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Instacart Business Partner Spotlight:  Industrious shares how to make the perfect office charcuterie spread



Last Updated: Aug 17, 2023

If there’s one thing Industrious knows, it’s charcuterie. And as part of our new Instacart Business partnership with the famed flexible workspace provider, Industrious is offering expanded and elevated food and beverage experiences to the members who use their spaces for coworking, private offices, and meetings. But most importantly, it means their charcuterie game is about to level up.

Charcuterie happens to be an Industrious speciality, and they make snack boards of every variety: breakfast charcuterie, savory charcuterie, even spooky charcuterie! Their members can’t get enough.

So in celebration of our new partnership, Industrious has decided to let us in on some trade secrets. We asked their Member Experience team to share their tips and tricks for making the perfect charcuterie spreads and snack boards. Here’s what they had to say.

What is your favorite Charcuterie or Snack Board that you have put together for members? 

Laney Hutchings, Member Experience Associate, University District Seattle:

It’s so hard to choose. I love making ALL of them, but my breakfast boards take the crown.

Summer Wright, Member Experience Manager, Atlanta Buckhead:

One of my favorite snack boards that I put together for members is a Bruschetta Bar. This spread is so simple, yet fun and elevated. I make sure my Instacart order includes baguettes, arugula, bruschetta, an assortment of flavored pestos, shredded parmesan cheese, fresh mozzarella cheese, variety of meats, cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, balsamic and flavored olive oils. I like to approach this spread by using serving dishes with a charcuterie style centerpiece.

Ann McKay, Member Experience Manager, San Francisco Union Square:

I love putting together a classic charcuterie board, it is always a member favorite. This gives me the opportunity to be creative with the theme and overall vibe. I love to have the board reflect whatever season we are in with the freshest ingredients! My favorite charcuterie board in particular was during the summer season — it included lots of berries, nuts, and a touch of sweet honey!

What are the ingredients that seem to always get devoured or requested the most at your location?

Hutchings: All of the most popular ingredients come from Instacart (via Fred Meyer and/or Costco stores). The biggest hits are smoked salmon, meats and cheeses, smoothies, and protein bars.

Wright: The ingredients that are consistently devoured by our members are salt & pepper pistachios, peanut butter pretzels, and flavored popcorn!

McKay: Boursin cheese, prosciutto & salami variety, and almond flour crackers.

Connie Zambrano, Member Experience Manager, Ponce City Market Atlanta: Dark chocolate sea salt caramels from Costco, cranberry goat cheese, and anything from Publix prepared foods!

What is your “secret weapon” when it comes to ingredients for a snack or charcuterie board?

Hutchings: My trick to creating a beautiful charcuterie is simply to place things on the board with a high level of confidence until it looks good! It’s all about confidence!

Wright: My secret weapon when it comes to a snack/charcuterie board is bringing several design elements to elevate the atmosphere. I like to use a combination of different leveled risers, marble platters, different styles of serving bowls — greenery always adds a nice touch as well. Peaches & Burrata is always a huge hit with our members, and the ingredients are simple: peaches, burrata cheese, basil, and olive oil.

McKay: My secret weapon when it comes to a charcuterie board is color! I always make sure there is a variety of colors on the board, even just a garnish makes a huge difference!

Zambrano: A bread or cracker river gives some type of organization to charcuterie boards that can feel a little messy sometimes. It’s cost-effective, but aesthetically pleasing. Always incorporate something sweet too. If the member isn’t feeling the theme, a sweet treat will hit the spot.

Courtesy of Industrious, Instacart customers can get 2 free weeks of coworking access and enjoy the unlimited snacks and drinks available at Industrious locations via Instacart Business.



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