20 Ideas for Snack Foods for a Party



Last Updated: Nov 2, 2021

What type of snack foods are best served at a party?

Snack foods are mainly a range of finger foods and appetizers. You may serve kebabs, dips, and platters with various cold meats, cheeses, and vegetables. Or serve club sandwiches, starter soups, poultry and vegetable wraps, or crunchy nuts. Don’t forget to tickle those sweet taste buds, too, with decadent desserts or confectionery.

20 delicious snack foods for a party

If you’ve run out of party snack ideas, our list here will help you find some:

1. Cheese and vegetable skewers

Healthy appetizer - caprese salad with tomato and mozzarella.

For a fresh stick snack, put some cherry or cocktail tomatoes and a mozzarella ball on a skewer. You may also add balsamic vinegar to boost flavor.

2. Tangy, flavorful hummus

Hummus dips are easy appetizers and can be bought readymade or made from scratch. Hummus comes in the most mouthwatering flavors, like roasted garlic, roasted red pepper, and spicy cilantro. Dip your carrots, celery sticks, tortilla chips, cucumber, and crackers in this delectable nutty dip.

3. Pita bread

Pita bread is an originally Mediterranean flatbread made with salt, yeast, flour, and water. You can fold pita bread and stuff it with a tasty chicken Caesar salad. Or fill your pita bread with eggs, fried eggplant, tomatoes, tahini, and some mango sauce. You may also add humus to your filling.

4. Fresh nuts

Serve a few bowls of crunchy protein-packed nuts. Some popular party nut types include pistachios, cashews, walnuts, almonds, and macadamia nuts. Serve these raw or seasoned.

5. Tasty crispbread

Crispbread comprises whole multigrain and is lower in calories than regular crackers. Serve avocado, cream cheese, grated cheese, and tomato, or tuna and mayonnaise salad on party crispbread.

6. Chicken wings

Chicken wings cooked on asian style recipe.

Chicken wings are filling, and you can get them readymade to help you save time. Serve it with a creamy potato salad with dill.

7. Baked stuffed potatoes

Bake your potatoes, halve them, and add toppings like cheddar cheese and chives or caramelized onions. You could also stuff these with sour cream, eggs or cream cheese, cheddar, tuna, tomatoes, or sweet corn.

8. Crispy calamari rings

Deep fry calamari rings, and serve with yellow rice and lemon wedges. You can also serve this with French fries and tartar sauce.

9. Bruschetta with tomato

This grilled antipasto smothered in garlic and olive can be served with a tomato, mozzarella cheese, and basil topping. You can also place some cured meat or cheese on bruschetta bread. Bruschetta is definitely classed as one of those easy appetizers.

10. Antipasto platters

Prepare a platter with a range of tasty appetizers like cubed cheese, cold meats, and cocktail tomatoes. Add olives, provolone cheese, and artichokes for the perfect party snack. Serve these in separate rows on a tray or platter, or use skewers to make kebabs.

11. Ham and melon kebabs

If you’re looking for a tasty sweet, and savory appetizer, this is it. Cube some delicious honeydew melon, and roll a few slices of ham. Secure the two ingredients on a toothpick or skewer for an easy snack.

12. Spicy Jalapeño poppers

Cheddar Jalapeno Popper Bites

This has got to be one of the easiest and tastiest party snacks. Simply snip the ends of your jalapeño peppers, and fill them with your favorite cheese. Roll the jalapenos in a breadcrumb mixture and fry it until it’s a lovely golden brown. If you want, you may add ground beef to these.

13. Crackers and seafood

Make a tray of seafood savories with a few boxes of cheese crackers, tinned sardines, and mussels. You can also add tuna and tomato as a cracker topping.

14. Bread crumbed zucchini

Slice zucchini and grate cheese over the slices. Coat the slices in breadcrumbs, and fry these until they are crispy.

15. Tasty chicken wraps

Prepare your premade tortillas. For your wrap fillings, use crumbed and fried chicken breast strips, cilantro, cheese, your favorite ranch dressing, or yogurt sauce. Lay the tortillas flat, fill them, and fold them into wraps. You may also add tomatoes, onion rings, and lettuce to your filling.

16. Club sandwiches

You cannot go wrong with serving club sandwiches at a party. It’s tasty, filling, and simple to make. Cut your bread into three-layered triangles. You can fill the layers with lettuce, ham, or chicken and drizzle it with tangy mayonnaise.

17. Egg rolls

Crispy Chinese fried egg rolls in buffet tray at restaurant.

Egg rolls are light, scrumptious, and crispy. You can serve these with an appetizer soup like butternut or tomato soup.

18. Bacon wrapped chicken

This protein-packed appetizer is ideal for guests who prefer appetizers without vegetables. Simply season and sauté your chicken breast strips, and fry your bacon until it’s crispy. Then wrap the bacon around the chicken strips. You may add a toothpick to each to help secure it.

19. Mini tarts

For something sweet, serve mini shortbread tarts with decadent fillings. You can also make your own mini fresh fruit tarts with raspberries, diced melon, strawberries, blueberries, and whipped cream.

20. Sweet and savory muffins

Make different flavored muffins to serve as snacks. Serve cheese and onion muffins with cheese. Or make a batch of chocolate and blueberry muffins for a sweet treat. You may use premade muffin mix for this if you want.

Variety snack foods for a party

It’s always best to serve a variety of finger foods and sweet snacks or have a well-rounded menu when hosting a party. Serve a variety of nuts, fruits, and a range of different flavored confectionery. Serve seafood snacks, ham, chicken, or beef appetizers too. You can also serve different pastries and breads as an antipasto. If you’re not sure where to find snack foods, browse Instacart to find what you need!



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