Tasty Birthday Party Food Ideas for Adults



Last Updated: Mar 15, 2023

What foods are good for an adult’s birthday party?

Birthday party foods found at adult parties are usually a delicious spread of sweet and savory treats. An unforgettable birthday dinner party has a bit of everything, including delicious starters, the main course, desserts, and snacks. If you’re not sure what to include in your next birthday dinner, here’s a list of birthday dinner menu ideas for adults:

Starter birthday party food

Kick start your birthday dinner party with the following foods:

1. Stuffed mushrooms

Baked mushrooms stuffed with spinach and cheese

The perfect way to kick start your party, this appetizer is simple to make and tasty. Start by sautéing mushrooms. Then, concoct a delicious filling of cheese, herbs, breadcrumbs, bacon, and roasted pecans to fill your mushroom caps.

2. Potato leek soup

You can make this from scratch or buy it premade. Serve your creamy potato leek soup with some brussels sprouts or spinach.

3. Buffalo wings

Bake some buffalo wings to serve as an appetizer. Serve this with some buffalo wings sauce. Grilled baby zucchini also pairs nicely with this.

4. Bruschetta bread

Get your hands on some bruschetta bread. Toast the bread in a griddle pan and slice. You can top this with cheese and tomato or cured meat.

Main course birthday party food ideas for adults

Please your crowd with the following main courses:

5. Birthday meatloaf

Buy some meatloaf, complete with a delicious home-style gravy. Cook this and serve with mashed russet potatoes.

6. Seafood paella pilaf

Classic valencian paella from rice with seafood and vegetables

A paella is ideal for rice lovers. You can make your paella from scratch or buy premade paella on Instacart if you want to save time. There’s no need to add seafood or vegetables, as it already contains peas, squid, cockles, and muscles. Once cooked, you can garnish this with lemon wedges and parsley.

7. Pear salad

Select a lovely readymade pear gorgonzola salad. This is a delightful dish to nibble on before the main course of your birthday celebration, as it contains a variety of lettuce types, arugula, spinach, beets, deliciously sweet dried pears, and almonds.

8. Butter chicken

There’s no need to be a chef to make excellent butter chicken. Grab some chicken thighs, then marinate your chicken with a convenient readymade butter chicken sauce. Sear your chicken before adding this fragrant sauce which contains all the seasoning you need. Serve the chicken with basmati rice.

Cake and dessert birthday party food ideas for adults

Cakes and desserts have always been a staple food at birthday parties. Choose yours from the following:

9. Tiramisu

Indulge in this delicious layered Italian dessert, complete with mascarpone cheese filling and coffee and cocoa-flavored topping. You may also add raspberries to your tiramisu to add more flavor.

10. Ice cream

Ideas for autumn desserts, recipes from pumpkins. Pumpkin pie ice cream gelato in ceramic bowls, with maple syrup, pumpkin seeds, cinnamon and anise stars, on a white marble table.

Ice cream is a timeless dessert and an all-time birthday dinner favorite. Add zing with strawberry cheesecake, vanilla Swiss almond, butter pecan, or Mediterranean mint flavors.

11. Layered carrot cake

This classic delicacy with cream cheese frosting is a must-have for your birthday dinner. Be sure to deck your cake with crushed walnuts as a nice finishing touch.

12. Vanilla cake

If you don’t have a specific birthday cake, you can buy some vanilla cake mix. The sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating this as a birthday cake. Use buttercream, fresh cream, or frosting, and decorate it with sprinkles and a “Happy Birthday” cake topper.

13. Lemon meringue pie

Buy a lemon meringue pie fresh or premade. This dessert has a pastry base, a sweet, creamy lemon curd filling, and a meringue topping.

14. Red velvet cake

A dinner party table is not complete without red velvet cake, with its mouth-watering cream cheese frosting. Of course, you can also buy this is in cupcake form as readymade or premade.

15. Chocolate cake

Buy some chocolate cake mix. Bake and decorate it in festive birthday fashion. You could decorate this with chocolate frosting and top it with more chocolate for a richer, more decadent taste.

16. Biscotti

Tasty traditional Italian homemade biscotti or cantuccini cookies with hazelnuts.

These tiny Italian biscuits with almonds are great to add to your birthday dinner table. They also come in a vast array of flavors for every taste. Choose toffee almond, salted caramel, fig almond, chocolate, or cinnamon biscotti for your table.

17. Coconut macaroons

Ideal for those who love a sweet coconut-infused treat, macaroons are a great birthday cookie choice. You can buy them in cappuccino, dark chocolate, or chocolate almond flavors.

Snacks for your birthday party for adults

Everybody loves snacks. Select your party snacks from the following suggestions.

18. Bonbons

A confectionary must-have for any birthday dinner party, these chocolates are usually filled with liqueur, ice cream, or another confectionary. Try bonbons as an after-dinner treat.

19. Chips and dips

French Onion Dip with Hand Made Potato Chips and a Beer

Chips and dips are the perfect savory pairing at birthday parties. Some of the most popular chips are Lays party size classic chips. It comes in various flavors and is best paired with jalapeno ranch dressing or dill dip.

20. Savory biscuits, cheese, and seafood

A popular birthday party pairing, these are great for guests to snack on after dinner when socializing. Choose from a variety of baked savory crackers on Instacart, and pair with mozzarella or blue cheese. You can also use seafood like mussels or a tuna salad as your savory topping.

Birthday party food ideas for the best birthday dinner

Birthday dinners are an ideal way to celebrate a birthday. Three-course birthday dinners with after-dinner snacks are always a crowd-pleaser. Starters can include stuffed mushrooms and a tasty soup. Guests can then proceed to the main course, which could comprise meatloaf or butter chicken. Guests can then finish off their meal by indulging in some cake or pie. Don’t forget to lay your table with some after-dinner snacks like chips and dips too! Shop with Instacart for your birthday party food.



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