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Instacart Unveils Shoppable Recipes, New Product Integrations with TikTok, Hearst Magazines, Tasty, and More

Mar 16, 2022

Starting Today, Consumers Can “See It, Cart It, And Eat It” While Browsing Their Favorite Recipes Online, Evolving Grocery Shopping from Transactional to Inspirational

SAN FRANCISCO, March 16, 2022 –  Instacart, the leading online grocery platform in North America, today announced Shoppable Recipes, new product integrations that will allow food creators to make their recipes shoppable on Instacart via strategic integrations on TikTok and Tasty, as well on Hearst Magazines’ properties like Delish, Good Housekeeping, and more. Shoppable Recipes leverages Instacart’s immense grocery catalog — one of the largest in the world — with real-time AI-driven modeling to find in-stock items and available Shoppers to get them delivered quickly, empowering people to turn the food from their favorite culinary creators and brands into something tangible and delicious

Shoppable Recipes allow creators to share their content and engage with fans in new ways, burgeoning home cooks to make online recipes a reality by quickly getting all the ingredients they need, and Instacart’s retail partners to tap into new addressable audiences via integrations with best-in-class content creators and entertainment brands. The new product comes to life via an embedded “See Recipe” button featured on recipe videos on TikTok and via a “Shop with Instacart” button on recipes on Hearst Magazines’ food culture properties that adds all of the ingredients to their Instacart cart in just a few taps. Beginning today, select food creators on TikTok can start using Instacart’s Shoppable Recipe functionality in their videos and earn payouts based on engagements and Instacart orders placed. Creators will be able to choose from recipes available on and other selected sites. Tasty will also be among the first creators with access to the functionality.

“At Instacart, we’re passionate about food and we’re invested in unlocking that passion for others,” said Asha Sharma, COO of Instacart. “By making popular recipes from destinations like TikTok and Hearst Magazines’ Delish easily shoppable in a few taps, we’re helping people put that passion into action by picking up a few items from their favorite local store so they can create exciting new meals. We’re expanding our touchpoints beyond the weekly grocery shop or late-night cravings, and meeting people when food inspiration strikes and they want to discover new meals and cooking experiences. It’s a win for both consumers and the retail partners they shop from on our marketplace.”

On TikTok, the integration is powered by TikTok’s Jump program, and makes Instacart the first grocery delivery platform to integrate with the program. Viewers of these videos can add all the required ingredients to their Instacart cart in a few taps. Creators using the Jump functionality are encouraged to include #CartIt in their videos to support viewer discovery of shoppable recipe content. Instacart hopes to gradually roll out the pilot Jump to more TikTok creators, and in the coming months, creators will also be able to create and link to their own custom Shoppable Recipe content. 

“With nearly 60 billion views of the hashtag #FoodTikTok, the food community on TikTok is massive and highly engaged, and we’ve seen creators build global audiences by sharing their favorite recipes with our users in unique and creative ways,” said Isaac Bess, Head of Global Distribution & Product Partnerships at TikTok. “Jumps allow creators to create a more engaging and dynamic experience for the community, and Instacart’s new integration will help TikTok creators take their food content to the next level.”

Instacart will also kick off a partnership with Hearst Magazines’ main food and recipe properties including The Pioneer Woman, Good Housekeeping, Country Living, and Delish, whose online presence is home to one of the most passionate food culture communities on the internet, amassing close to 56 million page views on their recipe content every month. As part of the partnership, Hearst will integrate Shoppable Recipe buttons onto all of their own recipe content on,,, and, allowing at-home cooks to add all the necessary ingredients to their Instacart cart, place an Instacart order, and get cooking.

“We are keen to identify opportunities that enhance our audience experience and, with Instacart, we found just that,” said Kristen O’Hara, chief business officer at Hearst Magazines. “With the convergence of content and commerce, we are moving towards a world where inspiration and action go hand in hand. Partnering with Instacart on Shoppable Recipes will allow our audiences to make recipes inspired by our content with the ingredients arriving at their door in a few taps. This will create new opportunities for our advertisers along the consumer journey.”

Shoppable Recipes on TikTok and Hearst Magazines’ properties join Instacart’s existing partnership with  Hearst and other leading publishers that are focused on showcasing recipes in the “Recipes” tab of the Instacart App. These investments mark Instacart’s ambition to make every recipe and food item on the internet shoppable–capitalizing on a growing trend of entertainment-based shopping that leverages creator-generated commerce to inspire home cooks to turn culinary inspiration into action, and to unlock more online touchpoints for Instacart’s retail partners to deepen relationships with their customers. Additional product and platform integrations will be announced later this year.

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