21 Easy Father’s Day Gift Basket Ideas For Dads of All Types



Last Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Father’s Day is a time to show the dads in your life just how much they mean to you. Finding the perfect Father’s Day gifts can be a challenge, but putting together your own gift basket makes it easy to create something you know he’ll love.

Not sure how to get started? Take a look at these fun and creative Father’s Day gift basket ideas.

Father’s Day food and beverage baskets

Drinks and snacks are always a great way to make Dad’s day. Here are some Father’s Day food and drink basket ideas that are sure to be a hit.

1. Whiskey connoisseur basket

Gift box in wooden crate with barrel aged whisky

If Dad is a whiskey drinker, he’ll love a bottle or two of his favorites, along with some glasses, whiskey stones, and some snacks like pretzels, nuts, and sesame sticks.  

2. Ultimate snack basket

Most dads like to snack, so why not put together a basket of all his favorites? From sweet treats to packages of ramen, he’s sure to appreciate the fact that you know what he loves.

3. “Nuts” about you gift basket

Most dads love puns, so putting together a “Nuts About You” gift basket is a great idea! There are so many different kinds of nuts, it’s easy to get creative. You can add in some spiced or seasoned nuts, chocolate-covered nuts, and a variety of different plain nuts so he always has something to satisfy his craving.

4. Beer lover’s basket

Does Dad love craft beers? It’s fun to choose a few interesting bottles. Pair them with a personalized mug and some snacks for the perfect Father’s Day gift.

5. Gift for the grilling guy

Some new grilling tools and a cute apron or grilling-themed tee shirt is sure to be a hit. You could also add some meat seasonings, marinades, smoking accessories, and other creative grilling-related items.

6. Coffee addict’s basket

Coffee gift basket with cofee beans, mug, and decorations.

If Dad takes his coffee on the go, a nice travel mug is a perfect centerpiece for a coffee-themed gift basket. Add in some coffee, flavored creamers, and cookies or biscotti.

7. Jerky gift basket

Jerky is another snack most dads love. Choose a bunch of different flavors and styles of beef jerky, or get creative with some bacon or buffalo jerky. Want to really knock his socks off? Look for some jerky made of alligator, camel, kangaroo, and other exotic game.

8. Chip, dip, and sip basket

Does Dad like Mexican food? Put together a basket with tortilla chips, salsa, queso, and all the fixin’s to make Margaritas.

Creative Father’s Day gift baskets

Dads are often practical, so getting a useful gift is a great idea. It’s also nice to get things he can use for his favorite hobby, so he can enjoy himself when he gets a chance to take a break.

1. Beard care basket

Is Dad’s beard his pride and joy? If so, a beard grooming kit is the perfect Father’s Day gift. Fill a basket with beard care items like beard wash and conditioner, a beard brush and comb, beard balm, and some beard scissors.

2. Baseball lover’s basket

For the dad that enjoys baseball, you can’t go wrong with a basket filled with a new ball cap, his favorite team’s shirt, and some tickets to an upcoming game. Finish it off by tossing in some snacks – like popcorn, peanuts, and jerky.

3. Handyman’s basket

Father's Day, tools gift for dad. Tape measure bow.

We often look to Dad when things need to be repaired or replaced, so a basket with useful tools and supplies is always a great idea. Dads can always use things like duct tape, glue, extension cords, and other handy items.

4. Tech gift basket

Does Dad love all the latest tech gadgets? Put together a basket with new earbuds, a phone charger, smartwatch, a home security camera, a digital thermostat, video doorbell, or other tech-related items he’ll enjoy.

5. Golfer’s basket

Golfers are sure to love a basket filled with golf balls, tees, golf towels, and a gift certificate to play a round at their favorite course.

6. Gamer’s gift basket

Dads who enjoy gaming might love a basket filled with the latest video game, a new controller, and some snacks. You could also toss in a few Instacart gift cards so he can order his favorite food without ever having to get off the couch.

Think outside the box Father’s Day gifts

A Father’s Day gift basket doesn’t need to come in a basket! Take a look that these fun and creative ideas.

1. Sock “bro-quet”

If you’re looking for a Father’s Day surprise that’s sure to get some giggles, try making Dad a bouquet made of socks. Just roll them up at an angle so they’re shaped like a rose, then secure them with a safety pin and arrange them into a beautiful bouquet.

2. Bloody Mary mason jar

tomato juice in glass and vodka on a table

A cute mason jar with “Dad” on the front is the perfect container to hold a miniature bottle of vodka, a can of tomato juice, hot sauce, and spices so he can make his own Bloody Mary.

3. Movie lover’s bucket

Is Dad a movie buff? Start with a popcorn bucket, then fill it with packages of popcorn, candy, and a few DVDs of his favorite movies.

4. Slippers and snacks

Get dad a cozy pair of slippers, then stuff them with his favorite snacks. He’s sure to love the creativity and will think of you every morning. 

5. Adventurer’s backpack

If Dad enjoys hiking and camping, find him a high-quality backpack and fill it with essential supplies, protein bars, and a new water bottle.

6. Tackle box treasures

Dads who love to fish will really enjoy a new tackle box filled with fishing supplies. You can also add in some spices and breading so he can enjoy cooking up his next big catch.

7. For the Chef at Heart

Spaghetti, tomatoes, olives, olive oil, cheese, lemon and salame. Products food in jars in a gift basket.

For those who love spending time in the kitchen whipping up delicious food for their loved ones, consider gifting Dad a basket of high-quality products and new kitchen gadgets!

Shop for creative Father’s Day gift baskets today

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