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About Super King

Mission Statement

Super King consistently delivers the highest quality of food products, at excellent values in clean stores.

Our employees are our best partners in this endeavor, making Super King a desirable workplace.

As our customers reflect the diversity of Southern California, so does our offering.

Our Vision

The leader of international foods at the lowest prices and highest quality.

Customers can count on our service through dedicated employees.

Super King updates pricing regularly on to reflect our regular in-store prices. Our in-store sales and promotional pricing are not always reflected on

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About Super King

With eight California locations, Super King Markets is recognized nationally as one of the country's highest-volume grocers. The Fermanian family opened Super King Markets in 1993 and has focused on growing the business since. They offer a wide range of international products, brought in from over 50 different countries. The super store offers great customer service, high-quality products, and low prices, along with a wide selection of international and domestic groceries. They are diverse in both its selection and customer base, and at times, you may hear six or more different languages spoken in their aisles.

Integrity is the basis for all interactions with customers and employees, and this is the foundation on which the tremendous customer service is based. Super King continues to strive for excellence at all levels of employment. The diverse mix requires the California-based chain to learn and improve upon their practices continually. The Fermanian family also believes that it's important to support the communities they serve and have worked with Homenmen, Olive Crest, City of Hope, and more throughout the years. This is where the excellence in customer service spills over into the community and continues to grow.

Why should you shop at Super King?

If the notable customer service isn't enough to convince you to shop at Super King Markets, then let's talk about the diverse selection of international foods and products. With international products throughout their stock, you're sure to find that special international treat you are searching for today. This selection allows Super King to cater to any taste, any ethnicity, and anyone. They have seen more than 200,000 people walk through the doors in just one week, so that kind of foot traffic speaks for itself.

Super King can also tailor each individual store to the neighborhood it serves, creating an even more personalized shopping experience. For example, consumers at the Anaheim location are looking for asian produce more than other stores, so they ship more to that specific store. They also look to the community through demographic research to determine what the neighborhood needs as well as hiring directly from that community to offer the best service for those needs.

Low prices are another reason why so many people shop at Super King. Their buyers take the time to track down the best prices on high-quality products and pass that savings right along to the customers. Add all of this to the fact that you can order via Instacart at Super King, and it may just be the best grocery store ever.

What products does Super King carry?

All of your traditional domestic products are available at Super King Markets, including a 12-pack of Pepsi, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, and Ben & Jerry's ice creams. In addition to that, Super King has a huge selection of international foods such as Gamesa Maravillas vanilla cookies, Klass atole guava hot drink mix, and Sera Plain halva.

Produce is one of the top products that Super King is known for because they offer only the freshest high-quality fruits and vegetables at low, low prices. They also have a wide variety of prepackaged fruits and vegetables, along with fresh herbs and dips in the produce section.

If you're searching for the perfect Asian, Indian, Latino, or Kosher products, look no further. Super King caters their international selections to the demographics of its neighborhoods, so you're sure to find what you're looking for to create that international dish. The meat and seafood section is amazing, offering everything from fresh-cut filet mignon to Oscar Mayer hot dogs. You can make your dinner selection from the fresh meat, poultry, or seafood counters or pick from the numerous prepackaged meats and seafood. Grab a fresh salmon fillet for dinner tonight as a special treat.

Freshly baked breads, cookies, and cakes can be found in their bakery section. If you're celebrating a birthday or anniversary, one of the cakes available would be the perfect addition to your dinner.

Can you order from Super King online?

Yes, you sure can! Thankfully, Instacart makes Super King delivery or Super King pickup a breeze. Your time is valuable, and we know you'd much rather spend time reading a book to your child, catching up on your favorite binge-worthy show, or enjoying your favorite beverage while you put your feet up. Whether you're in need of the groceries to get your family through the week or just enough to satisfy tonight's menu plan, Instacart has you covered.

Once you've opened the Instacart app, simply start shopping for your favorite products and placing them in your cart. You'll enjoy the varied selection that Super King offers from the comfort of your own home or even while watching your child play at a basketball game. Instacart makes shopping Super King Markets super easy.

Are you running short on time on your way to lunch? Pop in and pick up a turkey breast club sandwich from the deli. Or perhaps you just don't feel like cooking tonight? Now's the perfect time to order some of their freshly prepared sushi via Instacart and have it delivered to your door.

How to order from Super King

Ordering from Super King Markets is the easy part. Just download the Instacart app or go online to start shopping from your favorite location.

Delivery and pick up are both available via Instacart at Super King Foods, so you can choose to have your groceries delivered right to your door or stop by on your way home from the game to do curbside pickup. Once you've placed your order, an Instacart shopper will grab a cart and start shopping for you. If you've picked delivery, your order will be brought right to you. If pickup is more your speed, then you'll receive a notification when your order is ready, and all you have to do is stop by to pick it up.

Although there may be several items that are only available for purchase in person at Super King, the selection available is impressive and should be able to fill your refrigerator and pantry right up.

Get started today! Download Instacart and leave the shopping at Super King Markets to someone else.

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