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Creative Food Storage Ideas for All Types of Spaces



Last Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Keeping plenty of food on hand is convenient, and stocking up when items are on sale can save you lots of money. But without some organization hacks, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with a cluttered mess and food waste.

Don’t worry! Once you start exploring some creative food storage hacks, you’ll see that it’s easy to keep your kitchen looking great. Whether you have tons of canned goods to organize or you need to optimize a small space, these food storage ideas will save the day.

Canned food storage ideas

Canned goods last a long time, and you can store them in any cool, dark place. While stocking up on cans is convenient, they can also take up a lot of room. Try a few of these ideas to keep them organized and out of the way.

1. Wall-mounted can dispenser

A wall-mounted can dispenser will keep your canned goods off the counter and out of your cabinets. The design also automatically ensures you’re using the oldest items first, which will help reduce waste. 

2. Stackable wire trays

Stackable wire trays are perfect for holding cans, and they allow you to store more by using verticle space. This is a great option for keeping frequently used canned goods out on your countertop. You can also stack trays on your pantry shelves. 

3. Slide-out pantry

Take advantage of the unused space between your refrigerator and the wall by adding a slide-out pantry. It’s the perfect size for holding your canned goods. 

4. Reverse wire shelves

For this canned food storage hack, try hanging some wire shelves upside down so the lip of the shelf points up. Then adjust the brackets so the entire shelf points slightly downward. The lip will hold the cans in place and the slope will allow a new can to roll down each time you pull one out.

5. Magazine holders  

You don’t need to spend a fortune to organize your canned goods. Magazine storage containers are the perfect size to hold canned goods, keeping them organized on your pantry shelves. 

Refrigerated food storage ideas

Organizing your refrigerator is another key to reducing food waste. The wide-open shelves inside the fridge give you lots of space, but they can make organization a challenge. Try these simple tricks and you’ll never look back. 

1. Soda can holder

Soda cans tend to take up a lot of room in the refrigerator. A plastic organizer stacks them vertically so they take up less space and stay together. 

2. Stackable refrigerator drawers

Woman taking raw food from refrigerator

Your crisper drawers are meant to keep produce fresh—but did you know it’s easy to add more drawers to your refrigerator? A fridge shelf set allows you to customize your experience and create the perfect organization for your needs. 

3. “Eat me first” box

This organization hack may actually change your life! Simply place a clear plastic food storage container in your refrigerator with a label that reads “eat me first.” Use it to hold any items that are within a few days of expiration and watch how much less food you waste.

4. Hanging wall baskets

You can take advantage of the wall space in your refrigerator by hanging small plastic baskets with suction cups. This is perfect for holding snack items like cheese sticks. 

5. Drawer dividers

Adding some drawer dividers to your refrigerator’s crisper drawers can help keep them from becoming a jumbled mess. This can also help protect fragile items from being damaged. 

6. Plastic storage bins

Stacking plastic storage bins inside your refrigerator will help you keep snacks and other items organized. This also makes it easier for kids to get their own snacks. 

Food storage ideas for small spaces

Limited space can make organization difficult. If you constantly find yourself asking, “How do you store food in a small space?” these organized pantry ideas are sure to help! 

1. Totes and baskets (stacked low to high)

Whether you’re stacking them on your pantry shelves or putting them out in the open, when it comes to storage, totes and baskets are your best friends. They look nice, are easy to label, and will help you keep everything in its designated place. 

2. Space-saving fruit storage

Having fruit all over the counter can drive you mad. An upright spiral fruit basket or an under-cabinet fruit hammock turns your fruit into an eye-catching display while also freeing up counter space. 

3. Lazy Susans

You can add a lazy Susan to the corner of each shelf in your pantry to optimize the space. This will also give you easy access to your items by simply giving it a turn. You can also add smaller lazy Susans to other shelves in cupboards and pantries so you can group different types of items together. For example, you may put all your spices on one, oils on another, and so on. 

4. Freestanding drawers

Organised Pantry Items With Variety of Nonperishable Food Staples And Preserved Foods in Jars On Kitchen Shelf.

Take advantage of the empty space in the bottom of your pantry or other areas by adding some freestanding storage drawers. You can also label each drawer so it’s easy to keep track of where items belong. 

5. Jar and canister labels

Plastic or glass canisters are ideal for storing a wide variety of items inside your pantry, in cupboards, and on open shelves. Label them with a label maker or get fancy and use decals instead. 

6. Tiered shelves

Add tiers to your shelves to maximize the space. This is perfect for storing spices, canned goods, and other items that don’t take up too much space. 

7. Stacking baskets

Stacking plastic baskets are great for storing all kinds of food items. They allow you to add more storage space to your countertops or shelves by going upwards. 

8. Coffee pod drawer

Boxes of coffee pods take up a lot of space and can be awkward to store. You can fix this by placing a coffee pod storage shelf under your machine. This will give you more storage space without having to move anything out of the way. 

9. Over-the-door shelves

Take advantage of the space behind your pantry door by hanging some over-the-door shelves. This is perfect for storing produce like potatoes and carrots or items like rolls of aluminum foil and plastic wrap. 

10. Bakers racks 

Groceries in glass jars arranged on wooden a shelves

If you don’t have enough room in your pantry (or you don’t have a pantry), adding bakers racks to your kitchen is a great idea! You can turn this storage area into an eye-catching space by storing your items in glass jars and attractive baskets that fit with your kitchen’s decor. 

Start organizing your kitchen today!

Using just a few of these food storage ideas will make a major difference! Once you’ve got your kitchen organized, you’ll feel better about stocking up on your favorite foods. With Instacart’s grocery delivery service, you don’t even need to leave the house—just place your order and wait for it to arrive at your door.



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