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Flexible customizations so your e-commerce experience feels unique to your brand.

Configurable theming with enhanced options

Custom homepage layouts for seasonality and events

Content pages to tell your brand’s story

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Advanced theming

Match the design of web and mobile storefronts to your unique brand.

Better represent your brand across the digital storefront to bring consistency between your brand and the in-store shopping experience.

Customize your logo, brand colors, font, border radius (on buttons and input fields) and favicon using self-serve tooling.

Upgrading to Storefront Pro allows for additional customization options including mobile splash screen, loading screen, icons and other Instacart-branded assets.

Custom departments and navigation

Guide the customer through their journey by bringing attention to the most important paths.

Customize the navigation links and how they show up in the header, footer (web), bottom navigation (native) and hamburger menu (mobile web). You can even create department links so customers can browse by department.

Both Storefront and Storefront Pro features include modernized header UI that will inherit your branding and allow you to add a departments section and URLs for existing pages.

Basic content pages and campaign landing pages

New flexible page type allows you to add static content to your storefront to help inform customers or to express other relevant brand content.

Reveal relevant information to customers as they shop your storefront while maintaining full control of URLs and more—all in our CMS.

Custom homepage layouts

Guide your customers’ journey the moment they land on the homepage by customizing the content they will see. 

Pin your favorite merchandizing placement to the top of your homepage, and upgrade to Pro for even more customization options.

Custom homepages allow you to differentiate from competitors and tell your brand’s story.

For Storefront Pro customers, you can even promote seasonal products, highlight weekly ads, draw attention to new events in-store, share your company values and more.

Frequently asked questions

How can enhanced theming benefit my e-commerce experience and make it unique to my brand?

Our enhanced theming capabilities allow your e-commerce site to more accurately reflect the unique features of your brand. This brings more consistency to your online and offline experiences.

What customization options are available for the header, footer, and navigation to guide customers effectively?

With Storefront, you can customize logos, brand colors, fonts and more. If you upgrade to Storefront Pro, you will get additional customization options for your splash and loading screens. You also have control over the navigation links and how they show up in the header.

How can I utilize the Basic Content Pages and Campaign Landing Pages to tell my brand's story and engage customers?

For the first time, Storefront now allows you to create content pages within your shoppable site. This enables you to tell the story of your brand in your brand's voice, using your brand's imagery. You can include history, mission statements and even details about your private label products.

What are the advantages of having Custom Homepage Layouts, and how can they help differentiate my brand from competitors?

Custom homepage layouts in Storefront Pro give you the power to fully guide your customer's browsing and shopping journey from the moment they land on your site or open your app. You can add specialized content and value propositions that are unique to your brand.

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