20 Must-Try Vegan Recipe Ideas



Last Updated: Apr 6, 2022

What are vegan recipes?

Vegan recipes typically contain fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. These recipes are made without any animal products like dairy or meat. Here’s a look at an array of easy vegan recipes you can whip up for your next meal. 

20 vegan recipe ideas

The following is an array of vegan recipe ideas for gatherings of all types.

1.  Cashew-cauliflower soup  

cauliflower kale soup with kale chips and cashews

This is a perfect vegan recipe idea for parties; you can serve this as a delicious starter. Because this is vegan and you won’t use cream, use cashews for that creamy effect! Other ingredients used to make this delicious soup include olive oil, salt, black pepper, veggie broth, onions, garlic, oregano, thyme, and of course, cauliflower!

2. Coconut-cashew granola with mango and pistachios 

Serve this as a mouth-watering after-dinner snack at gatherings. You’ll need coconut, rolled oats, coconut oil, maple syrup, coconut chips, pistachios, dried mango, and cashews.

3.  Acai coconut smoothie bowl  

This is a great vegan breakfast recipe idea for kids when you need to make something in a hurry. To make this, all you need are blueberries, granola, chia seeds, coconut water, berry packs, coconut chips, and banana.

4. Accordion sweet potatoes 

Another excellent vegan recipe idea for kids, serve this tasty food as part of a quick lunch with a few vegan club sandwiches. All you need for this are sweet potatoes, walnuts, maple syrup, and organic raisins to taste.

5. Alfredo green beans 

Enjoy this non-dairy Parmesan crouton-decked green bean salad. Other ingredients in this recipe include canned green beans, Primal non-dairy Alfredo sauce, water chestnuts, onion, salt, and red bell peppers.

6. Almond-maple granola 

Serve this as a breakfast alternative to cereal with milk. It’s packed with fruits and, therefore, a wonderful source of fiber. You’ll require sunflower seeds, rolled oats, sliced almonds, shredded coconut, maple syrup, brown sugar, wheat germ, and raisins to make this healthy snack.

7. American-style red beans and rice  

Bowl of white rice with red beans

An easy vegan recipe, this is filling and tasty. It can be served on its own without any side dishes. All it takes to make this are canned kidney beans, white rice, onions, adobo seasoning, tomato sauce, plus a sprinkling of thyme and basil as a garnish!

8. Brown sugar-chile baked acorn squash 

This is ideal for those who love to meld savory and sweet flavors. To make this, you’ll need a few acorn squashes, crushed red pepper, ancho chile pepper, brown sugar, salt, and non-dairy butter.

9. Brussels sprouts salad with crispy chickpeas  

This salad serves as a complete meal. Chickpeas are protein-packed and can help boost your energy levels. The broccoli in this is also a great source of fiber and potassium. 

10. Brussels sprouts slaw with charred corn and scallions 

A great vegan toss salad, Brussels sprouts add nutty undertones to this delicious dish. Add creamy avocado, flavorful cherry tomatoes, kernels, lime juice, and garlic.

11. Buffalo tofu salad 

Being a vegan dish, this salad doesn’t contain Buffalo-style chicken. It’s substituted with tofu instead. A few other ingredients to gather for this include romaine lettuce, vinegar, radishes, and celery. If you want to use sour cream in this recipe, substitute it with a dairy-free alternative.

12. Cantaloupe smoothie bowl    

Fruit salad with yogurt in carved melon cantaloupe bowl

This is one of those mouthwatering vegan dessert recipe ideas. Take just five minutes to mix a refreshing blend of cantaloupe and carrot juice into a delicious smoothie. To garnish, use basil, almond bits, and fresh raspberries.

13. Caramel apples 

Caramel apples are a great vegan dessert recipe idea for kids and adults alike. For this savory-sweet concoction, you’ll need organic nectar, a bag of mixed nuts, brown sugar, a non-dairy buttery spread, and apples.

14. Carrot rice  

Treat your dinner party guests to an aromatic basmati rice and veggie dish. Add sauteed carrots, cumin, cayenne pepper, roasted peanuts, garnish with cilantro, and voila!

15. Crispy tofu with cabbage and carrots  

To make this lovely dish, gather organic tofu, red cabbages, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar, olive and sesame oil, cornstarch, and salt. You may garnish this with cilantro.

16. Collard greens and pecans  

Packed with goodness, this salad is simple to make and filling. You’ll need iodized salt, black pepper, olive oil, onions, vinegar, and collard greens. Add rice if you prefer, and garnish the greens with pecans.

17. Vegan black bean and sweet potato salad 

You can serve this as a main or side dish. If you’re looking for a balanced meal, this is it, as the You can serve this as a main or side dish. If you’re looking for a balanced meal, this is it, as the sweet potatoes and black beans create a nice blend of carbs and protein. 

18.  Veggie and hummus sandwich  

Three sandwich's on multigrain bread with red pepper hummus ,cucumber ,pea shoots ,avocado and radish's.

This one’s perfect for packed lunches for the kids since cafeteria lunches don’t always offer vegan alternatives. Get yourself a loaf of wholegrain bread and use mashed avocado, carrots, hummus, and cucumber as a filling.

19. Vegan smoothie bowl  

A delectable smoothie, this can be enjoyed as a vegan dessert bowl too. Filled with tasty fruits and nuts, it’s also a great way to top up with something wholesome and sweet when you’re on the go!  

20. Vegan chocolate cake 

This recipe is great If you’re hosting a tea party for vegan guests. Buy all-purpose flour, baking soda, granulated sugar, and vegetable oil. You should also get unsweetened cocoa powder, organic white vinegar, sea salt, organic vanilla extract, and purified water for this recipe. Once baked, dust the top of the cake with powdered sugar, and serve with berries.

Finding ingredients for vegan recipes  

Find your ingredients for vegan recipes online, at supermarkets, or at local convenience stores. You can also simplify your search by using Instacart to check for products in your area.



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