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About Mega Mart

Mega Mart is a supermarket located in the heart of Gwinnett County, Georgia, in the United States. The Mega Mart chain is based in South Korea, operating as a chain of mega discount stores that offer quality, essential products at affordable prices. The supermarket in Duluth, Georgia builds on this tradition. It strives to offer customers a go-to place to gather the ingredients for creating priceless memories, whether that's some coffee to brew for a gathering with friends on an apple pie to share with family.

The history of the Mega Mart chain dates back to 1981. That's when Nongshim-Ga, a subsidiary of Nongshim, began its South Korea supermarket business. The first Mega Mart opened its doors in Busan, South Korea in 1995, and the company hasn't looked back since. Mega Marts lead the market, enjoying steady growth. Today, you can find 12 Mega Mart stores in South Korea and three additional stores in China.

The Duluth Mega Mart is the first United States location of this popular international supermarket. Now, you can also experience the amazing reasons to shop at Mega Mart right from your phone. Sign up for Instacart to start on your next Mega Mart order!

Why should you shop at Mega Mart?

The Georgia Mega Mart location opened in the spring of 2009, offering the Gwinnett community the great products and prices for which Mega Mart is known. Whether you're looking for Korean classics like kimchi or want to stock up on fresh produce, organic milk, or anything in between, Mega Mart offers a one-stop shop for all the essentials.

As Korea's premium discount megastore, Mega Mart is famous for its ability to do business on a large scale while still creating a close-knit community. That's evident at the Georgia store location. The innovative store draws on decades of experience to lead the way in offering both fresh and imported products. By providing top-quality items at competitive prices, Mega Mart seeks to enrich the lives of its customers.

A visit to Mega Mart connects customers with an abundance of items imported from Korea, but that's just the start. Fresh products range from breads, scones, and other delicious treats at the store's White Windmill bakery, not to mention fresh meat and seafood, fruits and vegetables, and even a whole department dedicated to kimchi.

Then there are the savings you can expect when you shop at Mega Mart. Sign up for Instacart now to check out the delicious foods and amazing prices at this supermarket.

What products does Mega Mart carry?

You'll find an extensive selection of your go-to brands and products when you shop at Mega Mart. Whether you want tofu or tuna to create a meal or it's time to stock the fridge with some Horizon Organic milk or Eggland's Best eggs, Mega Mart and Instacart have you covered.

The produce department features a range of fresh and packaged fruits, vegetables, and herbs. From limes to lemon grass, apples to onions, you'll find just what you need at Mega Mart.

Head over to the deli department for kimchi, tofu, and prepared meals. Need some chili bean sauce, soy sauce, or extra-virgin olive oil? You'll find all that and more in the pantry department alongside Korean pancake mix, honey, and more.

Check out the dry goods and noodles department for ramen, dried seaweed, jasmine rice, and dried vermicelli, or bring home items from the frozen department such as frozen fish cakes, frozen dumplings, and frozen desserts like red bean cakes with mochi.

The cooking mixes and sauces department has just what you need to indulge in delicious flavor. From soy sauce to sriracha, to shellfish and anchovy soybean paste and beyond, Mega Mart has it all.

Sign up for Instacart and start browsing the full range of products you can find at Mega Mart through Instacart.

Can you order from Mega Mart online?

Thanks to Instacart, it's easy to order online from Mega Mart right now!

The time you have to spend with loved ones is valuable. All too often, household duties and work commitments cut into precious time with family and friends. Sometimes you just can't sacrifice more of your time to head to the supermarket to buy groceries and other essentials for the week ahead. Other times, you've made that supermarket trip, only to realize you forgot to grab the one ingredient you really need. That's why Instacart and Mega Mart came together to simplify the shopping process.

You won't limit your options when you order online from Mega Mart, either. Using Instacart, you can order chips, pretzels, and crackers for a quick snack, or get all the ingredients to create a meal for a big occasion.

No matter if you're craving something sweet or you just don't feel like cooking dinner, shopping online lets you save time, all without sacrificing the variety of options you'd find in a store. Get started by signing up for the Instacart app to access all of Mega Mart's amazing selections.

How to order from Mega Mart

You can order from Mega Mart online or by using the Instacart phone app today.

Wouldn't it be great if you could get Mega Mart delivery or Mega Mart pickup so you didn't have to devote extra time to shopping? Now, with Instacart, you can save that time! Instacart lets you experience all of the savings, products, and community spirit you look to from Mega Mart, all from the comfort of your home.

Start browsing through the various Mega Mart departments while using Instacart to see the full range of products you can enjoy. If you have a specific item in mind, you can search for that as well. Once you've created a cart of everything you need, just check out to schedule a Mega Mart delivery at a time that works with your busy schedule.

Although not all products are available for online ordering, you'll discover a great selection. Whether you want to order premium tofu, soup stock, or a range of fresh fruits and vegetables, they're all available on Instacart.

Sign up for Instacart to start your Mega Mart delivery order today!

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