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Oven Temperature Conversion Chart: Tips To Cook Like a Pro



Last Updated: Apr 3, 2023

There’s nothing fun about wasting time trying to convert oven temperatures for a new recipe. The verbiage of Fahrenheit to Celsius can confuse even the most seasoned cooks. 

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Thankfully, you can use our oven temperature conversion chart to cut down on time. 

We even created a printable version of the temperature conversion chart for current and future recipes.

Table of Contents:

Oven temperature conversion chart + printable

printable oven temperature conversion chart with baking tools
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Use our oven temperature conversion chart to convert gas markings, Fahrenheit and Celsius for more accurate cooking and baking.

Gas mark Fahrenheit Celsius Celsius (fan) Heat description
1/4 225 F 110 C 100 C Very cool
1/2 250 F 120 C 110 C Very cool
1 275 F 135 C 125 C Moderately cool
2 300 F 150 C 140 C Cool
3 325 F 165 C 150 C Cool
4 350 F 180 C 160 C Moderate
5 375 F 190 C 170 C Moderate
6 400 F 205 C 185 C Moderately hot
7 425 F 220 C 200 C Hot
8 450 F 230 C 210 C Very hot
9 475 F 245 C 225 C Very hot
10 500 F 260 C 240 C Extremely hot

How to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius (formula)

Fahrenheit to Celsius formula

To convert Fahrenheit to Celsius, subtract 32 from the given degree in Fahrenheit and multiply by .5556. You can also multiply by five and divide by nine.

Example: (80 F -32) X .5556 = 26.7 C

How to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit (formula)

Celsius to Fahrenheit formula

To convert Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply the temperature by 1.8 and add 32 to the given degree in Celsius. You can also multiply the given number by nine, divide by five and then add 32 to convert the degrees of Celsius to Fahrenheit.

Example: (30 C x 1.8) + 32 = 86 F

What are the most common oven temperatures and conversions?

Unsure which cooking temperature to use? Here are some of the most common oven temperatures and their Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions.

Fahrenheit Celsius
325 170
350 180
375 190
400 200
425 220
450 230
475 240

How do you convert cooking times to different temperatures?

You convert cooking times to different temperatures by accounting for the percentage difference between the temperatures. Once you figure out the percentage difference, multiply the initial cooking time by it. It’s also important to factor in some wiggle room to make sure you don’t ruin your favorite recipe, like these old-fashioned sugar cookies.

Example: Start temperature is 400 F or 200 C with a 60-minute cooking time, and you want to increase the temperature to 450 F or 230 C.

Divide 400 by 450 to get the percentage difference of 0.89, or 89%. You will then take the initial cooking time of 60 minutes at 400 F, or 200 C, and multiply it by 0.89 to get 53 minutes.

Oven temperature conversion FAQ

Oven temperature conversions can be confusing. Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers surrounding cooking temperatures.

How do I convert my oven from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

You can convert Celsius to Fahrenheit for your oven by following the formula below:  

Multiply the Celsius number by 1.8 and add 32. You can also multiply the given number by nine, divide by five and then add 32 to convert the degrees of to Fahrenheit.

What temperature is 400 in the oven?

400 F in the oven converts to 205 C.

Is 350 F the same as 180 C?

Yes, 350 F converts to 180 C and 180 C converts to 350 F.

Oven temperature thoughts to bake in

Now that you’re more familiar with oven temperature conversions, you’re on your way to mastering your next cooking skill. 

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