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Inspire your audience and get paid when they order on Instacart
Join Instacart Tastemakers to earn money on orders from recipes and lists you share.
Why join Instacart Tastemakers?
When you join Instacart Tastemakers, you'll be inspiring people about what they can cook and connecting them with the ingredients they need to make these meals.

Earn money for your passion

It's simple to make money doing what you love: creating content for your community.


Expand your reach

Reach new audiences by sharing recipes with thousands of people who shop on Instacart.


Turn inspiration into reality

Make it easy for your followers to bring your recipes to life with Shoppable Recipes.

Still have questions?

Instacart Tastemakers is a pilot program that allows you to monetize the content you're already creating and helps your audience turn the inspiration you offer into reality with Instacart. With our tools to make your content shoppable, your audience will be able to add recipe ingredients or your product recommendations to their Instacart cart in a few taps and get it delivered quickly.

To sign up for Instacart Tastemakers and start earning, go to instacart.com/tastemakers. To participate you must be at least eighteen years old and a legal resident of the U.S. After you sign up, you'll have access to your ID number, plus easy-link building tools that make your recipes, lists, or recipe website shoppable through Instacart.

We currently support two content formats: your lists created on Instacart and your original recipes. • Recipes: You can easily make your recipe ingredients shoppable on Instacart by creating a shoppable link or by integrating our Shoppable Recipe button directly to your site. • Lists: You can create product collections on Instacart and make those lists shareable by creating a shoppable link.

You can create shoppable content by using our easy link-building tools or by integrating the Shoppable Recipe button on your site. • Shoppable links: Copy your recipe link or Instacart list link and go to the Instacart Tastemakers homepage to create a shoppable link. Then post your link on any social media platform! • Shoppable Recipe button: Go to the Instacart Tastemakers homepage to make your recipe website shoppable. Add a few lines of code to your site to add the button on any of your recipes. • If your site uses a plugin, check out the additional resources in the Help Center section. We have pre-integrated with leading recipe plugin developers to make the implementation even easier for you.

We're pleased to offer members of our pilot program a 3% commission on qualifying purchases made on Instacart via your shoppable links or recipe webpage. All commissions are subject to the Instacart Tastemakers Affiliate Marketing Program Terms of Service. Changes to our commission structure are subject to change at any time. Any changes will be communicated in advance.

In order to link your own recipe webpage, your website must be structured using a standardized recipe schema. This enables us to pull the necessary data we need to make your recipe ingredients shoppable. To prevent loading errors, please be sure to confirm there are no missing characters when you paste your URL.

Please email [email protected] or visit our help center with any additional questions.