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Starting date: May 17, 2019Type of communication: RecallAlert sub-type: NotificationSubcategory:Extraneous MaterialHazard classification: Class 3Source of recall: Canadian Food Inspection AgencyRecalling firm: City Bread Co. Ltd.Distribution: ManitobaExtent of the product distribution: RetailCFIA reference number: 12992Last updated:2019-05-17 Affected products Media enquiries Affected products         Affected products Brand name Common name Size Code(s) on product UPC City Bread Rye Bread - Thick Cut 900 g Best Before: MA 14 or MA 15 0 5681420101 0 City Bread Rye Bread - Original 900 g Best Before: MA 14 or MA 15 0 5681400001 9 City Bread Rye Bread - Original 675 g Best Before: MA 14 or MA 15 0 5681400003 3 City Bread Rye Bread - Original 480 g Best Before: MA 14 or MA 15 0 5681400002 6 City Bread Rye Bread - Thick Cut 480 g Best Before: MA 14 or MA 15 0 5681420102 7 Media inquiries Public inquiries Toll-free: 1-800-442-2342 (Canada and U.S.)Telephone: 1-613-773-2342 (local or international)Media relationsTelephone: 613-773-6600Email: cfia.media.acia@canada.ca
Estimated Taxes & Fees When first placing your order, we provide you with an estimate of the sales tax and any other applicable fees and taxes, such as bottle deposits and bag fees. These are the same types of fees that you would pay in the physical store. You can see any estimated taxes and fees applicable to your order on the right hand side of the checkout page. Hover over or touch the info button next to Estimated Taxes and Fees. Final taxes and fees will be included in your receipt after your order is picked and delivered. A breakdown of applied taxes and fees is visible on your delivery receipt under Order Totals. Sales Tax Depending on where your delivery address is located, sales tax may be applied to some or all of the items in you order. The sales tax total appears as a summary on your receipt. Bottle deposit and bag fees Bottle deposits and bag fees are collected in accordance with local city and state laws, wherever they are applicable. What are my local bottle deposit fees? To find more information about your state’s bottle deposit fees, please visit: http://www.bottlebill.org/legislation/usa.htm  What are my local bag charges? To find out more about your local bag charges, please visit: http://www.ncsl.org/research/environment-and-natural-resources/plastic-bag-legislation.aspx#Bans Can I return bottles through Instacart for a bottle deposit refund? At this time, your shopper cannot accept bottles or bags for return. Healthy San Francisco Tax The San Francisco Healthy Tax will apply only to those orders shopped and delivered within the City of San Francisco. For more information on the SF Health Tax, please visit this FAQ.  
If you see a transaction on your card associated with Instacart, we can help identify it for you. Here are some first steps you can take to identify the charge: The charge may be your monthly or yearly Instacart Express membership renewal. Log into your account and visit Account > Instacart Express Review the page to see if you have an active Express Membership Confirm the type of Membership you have.  Here you can view the Next Payment date, which will help you identify the original charge amount and date. If you’d like to cancel your Express membership renewal, follow the steps in this article.   The charge may be part of a pending order or completed delivery. Log into your account and visit Account > Your Orders Orders will be listed by the date the order was placed. Select View Order detail for the order you want to review. Scroll to the bottom of the order to view a breakdown of all charges.   Additional assistance If you don’t think the charge is associated with your Instacart account, or if you do not have a Instacart account, please immediately reach out to Instacart Care at help@instacart.com. We're happy to help investigate to see if the charges are legitimate or fraudulent. Please contact us with the following information: The last four digits of your card number The date of the unauthorized charge(s) The amount of the unauthorized charge(s) We advise reaching out to Instacart Care before disputing unknown charges with your bank. If a dispute is filed, the associated account will be placed on hold while we investigate the dispute. The account holder will not be able to place any orders while the account is on hold. This process can take upwards of 90 days to resolve during which the account holder will be unable to access the account.