even if you join in the middle of a qualification period, you just need to reach the minimum point threshold of 200 points by the end of the qualification period. If you don’t reach the minimum point threshold of 200 points (20 orders), you won’t unlock Gold Cart for the following 3-month period.

What are the months for each qualifying period?

The qualifying period matches calendar quarters of January-March, April-June, July-September, and October-December of each year. This means you start accumulating points for the next period on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

Will I still have access to Instacart shopper perks if I don’t qualify for the Cart Star program?

Yes - all shoppers continue to have access to shopper perks like Stride, which you can read more about in the Shopper Help Center.

Where can I learn more about Cart Star?

You can learn more about the Cart Star program by visiting the Cart Star lesson in your Shopper app.To access the lesson, tap on “Your stats”> “How to Improve.” A new tab will open up with all available lessons, and you can search for Cart Star.

Who do I contact about my tier status, eligibility, or other questions?

First check your Shopper app to see which tier you are included in and more information. You can also review information in the Shopper Help Center. If you still have questions related to your status or eligibility with the Cart Star program, contact Care in the Shopper app.

Who do I contact if I have specific questions about third-party rewards?

  • For Upside support, you can view helpful articles and contact information in the Upside app

  • For CarAdvise support, visit 

  • For support, call 866-814-1512

What app version should I be on to have access to Cart Star?

You need to be on app version 4.285.0 for ios and 4.299.6 for android. You can find what app version you are on by going to account > settings > scroll to the bottom and the app version is listed

Am I responsible for the taxes on Cart Star rewards?

Shoppers are responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes that may be owed as a result of receiving rewards through Cart Star. Instacart may issue an IRS Form 1099 indicating the approximate retail value of certain Cart Star rewards to the IRS for tax reporting purposes. Instacart cannot provide tax advice. If you have questions, please consult your tax advisor.

*Instacart reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change the benefits provided under the Cart Star program.