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Cooking Measurement Conversion: Simple Cooking Guide

Whether you’re in the mood for some banana bread or you’re prepping for a breakfast potluck, it’s important to use the most accurate measurement for the best results.

You may often find yourself in a pickle trying to convert cooking measurements. From grams to cups, fluid ounces to gallons, there is no need to waste time doing the math.

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We’ll go through common cooking measurement conversions with charts to help you understand the numbers.

Table of Contents:

Dry measurement conversion chart




3 tsp

1 tbsp

1/16 c

6 tsp

2 tbsp

1/8 c

12 tsp

4 tbsp

1/4 c

24 tsp

8 tbsp

1/2 c

36 tsp

12 tbsp

3/4 c

48 tsp

16 tbsp

1 c

Follow our dry measurement conversion chart to find the precise units of measure.

Liquid measurement conversion chart

Use our liquid measurement conversion chart for more accurate pours.

Fluid Ounces





8 fl oz

1 c

1/2 pt

1/4 qt

1/16 gal

16 fl oz

2 c

1 pt

1/2 qt

1/8 gal

32 fl oz

4 c

2 pt

1 qt

1/4 gal

64 fl oz

8 c

4 pt

2 qt

1/2 gal

128 fl oz

16 c

8 pt

4 qt

1 gal

Butter measurement conversion chart

Whether you’re making birthday cake alternatives or whipping up a stack of pancakes, use our butter measurement conversion chart for more precise amounts.






1/2 stick

1/4 c

4 tbsp

2 oz

58 g

1 stick

1/2 c

8 tbsp

4 oz

115 g

2 sticks

1 c

16 tbsp

8 oz

230 g

Cup measurement conversion chart

There are 16 tablespoons in 1 cup, and 1 cup also equals 8 fluid ounces. For every 1 quart, there are 4 cups. To cut down on time trying to figure out the math, use our cup measurement conversion chart.

1/8 c

2 tbsp or 1 fl oz

1/4 c

4 tbsp or 2 fl oz

1/3 c

5 tbsp and 1 tsp

1/2 c

8 tbsp and 4 fl oz

2/3 c

10 tbsp and 2 tsp

3/4 c

12 tbsp or 6 fl oz

7/8 c

3/4 c and 2 tbsp

1 c

16 tbsp or 8 fl oz or 1/2 pt

2 c

1 pt or 16 fl oz

4 c

2 pt or 1 qt or 32 fl oz

Pint, quart, gallon and pound conversion chart

When you start converting pints, quarts, gallons and pounds, things can get a bit tricky. Follow our easy-to-use cooking measurement conversion chart to find your exact quantity.

1/2 pt

1 c or 8 fl oz

1 pt

2 c or 16 fl oz

1 qt

4 c or 32 fl oz

1 gal

4 qt or 16 c

1/4 lb

4 oz

1/2 lb

8 oz

3/4 lb

12 oz

1 lb

16 oz

Metric volume conversion chart

Use our volume conversion chart to measure your liquid ingredients more accurately.

1 mL

1/5 tsp

5 mL

1 tsp

15 mL

1 tbsp

60 mL

1/4 c or 2 fl oz

80 mL

1/3 c

125 mL

1/2 c or 4 fl oz

160 mL

2/3 c

180 mL

3/4 c or 6 fl oz

250 mL

1 c or 8 fl oz

375 mL

1 1/2 c or 12 fl oz

500 mL

2 c or 16 fl oz or 1 pt

700 mL

3 c

950 mL

4 c or 32 fl oz or 1 qt

1 L

33.8 fl oz

3.8 L

4 qt or 1 gal

Metric weight conversion

Here are a few common metric weight conversions to keep in mind when baking.

  • 1 g = 0.035 oz
  • 100 g = 3.5 oz
  • 500 g = 17.6 oz or 1.1 lb
  • 1 kg = 35 oz. or 2.2 lb

Oven temperature conversion chart

Here are common oven temperature conversions including gas markings, Fahrenheit and Celsius to help with more accurate cooking and baking.

Gas mark



Celsius (fan)

Heat description


225 F

110 C

100 C

Very cool


250 F

120 C

110 C

Very cool


275 F

135 C

125 C

Moderately cool


300 F

150 C

140 C



325 F

165 C

150 C



350 F

180 C

160 C



375 F

190 C

170 C



400 F

205 C

185 C

Moderately hot


425 F

220 C

200 C



450 F

230 C

210 C

Very hot


475 F

245 C

225 C

Very hot


500 F

260 C

240 C

Extremely hot

Abbreviations of units of measurement

Here are some common abbreviations of units of measurement you may notice when following a recipe. Avoid making mistakes with our helpful cooking measurement chart.


Full form







fl oz

fluid ounce



















Basic kitchen measuring tools

Most recipes will call for basic kitchen measuring tools to ensure accurate calculations.

Unsure which measuring tools you should use while cooking? Use the following tools to measure liquid and dry ingredients:

  • Measuring spoons: spoons for measuring liquid or dry ingredients, including teaspoons and tablespoons
  • Dry measuring cups: metal or plastic cups with straight edges to level off ingredients; used to measure dry ingredients like chocolate chips or flour
  • Liquid measuring cups: glass or plastic cups that have a handle and spout; used to measure liquids without spilling
  • Kitchen scale: a scale that measures the weight of chopped, mixed, dry and liquid ingredients

Measuring liquid ingredients vs. dry ingredients

You should treat liquid ingredients and dry ingredients as two different entities when measuring. While measuring cups are intended for calculating precise amounts, there are versions specific for dry ingredients and liquid ingredients.

Here are a couple tips to follow when measuring liquid ingredients vs. dry ingredients:

  • Fill measuring cups with dry ingredients and scrape the excess off to level the top for more precise amounts. This process can’t be done when using a liquid measuring cup.
  • All liquid ingredients should be measured in a liquid measuring cup. However, if a recipe calls for smaller units of measurement, you can use measuring spoons instead.

Cooking measurement conversion chart [printable]

Following a recipe requires precision and accurate measurements. Use our cooking measurement conversion chart for reference to convert ingredients without the hassle.

printable cooking measurement conversion chart

Final thoughts on cooking measurement conversions

You should now feel more confident to use the correct amounts with our cooking measurement conversion charts. Focus your time on meal prepping and less time doing math calculations with the help of our kitchen conversion charts. 

You can cut down on time even more by placing a grocery order online with Instacart. Add measuring tools and baking ingredients to your cart and receive your order right to your door.

Ready to master even more cooking skills? Use our grams to cups converter to find out the exact amount you need during your baking.



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