Christmas Food Baskets For The Festive Season



Last Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Who doesn’t love a Christmas food basket? From the endless fun of mixing and matching the gifts to the entirely customizable budget, Christmas hamper baskets are one of the best ways to spread joy this festive season.

Whether you’re making one for grandparents or wowing your colleagues at work, this list of Christmas food basket ideas covers all your bases.

21 Christmas food baskets everyone will love

Because everyone’s Christmas wish list is uniquely different in their own way, we’ve tailored different types of gift baskets to individual food preferences.

1. Coffee gift basket

Coffee gift basket with cofee beans, mug, and decorations.

This one’s for the coffee lovers. You can go the classic route with their everyday drink of choice or get them into the festive mood with Christmas-inspired coffees. Pair your gift with the usual suspects of cream and sugar.

2. Tea hamper

For a delightful tea hamper, gather your giftee’s favorite tea blends or introduce them to new, exotic flavors. Add on cream, sugar, and honey, along with sweet and savory tea snacks like scones and clotted cream.

3. Eggnog kit

It isn’t Christmas without a glass of homemade eggnog in hand. That’s where your eggnog kit—filled with all the makings for the delicious drink—comes in handy. This recipe provides all the ingredients your giftee will need for guilt-free indulgence.

4. Breakfast pancake hamper

Everyone loves pancakes for Christmas morning, so why not give the loved ones in your life a breakfast pancake hamper? Just tailor your gift according to this Banana-Chocolate Chip Pancakes recipe to start their day on a sweet note.

5. Hot chocolate crate

Homemade edible Christmas gift in glass jar for making chocolate drink.

From the youngest to the oldest, hot chocolate is an old favorite at Christmastime. Pack your gift crate with hot cocoa mix, mini marshmallows, gingerbread cookies, flavored syrup (like peppermint and caramel), and candy canes.

6. Chocolate gift basket

Safe to say, chocolates are everyone’s best friend. So, fill up your gift basket with Christmas-themed goodies or pull together your giftee’s favorites. Whichever way you choose, your present will put a big smile on their face.

7. Gourmet cheese hamper

For the self-professed cheese fanatic, a gourmet cheese hamper will hit the spot. Bring together every cheese imaginable, then top them off with olives and nuts, fruits, crackers, and honey. Or, you can go with this ready-to-eat gourmet cheese tray.

8. Fruit and nuts hamper

For health-conscious folks, a fruit and nuts hamper is the way to go. Check out the fresh fruit produce at Instacart, then add several bags of gourmet nuts for some fine nibbles.

9. Cookie crate

You’ve left some out for Santa, so don’t forget your family and friends. After all, it’s the perfect season to chomp on gingerbread cookies, shortbread, and even good ol’ chocolate chip cookies.

10. Bundt cake bundle

This one’s for the serious (and aspiring) home bakers. Fill a hamper with all the ingredients and baking supplies they will need to have their cake—and eat it, too. Try this Rum-Raisin Apple Bundt Cake recipe—substitute rum with apple cider to make it non-alcoholic, if you have to.

11. Log cake hamper

Tell your hostess that you’ve got dessert covered with your log cake gift hamper. Pair the main star with other baked goods, such as cookies, cupcakes, and muffins for the full sweet spread.

12. Wine gift basket

Bottle of red wine in Christmas gift basket.

If you’re popping over for the annual Christmas dinner, a wine gift basket is the perfect way to thank your hostess. Round up their favorite bottles (as long as they fit into your budget, of course), or you can go with put-together wine sets.

13. Banana bread kit

Nothing warms you up like piping hot banana bread from the oven. Arm your giftee with all the baking essentials they will need for a loaf of delicious goodness on Christmas Day.

14. Jam and jelly crate

A jam and jelly bundle is the perfect complement to any Christmas brunch. Treat your giftee with gourmet spreads, jams, and jellies to level up the usual brunch spread.

15. Herb and spice basket

A herb and spice basket is probably a Christmas wish come true for the foodies and chefs in your circle. Put together commonly used Christmas herbs and spices—we promise they’ll have fun experimenting in the kitchen!

16. Charcuterie board gift basket

gift basket on gray background

Charcuterie boards are a crowd favorite at Christmas parties, so it makes total sense to give your hostess one. Furnish a picnic basket with all the usual nosh—think gourmet cheeses, fruits, nuts, cured meats, olives, crackers, and more.

17. BBQ gift basket

For the one who likes to kick back behind the grill, a BBQ gift basket is totally up their alley. Mix and match meat rubs, sauces, and marinades for the tastiest cuts.

18. Christmas turkey hamper

Go the whole hog by packing all the ingredients needed for a delicious roasted turkey dinner in your gift hamper. Use this Perfect Turkey recipe as your inspiration, and source for the freshest ingredients on Instacart.

19. Homemade popcorn kit

There’s nothing better than chowing down homemade popcorn while sitting through a movie marathon at Christmas. You’ll need microwavable popcorn (or popcorn kernels), sugar, butter, and salt. Add sweet and savory toppings like caramel sauce and truffle oil.

20. DIY ice cream gift jar

Because Christmas is the time to indulge yourself, no one can say no to a DIY ice cream basket. Fill up a large glass jar with all the usual ice cream fixings—rainbow sprinkles, sugar cones, caramel sauce, gummy bears, waffle cones, you name it. All your giftee has to do is add ice cream to the mix.

21. Christmas candy basket

Handmade care package, seasonal gift box with candies, gingerbread, xmas deco.

Create a Christmas candy basket that’s worth the sugar high. Go with their personal favorites, classic holiday sweets, or a mix of both.

‘Tis the season to spread delectable Christmas food baskets

As you can see, putting together the perfect Christmas food hamper is tons of fun with little effort when you shop with Instacart. Simply decide on your gift basket of choice, then source the necessary food supplies.

The best thing is, Instacart offers same-day delivery and pick up. That means you (and your giftee) don’t have to wait too long for your Christmas hamper basket to come together.



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