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Last Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Regardless of what you call them—”Dad,” “Father,” or “Pops,”—dads are all unique and no two are exactly alike. If your dad is a grill master, fitness fanatic, the life of the party, or a lover of all things practical, we’ve collected some fun Father’s Day gift ideas that you can conveniently order and have delivered via Instacart.

Father’s Day delivery ideas for grill masters

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but for dads, there is an undeniable bond between man and grill. Here are a few Father’s Day delivery ideas for grill masters to level up their outdoor cooking skills.

1. Smokeless indoor grill

Grilled sausage and vegetables on the electric grill.

Want to have an option to bring the enjoyment of outdoor cooking indoors? Buy dad a smokeless electric indoor grill for Father’s Day. This electric indoor grill uses smokeless technology and is made from triple layers of non-stick granite stone, making cleanup a breeze.

2. Flavored wood chips

For grill masters who want to elevate their culinary prowess, these natural hickory wood chips help infuse smoky, rich hickory flavor into grilled foods. 

3. Charcoal briquets

For dads who want to opt-out of using lighter fluid for their grills, using easy-to-ignite charcoal is a great alternative. These charcoal briquets are ridged to create better airflow and have real hardwood flavor. The best part? No lighter fluid necessary.

4. Stainless steel basting brush

To add an extra kick of flavor, scoop up a stainless steel basting brush for dad. This basting brush will allow your father to brush on savory sauces and sweet glazes to a whole lineup of grilled entrees and sides. 

5. Personalized grilling apron

Help dad feel like the grill master he is with his own personalized apron made just for grilling.

Father’s Day delivery ideas for the practical dad

Sometimes less is more. For dads who love simplicity and usefulness, these are Father’s Day delivery ideas for the practical dad.

1. Vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner on carpet

For practical Father’s Day delivery ideas, consider getting dad a vacuum cleaner. Whether you opt for a stick vacuum cleaner, a handheld vacuum cleaner, or a robotic vacuum cleaner, each one will help dad and the house to stay sparkly clean for the rest of the year.

2. Humidifier

For dads who want practical gifts, a humidifier helps add moisture into the air through water vapor or steam. Humidifiers can be extra helpful for those who have sensitive or dry skin or are great in general for colder and drier months.  

3. Portable fan

Portable fans can come in handy during the warm summer months. Choose from plug-in tower fans or smaller tabletop fans so your dad can conveniently carry a cool gust of wind wherever he goes.

4. Smart home device

Smart home devices can definitely fall under practical gift ideas for Father’s Day. From smart speakers, smart home alarm systems, to smart light bulbs, every device is made to make life a little easier. 

5. Stainless steel water bottle

Staying hydrated should always be a priority. Look for insulated stainless steel water bottles that keep liquids cool or hot for extended periods of time.

Father’s Day delivery ideas for sports and fitness fanatics

If your dad loves fitness, sports, and high-engagement physical activity, these Father’s Day delivery ideas make great gifts for sports and fitness fanatics.

1. Pickleball paddle set

Pickleball - Two Paddles and A Ball in Net Shadow

Pickleball is making a comeback! A fusion between tennis, badminton, and table tennis, pickleball is a paddleball sport typically played between two or four players. Players use paddles made of wood and try to hit a polymer ball (similar to a whiffle ball). For dads who are into sports, this pickleball paddle and ball set can be the start of a new sports hobby.

2. Boxing gloves

Boxing is a great form of cardio and requires agility, strength, and technique. If you’re looking to find your dad a Father’s Day gift idea, how about buying him a brand new pair of boxing gloves. 

3. Fitness equipment

While the gym is still popular, many people have also taken the time to create their own mini home gyms or workout areas. For Father’s Day, some useful fitness gift ideas can include fitness equipment. From kettlebells and dumbbell weights to mats and other gym accessories, every item will help dad build a solid workout collection from home. 

4. Frisbee

For dads who play all the sports, frisbee might be a sport activity that is a bit off their radar. Frisbee can be a relaxing pastime that can be played with the whole family, making it a great Father’s Day gift.

5. Fitness apparel

Dads who like fitness and sports are used to working up a sweat, which is exactly why their clothes should offer the right support. For Father’s Day gifts, look for fitness apparel with dry fit, sweat-wicking, or breathable materials. 

Father’s Day delivery ideas for dads who like to entertain

Is your dad the life of the party? Say thanks on Father’s Day with these fun delivery gift ideas for the dad who likes to host and entertain.

1. Cornhole

Bag flying onto corn hole board in backyard

For dads who like to host backyard parties and barbecues, having a fun outdoor activity option, like cornhole, is great to keep guests entertained and occupied.

2. Alcohol delivery

Another Father’s Day gift idea is ordering alcohol delivery. For fathers who like throwing parties for friends and family, the checklist of things to do can get exhausting. Help dad cross off something from the list by getting alcohol delivered to your doorstep.

3. Mosquito repellent lanterns

If outdoor parties are your dad’s cup of tea, having mosquito repellent lanterns are the key to your guests’ comfort. Allow your guests to focus on the fun and not on having to swat away mosquitos and other insects. 

4. Charcuterie board

The rise of charcuterie boards has taken over the party world. For more elegant and intimate parties, buy dad a wooden or marble charcuterie board where guests can easily grab what they want and go mingle.

5. High-quality proteins

Whether you’re grilling for a casual barbecue or cooking for a cozy dinner party, having high-quality meats and proteins is a must. 

Start shopping for Father’s Day gifts

Dads deserve the best! Finding the perfect Father’s Day gifts for your dad can be fun, but time-consuming. If you want to save time, you can search for Father’s Day delivery ideas online via Instacart. Add your gifts to your cart and select whether you’d like to pick up your items curbside or have them delivered. By having your gifts conveniently delivered to your door, you can spend more time with the superhero that is your dad!



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