23 Greek Yogurt Recipes: Dips, Desserts & More

Greek yogurt is a thick, creamy ingredient that should be a staple in your kitchen. You can serve it for breakfast or create the ultimate dinner and, of course, a creamy dessert. From Cobb salad and lamb chops to savory buffalo chicken dip and egg salad, there are Greek yogurt recipes for everyone. Here are a few ways to use plain Greek yogurt to create the ultimate dish.

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1. Chicken salad

chicken salad made with greek yogurt

Category: Entrees

Chicken salad is an easy-to-make Greek yogurt recipe you can enjoy all year. The lemon juice, Dijon mustard and Greek yogurt are the perfect combo. Scoop your chicken salad mixture onto your choice of bread (we suggest rye) for a delicious sandwich.

2. Creamy lemon pasta  

bowl of creamy lemon pasta

Category: Entrees

Pasta is one of those foods that provide warmth with every bite. Follow this lemon pasta recipe, but add 1-2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt to your sauce for extra creaminess. Make this type of pasta sauce whenever you’re looking for a burst of citrus. 

3. Greek yogurt pancakes

greek yogurt pancakes

Category: Entrees

Take your breakfast potluck food to the next level with Greek yogurt pancakes. This protein-packed pancake recipe is loaded with tasty ingredients to pack a punch first thing in the morning. Serve with fresh fruit, whipped topping or your choice of syrup.

4. Cobb salad

cobb salad with greek yogurt dressing

Category: Entrees 

Hit your protein goals by adding a scoop of Greek yogurt to this Cobb salad recipe. The addition of yogurt creates more texture and creaminess with every bite. Don’t fret — plain Greek yogurt pairs well with the other ingredients. You can also mix the yogurt with your dressing if you don’t want to disrupt the texture of the salad.

5. Greek salad

large serving of greek salad

Category: Entrees

Kick things up a notch by mixing Greek yogurt into your Greek salad dressing. This concoction creates the ultimate creamy salad dressing. Follow this Greek salad recipe if you need inspiration for a healthy and refreshing meal.

6. Lamb chops

seasoned and grilled lamb chops

Category: Entrees

Did you know that Greek yogurt helps tenderize meat? Coat your lamb chops in the Greek yogurt and fresh herb marinade to create an irresistible flavor. Serve with your favorite side dishes to complete a dinner for two or the whole family.

7. Chicken tikka masala

bowl of chicken tikka masala and naan

Category: Entrees

Transform your favorite chicken tikka masala recipe into a creamy delight with Greek yogurt. Use it to marinate your chicken or incorporate it into your sauce for more creaminess.  

8. Egg salad 

large bowl of egg salad made with greek yogurt

Category: Entrees

Swap the traditional mayonnaise in this egg salad recipe with Greek yogurt to create a creamy and tangy meal. Enjoy your egg salad by itself or make an egg salad sandwich. Try adding ripe avocado or slices of tomato for a different texture.

9. Spinach-stuffed mushrooms 

spinach stuffed mushrooms with greek yogurt

Category: Entrees

Looking for easy weeknight dinners? Whip up a batch of spinach-stuffed mushrooms that will melt in your mouth. Take the creaminess to the next level by mixing the cheese with Greek yogurt to create a creamy sauce.

10. Butter chicken 

plate of butter chicken with white rice

Category: Entrees

Butter chicken is a comforting traditional Indian dish featuring chicken cooked in a creamy tomato-based sauce. For even more creaminess, add a spoonful or two of Greek yogurt to the sauce. Serve with fresh naan bread and rice.

11. Ahi tuna

ahi tuna with greek yogurt marinade

Category: Entrees

Grilled ahi tuna paired with a lemon yogurt sauce is rich, creamy and delicious. Create your sauce by mixing Greek yogurt, lemon juice and fresh herbs. Marinate your ahi tuna the day before for even more tang. 

12. Beef tenderloin 

beef tenderloin with creamy greek yogurt sauce

Category: Entrees

Beef tenderloin is a cut of steak packed with flavor and not too tough to cook. Serve with a creamy Greek yogurt sauce or marinate the meat to make it more tender. Serve your beef tenderloin with roasted potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

13. Creamy gnocchi

plate of creamy gnocchi made with greek yogurt

Category: Entrees

Cook your gnocchi pasta until crispy to create the base of your dish. Toss in Greek yogurt, lemon juice and fresh herbs for a rich, tangy cream sauce. Double or even triple this gnocchi recipe for plenty of leftovers!

14. Lemon yogurt salmon burgers

lemon yogurt salmon burgers with onion and lettuce

Category: Entrees

Take your backyard barbecue to the next level with this salmon burger recipe with lemon yogurt sauce. Indulge in the juicy, tangy cream sauce infused with herbs. Serve for a light summer lunch or low-calorie meal.

15. Tzatziki

large bowl of tzatziki

Category: Dips and sauces

Tzatziki is a Greek yogurt sauce made with grated cucumber, garlic, lemon juice and dill. It can be served as a dip with cut vegetables or used as a sauce for gyros, kebabs or pita bread.

16. Spinach artichoke dip

bowl of spinach artichoke dip with chips

Category: Dips and sauces

Whenever it’s artichoke season, you have to try this spinach artichoke dip recipe. To add more tang, replace the sour cream with Greek yogurt. Serve with cut-up vegetables, pita bread or chips.

17. Halal white sauce

halal white sauce

Category: Dips and sauces

Enjoy the comforting yet subtle flavors of this halal white sauce. Drizzle this Greek yogurt sauce over shawarma, grilled meat or stir-fried vegetables.

18. Buffalo chicken dip

bowl of buffalo chicken dip

Category: Dips and sauces

This buffalo chicken dip recipe will take your gathering to the next level. Add a spoonful or two of Greek yogurt for even more tang, and bake until the cheeses are bubbling. Serve with celery, carrots or tortilla chips.

19. Ranch dip

ranch dip made with greek yogurt

Category: Dips and sauces 

Make a low-calorie version of ranch dip by mixing Greek yogurt with ranch seasoning mix. You can also make your own ranch seasoning by combining garlic powder, onion powder, dried dill, dried parsley, salt and pepper. Serve with vegetables, chips or chicken wings.

20. Cheesecake bites

cheesecake bites topped with fruit

Category: Desserts 

Incorporate a tablespoon or two of Greek yogurt into this cheesecake recipe for fluffy, creamy bites. Enjoy these mini cheesecake bites at any family gathering or celebration.

21. Greek yogurt parfait

greek yogurt parfait with granola and berries

Category: Desserts 

Greek yogurt parfaits are an easy-to-make breakfast or snack on the go. This Greek yogurt recipe combines granola, mixed berries, honey and vanilla for a sweet delight. While they may look sophisticated, they take minimal effort!

22. Greek yogurt bars

greek yogurt bars made with oats and fruit

Category: Desserts 

Easy meals don’t have to be boring –– try these Greek yogurt bars whenever you’re tight on time or whenever you please! These bars are essentially Greek yogurt with fruit and so delicious. You can also double the recipe if you want to meal prep for the week.

23. Frozen yogurt bites 

frozen yogurt bites

Category: Desserts 

Enjoy these frozen yogurt bites for a small but mighty treat. The combination of Greek yogurt, honey and berries creates the perfect sweetness. Not only are they tasty but it’s one of the easiest Greek yogurt recipes!

23 Greek Yogurt Recipes: Dips, Desserts & More

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Follow these Greek yogurt recipes for a burst of tang and creaminess with every bite.


  • Choose one of the Greek yogurt recipes above.
  • Enjoy a tasty meal packed with flavor!

The scoop on Greek yogurt recipes

Now that you’re more familiar with Greek yogurt recipes, you’re ready to build your menu. Choose from an array of recipes with Greek yogurt, including a marinade for lamb chops or perhaps spinach artichoke dip for your upcoming party. Don’t forget to save room for one of the Greek yogurt desserts like cheesecake bites. Order all your ingredients right to your door with Instacart.



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