How to Cut Garlic with Step-by-Step Instructions



Last Updated: Jun 22, 2022

This popular ingredient does more than ward off vampires. How you cut garlic influences your dish’s intensity and overall consistency. Learn when and how to best cut, mince, crush and sauté garlic with a variety of tools.

How to easily peel garlic before cutting it

Use the flat part of a knife, the bottom of a spoon or the bottom of a sauté pan to gently crush the clove to separate the clove from the husk. Disregard the husk or dispose of it. Now you can begin to cut the garlic whether by mincing, cutting in fine pieces, chopping, or using a food processor.

Cutting garlic by hand.

How to roast garlic

Another way you can prepare garlic is by roasting an entire bulb or head in the oven to make them soft and spreadable. This is a deceptively simple, yet delicious, appetizer and does not require any level of knife skill since the garlic is so malleable.

How to mince garlic

When mincing garlic, use the following steps:

  1. Select your garlic bulb. Choose a firm, plump bulb with dry skin.
  2. Peel the bulb or cloves using the flattening method above or the shake method – place the cloves in a jar and shake to loosen the skins.
  3. Mince the garlic with:
    1.  A garlic press tool
    2. A butcher knife or large chef knife and cutting board
    3. A rasp grater or microplane tool similar to the way you grate fresh parmesan
    4. A food processor on a lower setting to ensure the garlic doesn’t become too blended
  4. Take the now-minced garlic and add it to your sauté pan, herbed chicken, or meal ready for enjoyment.
Minced garlic

How to chop garlic

Chopping produces slightly larger pieces than mincing. Before you begin, select a good knife that is not too large so you have more control while cutting the small cloves. With your knife in hand, you’re ready to go:

  1. Lay the flat side of the knife over the clove and hit it quickly over the top to break the skin.
  2. Peel the clove.
  3. Trim the top and bottom.
  4. Mindful of your fingers, keeping them in a fist, lean into the garlic with your knife using a rocking motion to make small slices across the clove the short way. Then rotate the cutting board and cut lengthwise. This efficiently yields a ton of garlic! Always remember to place the knife back and out of the way for safety when not in use.

How to chop garlic using a food processor

When in a time crunch, use a blender or food processor. Peel the garlic, place it in the food processor or blender, and add your favorite herbs and complementary spices. Some popular add-ins include basillemonsalt, and pepper

What are all the ways to cut garlic?

There’s no single right way to cut this magical bulb of legendary flavor. For the lazy chef, there are also pastes or sauces you can pick up from the store. If you’re looking for a hands-off approach, consider roasting the entire clove. Or, if you enjoy feeling like a culinary expert, cut it yourself! Your options are vast and tools can be a lovely addition to any evening at the cutting board.

If you have a bit too much garlic (we all get carried away with the joy of garlic), use some storage containers to keep the extra garlic around for another meal later in the week. Preserve the cut garlic with some lemon juice and olive oil, which can easily be transformed as a topper for a salad or pasta dish.

Garlic however you like it!

While garlic does little against energy vampires, it can add a whole new depth of flavor to any meal. Order through Instacart and have fun exploring this natural wonder and all the ways to slice, dice, and smash it. Just add everything you need to your cart and choose same-day delivery or pick up at check out.



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