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Nov 16, 2023

New tool helps brands achieve in-store growth by showcasing their results on Instacart.

On Instacart, consumers can shop from their favorite retailers for the brands and products that they love, and have their order delivered within an hour. And given the tremendous success many emerging brands have seen advertising on Instacart, we know there are opportunities for brands of any size to raise awareness, generate trial, and capture a larger market share. 

But only if they have distribution. 

We’ve previously covered how one brand, Rojo’s, used data on their sales velocity on Instacart as a proof point of their performance to win additional distribution. Sell sheets build on this idea that a brand’s performance on Instacart makes a great argument for increased distribution and house it in a purpose-built solution that connects our brand partners looking to showcase their products with our retail partners seeking to discover new products.    

Sell sheets are a free, streamlined solution our brand partners access in Ads Manager that help them showcase their products to our network of 1,400+ retailer partners. 

Showcase your products to retailers looking for new products

With sell sheets, you can easily curate the products you want to highlight into collections that include your Instacart sales data and publish them directly to our network of 1,400+ retailers who could be looking to add products just like yours to their shelves. 

It only takes a few steps within Ads Manager to create and publish a sell sheet: 

  1. Create a profile with your contact information so retailers interested in stocking your products can easily reach out. 
  2. Select the products you want to showcase and provide a short description for them. 
  3. Publish the sell sheet to make it discoverable to our network of 1,400+ retailer partners. 

Once published, retailers can view trustworthy, vetted data from our platform to get a well-rounded view of your products— 

an image of a sell sheet

A streamlined solution linking brands to retailers

When brands showcase their products by publishing sell sheets for retailers to explore, they leverage Instacart’s rich and extensive data set to show retailers how well their products perform. Sell sheets contain first-party data about the brand’s performance on Instacart. This sales data is not based on panel data or any other kind of estimate or projection extrapolating from a sample. Our closed-loop reporting eliminates the need to estimate or project these insights and instead bases sales data and other metrics directly off of the brand’s actual orders on Instacart, providing concrete insights retailers can trust and incorporate into their decisions. 

With both the brand and retailer sides of the process of showcasing and discovering products hosted on the Instacart platform, sell sheets link brands to retailers in a streamlined solution that helps to eliminate an often manual and sometimes tedious workflow. 

We know gaining distribution can be one of the primary challenges for some of our brand partners; and our retailer partners need to continually discover innovative products and connect with new brands on the cutting edge of consumer trends. 

Our sell sheets are uniquely positioned to connect partners from two critical sides of our marketplace so that both can benefit. When retailers do find products they are interested in, Instacart facilitates communication from the retailer to the brand— 

An image of the UI showing Fresh Grocery is interested in sell sheet

Brands just like yours are already leveraging sell sheets

We designed sell sheets mainly with our emerging brand partners in mind as they can face the steepest hurdles to exposure and distribution. With this tool connecting them to retail category managers so they can share their products, sales data, and other insights, we can provide even more support in their brand growth journey. 

“We’re excited to see Instacart connecting their network of retail partners with emerging brands like ours more directly. An important and challenging part of growing a CPG business is finding distribution in retail stores, which requires a lot of persistence, time, and manual work to showcase the best of the brand. Instacart’s new sell sheets provide an opportunity to easily showcase Poppi’s key sales data across our products, and become discoverable to more retailers in one simple tool,” said Graham Goeppert, Vice President of Digital Commerce and Media at Poppi. 

Sell sheets are available to our US advertisers right now. To get started, simply log into Ads Manager and navigate to the Sell sheets page. Create and publish your first sell sheet to pitch your products to our network of retailer partners — and go from sheet to shelf! 

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