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Ingredient Weight Chart: Common Food Conversions



Last Updated: Jan 9, 2024

It’s no surprise that baking and cooking involve multiple steps — you have to measure each ingredient accurately to ensure the recipe turns out right. While a few extra chocolate chips or a sprinkle of seasoning won’t hurt, it’s still best to get most of the measurements correct. 

That said, it’s wise to understand the weight of ingredients because not all ingredients weigh the same — it’s also important to know the weights so you can follow recipes regardless if they’re in metric or imperial units. Use our ingredient weight charts below to find out how much common food items weigh and improve your baking and cooking chops.


Nailing the weight of your flour is crucial for the foundation of your favorite dishes. From thickening sauce to baking birthday cake alternatives, use the chart below to measure the correct amount of flour.

Ingredient Volume OuncesGrams
All-purpose flour1 cup4 ⅕ 120
Almond flour1 cup3 ⅞ 96
Bread flour1 cup4 ⅕ 120
Cake flour1 cup4 ⅕ 120
Coconut flour1 cup4128
Rye flour1 cup3 7/10 106
Wheat flour1 cup4113
00 flour1 cup4 ⅛ 116
illustrated ingredient weight chart of different types of flour

Oils and fats

Aside from flour, oil and other fats can change the outcome of your recipe. No need to guess how much butter or vegetable oil you need — measure the oils and fats more accurately, or else you may end up wondering how to thicken mashed potatoes or the rest of your meal.

Ingredient Volume OuncesGrams
Butter½ cup4113
Lard½ cup4113
Margarine1 cup6 ⅓ 180
Olive oil1 cup7198
Sesame oil1 cup7198
Sunflower oil1 cup6 ⅓ 180
Vegetable oil1 cup7198
illustrated ingredient weight chart of different oils and fats

Sugars and sweeteners

Adding a bit of sweetness to your dish doesn’t hurt, but too much of anything isn’t good. Use the chart below to ensure you use the right amount of Demerara sugar, agave and other sweeteners.

Ingredient Volume OuncesGrams
Agave¼ cup384
Brown sugar1 cup7 ½ 213
Corn syrup1 cup11312
Demerara sugar1 cup7 ⅘ 220
Granulated sugar1 cup7198
Honey1 tablespoon7/1021
Powdered sugar2 cups8227
Raw sugar1 cup6 3/10 180
illustrated ingredient weight chart of sugars and sweeteners


Don’t run the risk of ruining buttermilk recipes and other dishes that call for dairy products. Adding too much or too little dairy could drastically change how your recipe turns out. Use this dairy ingredient weight chart for more accurate measurements.

Ingredient Volume OuncesGrams
Buttermilk1 cup8227
Condensed milk¼ cup2 ¾ 78
Cream cheese1 cup8227
Half and half1 cup8227
Heavy cream1 cup8227
Ice cream1 cup8227
Light cream1 cup8227
Milk1 cup8227
Sour cream1 cup8227
Yogurt1 cup8227
illustrated ingredient weight chart of dairy products

Drinkable liquids

Did you know that every liquid has a different weight? From using your favorite type of coffee for a chocolate cake to adding beer to a cheese sauce, save your recipe with more precise liquid measurements.

Ingredient Volume OuncesGrams
Beer1 cup8227
Coffee1 cup8227
Liqueur1 cup8 ⅗ 243
Tea1 cup8227
Water1 cup8227
Wine1 cup8 3/10 234
illustrated ingredient weight chart of drinkable liquids

Fruits and vegetables

Stop eyeballing how much fruit or veggies to mix into your recipe. From onions for fajitas to fresh blueberries for a cobbler, measure these ingredients with the chart below.

Ingredient Volume OuncesGrams
Apple slices (dried)1 cup4113
Bell peppers1 cup5142
Blueberries1 cup5 ½ 156
Carrots1 cup5142
Coconut (shredded)1 cup385
Corn¼ cup1 3/1038
Onions1 cup5142
Raspberries1 cup4 ⅕ 120
Strawberries1 cup6167
Zucchini1  cup5 ⅗ 130
illustrated ingredient weight chart of fruits and vegetables

Nuts and seeds

No need to go nuts about finding the weight of ingredients. These key ingredients add a crunch to any baked good or salad. Use our easy-to-follow guide below to measure nuts and seeds.

Ingredient VolumeOuncesGrams
Almonds1 cup5142
Cashews1 cup4113
Flaxseed¼ cup1 ⅕35
Peanuts1 cup5142
Pine nuts½ cup2 ½71
Pistachios½ cup2 1/10 60
Sunflower seeds¼ cup1 ⅕ 35
Walnuts½ cup2 3/10 64
illustrated ingredient weight chart of nuts and seeds

Other common ingredients

Flour, liquids and sugars aren’t the only ingredients you’ll need to measure for cooking. Use the ingredient weight chart below for other common ingredients, including oats, seasonings and cake mix.

Ingredient Volume OuncesGrams
Baking powder1 teaspoon1/104
Barley1 cup7 ½ 213
Bran1 cup2 1/1060
Bread1 cup4 ⅕ 120
Breadcrumbs¼ cup128
Cake mix1 cup4 ⅕ 120
Cheerios1 cup2 1/1060
Corn flakes1 cup2 1/10 60
Mayonnaise½ cup4113
Oats1 cup3 1/1089
Rice½ cup3 ½ 99
Crispy rice cereal1 cup128
Rye1 cup3 7/10 106
Salt1 tablespoon⅗ 18
Spice blend2 tablespoons⅖ 10
Wheat1 cup4 ⅕ 120
illustrated weight chart of common ingredients

Additional baking and cooking guides

Looking for more food guides? Enhance your cooking and baking skills with these additional resources:

Online grocery shopping is the “weigh” to go

These ingredient weight charts are readily available to help you create the ultimate dishes. Whether you’re measuring cashews for a curry, apple slices for a pie or almond flour for cookies, you can get more accurate measurements. 
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