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Grams to mL Converter [Cooking Calculator + Charts]



Last Updated: Mar 1, 2024

Quick Answer

How many mL are in a gram?

1 mL equals 1 g when measuring pure water. Every ingredient has a different density, which results in various conversion amounts.

Baking and cooking should be straightforward, but when it comes to converting measurements, things can get a little messy. What are you supposed to do if your recipe calls for 20 g of olive oil or 26 mL of milk? Use our grams to mL converter or one of our cooking charts below to elevate your baking skills and tackle your next recipe.

Grams to mL Converter



Illustration of a scale with various ingredients behind it.

How to convert grams to milliliters

You convert grams to milliliters by dividing the weight of the ingredient by the number of grams. Milliliters are a unit of volume, whereas grams are a unit of weight. While the conversion factors are different units, you can convert them if you have the density of the ingredients.

Example: You want to convert 6 grams of milk to mL, which has a density of 1.04 grams. Using our formula, you would get 5.8 mL, rounding up to 6 mL. 
6 grams = 6 ÷ 1.04 =  5.8 mL = 6 mL (rounded up)

Calculating the ingredient density

The first step of converting grams to mL is to find the ingredient density by dividing the ingredient’s mass by its volume. Thankfully, you don’t need to memorize a lengthy list of ingredient densities — use this ingredient weight chart to help you convert mL to grams and vice versa.

illustrated chart of the density of common baking ingredients

Grams to mL conversion chart

Water, milk, oil, flour and sugar are some of the most common ingredients you’ll need when baking. Check out our grams to mL conversion chart below to estimate your measurements.

Volume Water Milk Cooking oil All purpose flour Granulated sugar
1 mL1 g1.04 g0.88 g0.53 g0.7 g
2 mL2 g2.08 g1.76 g1.06 g1.4 g
3 mL3 g3.12 g2.64 g1.59 g2.1 g
4 mL4 g4.16 g3.52 g2.12 g2.8 g
5 mL5 g5.2 g4.4 g2.65 g3.5 g
6 mL6 g6.24 g5.28 g3.18 g4.2 g
7 mL7 g7.28 g6.16 g3.71 g4.9 g
8 mL8 g8.32 g7.04 g4.24 g5.6 g
9 mL9 g9.36 g7.92 g4.77 g6.3 g
10 mL10 g10.4 g8.8 g5.3 g7 g
11 mL11 g11.44 g9.68 g5.83 g7.7 g
12 mL12 g12.48 g10.56 g6.36 g8.4 g
13 mL13 g13.52 g11.44 g6.89 g9.1 g
14 mL14 g14.56 g12.32 g7.42 g9.8 g
15 mL15 g15.6 g13.2 g7.95 g10.5 g
16 mL16 g16.64 g14.08 g8.48 g11.2 g
17 mL17 g17.68 g14.96 g9.01 g11.9 g
18 mL18 g18.72 g15.84 g9.54 g12.6 g
19 mL19 g19.76 g16.72 g10.07 g13.3 g
20 mL20 g20.8 g17.6 g10.6 g14 g
21 mL21 g21.84 g18.48 g11.13 g14.7 g
22 mL22 g22.88 g19.36 g11.66 g15.4 g
23 mL23 g23.92 g20.24 g12.19 g16.1 g
24 mL24 g24.96 g21.12 g12.72 g16.8 g
25 mL25 g26 g22 g13.25 g17.5 g
26 mL26 g27.04 g22.88 g13.78 g18.2 g
27 mL27 g28.08 g23.76 g14.31 g18.9 g
28 mL28 g29.12 g24.64 g14.84 g19.6 g
29 mL29 g30.16 g25.52 g15.37 g20.3 g
30 mL30 g31.2 g26.4 g15.9 g21 g

Grams to milliliters FAQ

Still have questions about grams to mL conversions? We’ve answered some commonly asked questions to convert mL to grams (and vice versa) like a pro.

What is a gram?

A gram is a unit of measure that equals one-thousandth of a kilogram. Grams are a unit of weight frequently used in baking and cooking.

What is a milliliter?

A milliliter is a unit of measure that equals one-thousandth of a liter. Milliliters are a unit of volume often used for measuring liquids and gases. 

Is 1 g equal to 1 mL?

1 g is equal to 1 mL if you’re measuring pure water. The exact measurement will vary depending on the ingredient’s density.

How is a gram related to mL?

Grams and milliliters are both metric units of measure, though a gram is a measure of weight while a mL is a measure of volume. It’s important to know how to convert the two units to ensure you have the correct amounts.

Additional cooking conversion resources

Use one of our additional cooking conversion resources to make things even easier:

Satisfying conversion thoughts to soak in

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