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Instacart Serves Up the Top Pie in Every State for Pi-Day π🥧



Mar 5, 2022

America’s favorite math holiday — Pi Day — is quickly coming up on March 14! While the annual holiday celebrates the mathematical constant π in all its neverending glory, it’s also the perfect day to indulge in all kinds of delicious pie. To celebrate, we sliced Instacart purchase data to serve up the most uniquely popular pie in each state…because it’d be irrational not to 😉.

So here’s the breakdown — because Apple pie is the most popular pie flavor in the United States, with over 27% of pie sales on Instacart’s platform accounting for the classic flavor —  we decided to look at which pie flavor each state buys the most compared to the national average.* 

Let them eat…pie!

A look at every state’s most uniquely popular pie flavor

  • Alabama – Key Lime Pie
  • Alaska – Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Arizona – Pumpkin Pie
  • Arkansas – Chocolate Pie
  • California – Pumpkin Pie
  • Colorado – Peach Pie
  • Connecticut – Apple Pie
  • Delaware – Lemon Meringue Pie
  • Florida – Key Lime Pie
  • Georgia – Sweet Potato Pie
  • Hawaii – Pumpkin Pie
  • Idaho – Pumpkin Pie
  • Illinois – Cherry Pie
  • Indiana – Cherry Pie
  • Iowa – Cherry Pie
  • Kansas – Cherry Pie
  • Kentucky – Cherry Pie
  • Louisiana – Pecan Pie
  • Maine – Blueberry Pie
  • Maryland – Apple Pie
  • Massachusetts – Blueberry Pie
  • Michigan – Cherry Pie
  • Minnesota – Banana Cream Pie
  • Mississippi – Pecan Pie
  • Missouri – Cherry Pie
  • Montana – Pumpkin Pie
  • Nebraska – Apple Pie
  • Nevada – Pumpkin Pie
  • New Hampshire – Blueberry Pie
  • New Jersey – Boston Cream Pie
  • New Mexico – Pumpkin PIe
  • New York – Boston Cream Pie
  • North Carolina – Pecan Pie
  • North Dakota – Banana Cream Pie
  • Ohio – Cherry Pie
  • Oklahoma – Cherry Pie
  • Oregon – Marionberry Pie
  • Pennsylvania – Apple Pie
  • Rhode Island – Blueberry Pie
  • South Carolina – Key Lime Pie
  • South Dakota – Pumpkin Pie
  • Tennessee – Pecan Pie
  • Texas – Pecan Pie
  • Utah – Pumpkin Pie
  • Vermont – Chocolate Pie
  • Virginia – Chocolate Pie
  • Washington – Marionberry Pie
  • Washington, D.C. – Apple Pie
  • West Virginia – Cherry Pie
  • Wisconsin – Cherry Pie
  • Wyoming – Peach Pie

Pie beg your pardon? Here’s a closer look at the findings:

  • This isn’t piti-ful. Cherry pie is the top flavor in 11 states.
  • Go big or gourd home. Pumpkin pie takes second place as the top pie in 9 states, primarily on the West Coast.
  • You want a piece of me? Connecticut, Maryland, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Washington, D.C. purchased Apple pies more often than anywhere else in the U.S. — you can’t beat a classic.
  • Yes, pe-can. Tying with Apple pie for 5 states, Pecan pie is a beloved choice in the South, coming out on top in Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.
  • Blueberry bliss. Wild blueberries are native to Maine, so it’s no surprise Blueberry pie takes the top spot in The Polar Star State, alongside neighboring Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.
  • Key lime and feeling fine. Surprise, surprise — you didn’t need Instacart to tell you Key Lime pie is the #1 most uniquely popular pie in Florida! South Carolina and Alabama are also in favor. 
  • Choc it up. Tying in popularity with Key Lime, Arkansas, Vermont, and Virginia are the 3 states who crave indulgent Chocolate pie the most.
  • Two-for…five? These five pies are the most uniquely popular flavors in two states each:
    • Banana Cream pie: Minnesota and North Dakota have gone bananas. 
    • Boston Cream pie: New Jersey and New York… would New York sports fans be upset about this one?
    • Lemon Meringue pie: Alaska and Delaware — we wouldn’t have guessed! 
    • Marionberry pie: Oregon and Washington are keeping it local with this beloved berry. 
    • Peach pie: Colorado and Wyoming, you’re a peach. 
  • Not as sweet as a Georgia peach. Georgia stepped away from its homeland fruit as the only state favoring Sweet Potato pie.

With more than 3.6 million pies purchased through Instacart last year, it’s clear that although Americans have varying pie flavor preferences, our love for a buttery crust and delectable filling is pie-fectly strong. Happy Pi Day! 🥧


Instacart looked at sales data between February 2021 and January 2022 to determine which pie in each state had the highest share over the national average.

Adjusting for Growth:

We adjust Instacart growth percentages by the overall growth of total deliveries. Doing so removes the influence of our platform growth so we can focus on the change in consumer behavior.



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