27 Halloween Party Drink Ideas + How To Make Them



Last Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Everyone loves the opportunity to throw on a costume and spend time with loved ones while munching on their favorite snacks. But when it comes to the drink menu, you might be a bit lost. Keep reading for our 27 favorite Halloween party drink ideas to make sure your menu is as festive as your guests.

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1. Creepy bloody Mary

halloween bloody mary drink

Type of drink: Spooky cocktail

What drink could be as on-brand for Halloween as a bloody Mary? This classic cocktail combines vodka and tomato juice. Enhance the spookiness by adding pickled onion eyeballs.

2. Vampire martini

vampire martini

Type of drink: Spooky cocktail

This Halloween-themed martini gets its name from the red rim on the glass. The berry-flavored vodka gives this spooky drink a slightly sweet taste. Take your Halloween party cocktail ideas to the next level by adding dry ice to create a stream of fog.

You can also use our French martini recipe for a version with a hint of pineapple.

3. Witch’s heart

witch's heart cocktail

Type of drink: Spooky cocktail

This sweet witchy cocktail not only looks vibrant, but also tastes great. The grenadine, apple vodka and blackberry liqueur create the stunning purple hue. Garnish your martini glass with plastic witch hat drink stirrers.

4. Zombie martini

zombie martini

Type of drink: Spooky cocktail

This zombie martini is a sweet treat inspired by the classic green zombie, getting its green and red color from melon liqueur and grenadine. Top it off with some gummy brains for a drink your guests would never run from.

5. Strawberry siren margarita

Strawberry siren margarita

Type of drink: Spooky cocktail

This alluring strawberry margarita is sweetened with fresh fruit and honey, so it’s perfect to share with your guests this Halloween. Garnish with some mint leaves to look like a siren’s tail and dive in.

6. Pumpkin ale cocktail

Pumpkin ale cocktail

Type of drink: Spooky cocktail

Beer lovers rejoice every autumn when pumpkin ale comes back around. Give this seasonal favorite a fun twist by turning it into a pumpkin ale cocktail and leveling up the fall flavor with additions like cinnamon simple syrup and apple cider.

7. Jack-o’-lantern float

Jack-o’-lantern float

Type of drink: Spooky cocktail

These delicious Jack-o’-Lantern floats are like a cola float but with orange soda, making this delightful drink pumpkin orange. Level up your decorations by drawing jack-o’-lantern faces on glasses, or let the kids create their own. For the adults, you can give these floats a kick with some orange-flavored vodka.

If you’ve got some extra time on your hands, impress your guests and use homemade vanilla ice cream.

8. Goblin gimlet

Goblin gimlet cocktail

Type of drink: Spooky cocktail

This citrusy, classic gimlet is a simple cocktail, making it ideal for preparing ahead of time in large batches for your Halloween party. The green color of this lime-based cocktail is perfect for staying on-theme — you can garnish with your favorite sour candy to make it pop.

9. Caramel apple Moscow mule

Caramel apple Moscow mule

Type of drink: Autumn cocktail

For a Halloween spin on a classic cocktail, try a caramel apple Moscow mule to enjoy this favorite fall treat — without getting all that caramel stuck in your teeth. Garnish the glass with a drizzle of caramel syrup and an apple slice for a nostalgic and sweet ginger beer cocktail.

Check out our delicious Moscow mule recipe to use as a base for your spooky creation. 

10. Candy corn cocktail

Candy corn cocktail

Type of drink: Autumn cocktail

This tricolor cocktail replicates one of the season’s favorite candies: candy corn. You can achieve the layered effect by slowly pouring each layer over the back of the spoon. Decorate the top of your cocktails with some candy corn, and you’re sure to satisfy any guest’s sweet tooth.

11. Spicy scream margarita

Spicy scream margarita

Type of drink: Autumn cocktail

Spicy margaritas are the perfect cocktail to turn up the heat at your party. Top your guests’ drinks with three jalapeño slices to give them fair warning with a screaming face, or decorate your glasses for extra Halloween fun.

12. Spiced apple cider

 Spiced apple cider

Type of drink: Autumn cocktail

Spiced apple cider is always a lovely way to warm up after an evening of trick-or-treating! This is a great opportunity to let guests customize their drink, too. Leave out some small bowls of additions like extra cinnamon sticks, star anise and a couple options for guests wanting to spike their cider. The best part is you can even keep this drink in a slow cooker on low if you’d like to leave it out for guests to serve themselves.

13. Harvest moon mulled wine

Harvest moon mulled wine

Type of drink: Autumn cocktail

If you live somewhere where it’s colder around Halloween, you can’t go wrong with some mulled wine. This drink really brings out the notes in your favorite red wine while adding fruity fall flair and your favorite autumn spices.

For an alcohol-free version, try grape juice and skip the brandy.

14. Black widow espresso martini

Black widow espresso martini

Type of drink: Autumn cocktail

These espresso martinis are dangerously good — perfect for guests who like strong drinks and strong coffee. Decorate your glasses with caramel or white chocolate syrup in a spiderweb shape for a sophisticated party drink. 

15. Spooky Halloween punch

Spooky Halloween punch

Type of drink: Punch cocktail 

Punches are the perfect drink option to bring to a Halloween potluck. The thrill of this spooky punch comes from the floating frozen hands, created by freezing water in food-safe gloves. Play up the spookiness by adding candy eyeballs to float in your Halloween concoction.

16.  Cherry punch with eyeballs

 Cherry punch with eyeballs

Type of drink: Punch cocktail

This eyeball cherry punch might look scary, but it’s a surprisingly refreshing, crowd-pleasing drink you can make in large batches for your Halloween party. Delicious lychees stuffed with blueberries look suspiciously like eyeballs and take this scary Halloween treat to the next level!

17. Boozy butterbeer punch

Boozy butterbeer punch

Type of drink: Punch cocktail

This one is for the Harry Potter fans! It doesn’t take a wizard to put together this magical treat, topped with buttery whipped cream and gold cake sprinkles. A bowl of butterbeer is a great punch alternative, and might even lure the kids away from their candy for a cup.

18. Witch’s brew

Witch’s brew cocktail

Type of drink: Punch cocktail

This witch’s brew recipe is so easy and uses just a few ingredients. It gets the light green, mysterious color from the lime sherbet and pineapple juice. To make this drink boozy, add some rum to taste. Add some green food coloring, lime slices and gummy worms to make this punch pop even more.

For a vegan version, you can make this punch with our favorite rum punch recipe as the base.

19. Swamp water punch

Swamp water punch

Type of drink: Punch cocktail

Refresh your guests with this tequila-based Halloween take on ranch water. Packed with citrusy lime, this drink goes down easily and has sparkling mineral water to help you rehydrate. Add some gummy fish or green food coloring to play up the theme and bring this drink from the ranch to the swamp.

20. Pumpkin pie for grown-ups

pumpkin pie cocktail for halloween

Type of drink: Creamy cocktail

Who doesn’t like pumpkin pie? Impress your guests with this pumpkin pie cocktail that’s dessert in a glass. When serving this drink, add a generous topping of whipped cream and a sprinkle of homemade pumpkin pie spice for the perfect after-dinner cocktail.

21. Mocha monster martini

Mocha monster martini

Type of drink:  Creamy cocktail

Adults deserve treats on Halloween, too! This chocolate martini is truly decadent. Serve this drink alongside guests’ favorite chocolate candies so everyone can add their own toppings and get in on the Halloween fun!

22. Graveyard grind mudslide

Graveyard grind mudslide

Type of drink: Creamy cocktail

A mudslide is creamy and chocolatey, making it the perfect dessert to sip after Halloween dinner. This cocktail also has a hint of coffee liqueur, giving you the boost you need to keep the party going through the graveyard shift.

23. Pumpkin spice white hot chocolate

Pumpkin spice white hot chocolate

Type of drink: Creamy cocktail

This dessert drink is sure to make a lasting impression on your party guests. Serve with a dollop of fresh cream, grated white chocolate and a dusting of pumpkin spice for an unforgettable fall cocktail that’s anything but basic.

24. Hocus Pocus milkshake

Hocus Pocus milkshake

Type of drink: Milkshake

The ingredients for this Hocus Pocus milkshake are more palatable than the eye of the newt and toe of the frog. This creamy milkshake is bright green thanks to neon green food gel. Top with whipped cream, purple sprinkles and candy eyes for the ultimate milkshake to sip while you watch your favorite Halloween movie.

25. Vampire’s kiss milkshake

Vampire’s kiss milkshake

Type of drink: Milkshake

For a vampire’s kiss milkshake, give a classic strawberry milkshake some Halloween flair by pouring strawberry puree into the glass before adding the milkshake mix. Top with whipped cream, a red straw and gummy vampire fangs to keep this drink on-theme.

26. Pumpkin cheesecake milkshake

Pumpkin cheesecake milkshake

Type of drink: Milkshake

Who doesn’t like pumpkin pie and cheesecake? This pumpkin pie cheesecake milkshake includes pumpkin purée and cream cheese — so you know it’s the real deal. Top it with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar to satisfy any dessert lover at your Halloween gathering.

27. Frankenstein’s monster milkshake

Type of drink: Milkshake

Bring your party to life by serving this monster-themed mint chip milkshake. To make your shake look just like Frankenstein’s monster, drip melted chocolate around the edges of the milkshake glass to look like hair. For extra effect, use a whiteboard marker to decorate the outside of the glass with eyes and a mouth.

27 Halloween Party Drink Ideas + How To Make Them

Recipe by InstacartCourse: DrinksCuisine: AmericanDifficulty: Easy

Halloween party drink ideas range from a creepy bloody Mary to a pumpkin cheesecake milkshake.


  • Choose one or more of the recipes above to serve at your Halloween party.

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