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Introducing the First-Ever Instacart Emerging Brand List



Dec 13, 2022

Shop the Fastest-Growing Emerging Brands on Instacart in 2022

Today, Instacart works with over 5,500 brand partners to build the tools they need to reach new customers, and help consumers find products we know they’ll love. With Instacart Ads, we offer brands of all sizes – from established consumer favorites to up-and-coming small businesses – an equal advertising opportunity among the millions of items available from Instacart’s more than 1,000 retail banner partners. 

With a presence across more than 75,000 retail partner stores in North America, we believe Instacart has one of the best platforms to help emerging brands grow. Smaller, newer CPG brands are working hard to break into a crowded industry, find the right audience, improve awareness, and grow their distribution – all while managing limited ad budgets and competing with well-funded legacy brands. Over the last few years, we’ve been working with small brands to design flexible, accessible, affordable tools to amplify their products on Instacart. 

Across the Instacart Marketplace, these emerging brands are creating and sharing exciting new products and – most importantly – growing their brands and businesses on Instacart. 

In the spirit of discovery, inspiration, and supporting small businesses this holiday season, our insights team leveraged sales velocity metrics to identify the 75 fastest-growing emerging brands of 2022 on Instacart. On this year’s list you’ll find lots of innovative options in the better-for-you category, including vegetarian meals from brands like Tattooed Chef, and allergen-free snacks from MadeGood and Love Corn, to sparkling beverages that pack a little extra punch – like a collagen boost in SkinTe and prebiotics in Poppi. 

Whether you’re looking for easy dinner ideas, a new treat to shake the winter doldrums, or products that make great stocking stuffers, there’s something for everyone! 

Discover all 75 of Instacart’s fastest-growing emerging brands of 2022 below, and shop them here on Instacart through your favorite retailers.

  1. Slate Milk 
  2. Tattooed Chef
  3. Liquid Death
  4. Snapdragon Foods
  5. MadeGood 
  6. Genius Gourmet 
  7. Truff
  8. Good Good
  9. Blue Sky Family Farms
  10. Poppi 
  11. Mason Dixie Foods 
  12. Serenity Kids 
  13. Cappellos
  14. Egglife 
  15. Smart Sweets 
  16. Love Corn 
  17. Alpha Foods 
  18. SkinTe 
  19. Reveal Pet Food 
  20. Avaline Wine 
  21. Dream Pops 
  22. Impossible Foods 
  23. Ripple Foods 
  24. Bare Bones 
  25. Lily’s Toaster Grills 
  26. Momeez Choice
  27. Strong Roots 
  28. Repurpose 
  29. Cerebelly  
  30. IQ Bar 
  31. Wilde Chips
  32. NuTrail 
  33. Spudsy 
  34. TruFru
  35. Mighty Spark 
  36. Mush Foods
  37. The New Primal 
  38. That’s it.
  39. Brekki Overnight Oats 
  40. Munk Pack 
  41. DUDE Products 
  42. Portland Pet Food Co. 
  43. Roar Organic 
  44. Kevin’s Natural Foods 
  45. Unreal Deli
  46. Belgian Boys 
  47. Ocean’s Halo 
  48. Oh Snap! Pickling Co
  49. Alani Nutrition 
  50. Vive Organic 
  51. Flying Embers 
  52. Banza 
  53. Suja Juice
  54. Mike’s Hot Honey 
  55. Seal the Seasons 
  56. Catalina Crunch 
  57. Unreal 
  58. Lesser Evil Snacks 
  59. Halo Top 
  60. Love Beets 
  61. HighKey Snacks 
  62. FitCrunch 
  63. Proud Source Water 
  64. Gotham Greens 
  65. Youtheory 
  66. The Jackfruit Company
  67. Biolyte 
  68. Aloha 
  69. Palmini 
  70. I and Love and You 
  71. Daring 
  73. Quinn Snacks 
  74. Once Upon a Farm 
  75. BEAR Snacks 

Throughout 2022, we’ve continued to create more ways for brands to inspire and connect with consumers throughout the shopping journey. Early this year, we announced display ads, which enable brands to promote creative content to inspire discovery. We also launched page templates – customizable shoppable destinations from on or off Instacart, where consumers can explore a brand’s product portfolio available from their favorite retailers. And most recently with shoppable video and shoppable display ads, brands can inspire consumers with branded storytelling, video, and imagery, coupled with seamless add-to-cart functionality.

This year we also introduced an enhanced ad buying experience that puts marketing objectives front and center in Instacart’s self-service Ads Manager, and a new promotions offering. These updates simplify the setup and management process of running Instacart ad campaigns. Ads Manager and our ads product suite help our brand partners, especially our smaller brand partners, make informed decisions to meet their campaign objectives, while managing all the complex elements of growing a newer business. 

Methodology: This analysis is based on YoY sales velocity growth and limited to certain brands based on age, sales, distribution and investment threshold. YoY sales velocity growth is calculated by: (Q1 to Q3 2022 Sales per Instacart Weighted Distribution / Q1 to Q3 2021 Sales per Instacart Weighted Distribution) -1. Please visit our blog to learn more about measuring distribution and velocity on Instacart.



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