Scan & Pay: Switch on a new checkout experience

Scan & Pay: Switch on a new checkout experience

Your customers simply scan items, pay on their phone, and walk out of the store. You get digital insights on in-store customers and a compelling new cornerstone for your omnichannel offering.

How it works

Scan & Pay is a lightweight hardware and software bundle with three main pieces:

  1. A geofenced in-store webapp (that can be embedded into Storefront Pro or your app) that lets customers shop and check out on their phones

  2. A powerful and customizable program to target orders for auditing and guide associates through the process

  3. An android tablet displaying a QR code, acting as the checkpoint for auditing near the store’s exit

Scan & Pay customers are simultaneously digital AND in-store customers. As they walk your aisles, they benefit from personalized promotions, order histories at their fingertips, saved payment methods and more.

This makes Scan & Pay a unique cornerstone to any retailer's omnichannel strategy: you keep customers in-store while offering features that are normally exclusive to digital experiences.

Level up your checkout experience

Digitally engage your customers while they’re in-store and deliver solutions to traditional checkout challenges.

80% of shoppers say that checkout is their biggest in-store pain point1

84% of shoppers are dissatisfied with checkout speed2

43% of customers would rather use Scan & Pay than stand in a self checkout line3

Managing shrink

Scan & Pay was designed from the ground up to limit theft. The software identifies risky orders (through a combination of business rules and machine learning), flags them for audit, and then walks store associates through the appropriate auditing process. 

Even better, Scan & Pay is able to give you a specific baseline for how much shrink the program creates, by requiring a small percentage of orders to be comprehensively audited. Those insights can be fed directly back into configurable tolerances within the rules engine, giving you unparalleled peace of mind.

Machine learning

Instacart powers millions of transactions each week; these transactions all serve as training data for the most comprehensive anti-theft ML in the industry.

Dynamic thresholds

All thresholds involved are configurable, meaning that audit frequency and thoroughness can be easily dialed up or down to balance customer convenience with the specific loss profile of your stores.

Advanced monitoring

Instacart not only built Scan & Pay, but the auditing software that pairs with it. We can provide you with unprecedented insights into exactly how audits pass and fail in your stores.

Tie-in with the broader Instacart Platform ecosystem

Meet with our team

We’ll explore your unique needs and determine how to configure Scan & Pay.  Customize your audit logos, excluded items, in-app entry points and more.

Integrate your systems

Our proprietary Unified POS technical layer makes quick work of integration with pricing, promos and loyalty.  Launch in weeks, not months.

Go live!

Watch your customer satisfaction grow while your checkout lines shrink.

Extend the functionality

Scan & Pay is part of the full suite of Connected Stores products.  Once you’re up and running, you can embed it within your Storefront Pro app, connect it to Foodstorm for order ahead at the counter capabilities, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to change my POS system?

There’s no need to change your POS. Scan & Pay integrates with your current systems.

Does Scan & Pay require modifications to my store?

Yes, though the solution is incredibly compact. You'll just need to find room for digital scales to weigh produce (unless you already have them!) and a tablet to serve as an exit station.

Can I still use my current payment processor?

Scan & Pay transactions are online purchases which run through Instacart, then immediately deposit funds into your bank account.

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