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Kingsford 30520 Competition Briquets

Kingsford 30520 Competition Briquets

11.1 lb
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100% all natural. Higher heat for grilling, searing & slow cooking. Lasts the same as a 13.9 lb Kingsford Original Bag (vs. Kingsford 2009). Where there's smoke, there's fire - and some of the best food on the planet. We're talking about all-American barbecue cook-off's, where tangy scents linger and competition sizzles. Bring the experience home with Kingsford Competition Briquets: higher heat that's ready to cook on faster for grilling, searing or slow cooking. Cooking Tips: Kingsford Competition Briquets burn hot and are ready to cook on fast! They provide for a range of cooking methods based on how you arrange the briquets and control the airflow. Grilling: Make adjustments to the grill vents and lid to control the cooking temperature. Cooking with the lid off creates the highest heat levels, while cooking with the lid on and vents closed chokes off the air for slower cooking methods. Searing: Searing is a process that creates a flavorful, caramelized outer crust. Pour briquets on one side of the grill to create cooking zones. Cook each side directly over the briquets and then move to indirect heat to finish. Consider using a marinade for a more juicy interior. Slow Cooking: Slow cooking is a process of barbecuing for long periods of time at low temperatures to add flavor and tenderize. Pour coals on one side of the grill to create cooking zones. Cook over a drip pan with water on the empty side, closing the vents more to achieve lower temperature and maintain more moisture. Made in the USA.


Carbon monoxide hazard. Burning charcoal inside can kill you. It gives off carbon monoxide, which has no odor. Never burn charcoal inside homes, vehicles or tents. For Your Safety: Never use gasoline to light charcoal; Do not add lighter fluid directly to burning or hot charcoal; Make sure ashes are cold before discarding; Never barbecue indoors (see warning above); Barbecue away from flammable items, overhangs and trees; California Proposition 65 Warning: Combustion (burning) of this product, like other cooking methods, produces carbon monoxide and other substances known by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or reproductive harm.


Chimney Lighting Method: 1. Insert newspaper into bottom of chimney starter. 2. Fill chimney with Kingsford competition briquets. 3. Light the paper. Briquets will be ready once flames reach the top of the chimney. 4. Carefully pour the briquets onto the grill grate. Spread the briquets over the grill and begin cooking. Light Fluid Method: Follow directions on the lighter fluid. Briquets will be ready for cooking when covered in ash (about 10-15 minutes). Store in a cool, dry place.

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