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About Mitsuwa Marketplace

Mitsuwa Marketplace is a Japanese supermarket chain in the United States. Known as the "Mall of Japan," Mitsuwa is the largest Japanese supermarket in the Midwest. The chain, which was founded in 1998, currently has 11 stores that are located in California, Hawaii, Texas, New Jersey and Illinois. Offering customers a dazzling array of Asian products, convenient in-store amenities, and efficient and friendly service, Mitsuwa Marketplace has become a popular shopping destination for shoppers from diverse cultures.

The supermarket offers everything from a Japanese grocery store, stocked with fresh and quality products, to a Japanese bookstore and a Japanese cosmetics counter. However, each Mitsuwa Marketplace outlet boasts its own unique offering of shops selling amenities. Some of the outlets, for instance, house a J. Sweets store where you can purchase delectable Japanese sweets, while others offer Lady M, which is a popular Mille crepe cake shop.

Why should you shop at Mitsuwa Marketplace?

Mitsuwa Marketplace offers just about any Japanese product that your heart may desire under one roof. What's more, you can shop at a Mitsuwa store 365 days of the year. Apart from an expansive grocery store, a Mitsuwa Marketplace outlet may provide a beauty salon, travel agency, dental practice, health store, and video shop.

One of the main attractions at each Mitsuwa Marketplace outlet is a colorful and bustling food court where you can enjoy traditional Japanese dishes, such as the ever-popular shrimp curry udon. To ensure that customers get to enjoy authentic Japanese food, the brand initially imported Japanese chefs to train Mitsuwa cooks. The food court also offers Korean and Chinese dishes, including delectable scallop dumplings and roasted duck with steamed rice.

Watch for the gourmet fairs that are regularly hosted at Mitsuwa food courts. During these events, customers get to try unique dishes from various regions in Japan, such as the sweet hairy crab of Hokkaido or the famous crispy fried chicken wings of Nagoya. While they tuck into these delicious dishes, customers can brush up on their Japanese culture by viewing various performances that range from food demonstrations to Samurai sword fights.

What products does Mitsuwa Marketplace carry?

Mitsuwa Marketplace's expansive grocery store carries an impressive selection of goods, which are almost exclusively Asian, including meat, fish, grains, pantry items, snacks, and sweets. Whether you're an experienced cook of Japanese-style dishes or have only recently started to experiment, you'll be delighted by the range and quality of products on offer. The store carries all the Japanese pantry staples, such as kombu, soy sauce, miso paste, rice wine vinegar, sushi rice, and ponzu sauce.

At the in-house bakery, you can buy delicious pastry treats for the kids, such as Pocky, which are biscuit sticks that are covered with chocolate, matcha, strawberry, and other tasty flavors. You can also try Kasugai gummies, which are available in interesting flavors such as yuzu and lychee. One of the most popular sections in the grocery store is the fish bar, where you can buy top-quality fresh sashimi. In addition, the grocery store boasts a top-quality sushi section that carries fresh pre-packed sushi platters of various sizes.

Can you order from Mitsuwa Marketplace online?

Although it's an absolute treat to walk through the aisles of the grocery store at Mitsuwa Marketplace or visit the variety of quality shops that this supermarket offers, there are times when life may become too busy for you to do so. To help customers during such hectic times, Mitsuwa Marketplace has partnered with Instacart to provide a Mitsuwa Marketplace delivery service. Instacart is the largest and most widely available grocery delivery company in the U.S. and Canada.

Instead of stockpiling products in large warehouses as other grocery delivery companies do, Instacart uses shoppers who hand-select every shopper's items from the nearest Mitsuwa Marketplace outlet. While Mitsuwa Marketplace doesn't offer its complete range of products online, you can still choose from a wide selection of goods, including fresh produce, seafood, meat, deli items, cosmetics, pantry products, and household appliances.

If you're in the mood for seafood, some of your options include freshwater eel, sashimi squid, and wood-smoked salmon. For those times when you need a quick fix for supper, opt for a ready-made frozen meal, such as shrimp wonton soup with noodles or delectable chicken and leek dumplings.

How to order from Mitsuwa Marketplace

All you need to do to order your favorite Mitsuwa products online is to create an Instacart account. When you want to place an order, simply log into the Instacart website or mobile application, and fill your virtual shopping cart with items. Once you've placed your order, a shopper will visit a nearby Mitsuwa Marketplace outlet to hand-pick the items you've selected and will then deliver your goods to your home. If an item you've selected is not in stock, your personal shopper will look for a similar product and will then ask for your approval.

On those days that you need an urgent delivery, you can have your groceries on your doorstep within an hour. Other options include same-day delivery or shopping in advance and selecting a date on which you want your goods delivered.

For your convenience, the Mitsuwa and Instacart partnership also provides a Mitsuwa Marketplace pick-up service. Once you've received confirmation that your shopping is ready, you simply park in a curbside parking space at the relevant Mitsuwa Marketplace outlet and phone the store to announce that you've arrived. Within minutes, a friendly Mitsuwa assistant will bring your shopping to you.

Offering a dazzling array of products and authentic Japanese dishes, Mitsuwa has brought the taste of Japan to the United States in a refreshing way. What's more, by partnering with Instacart, Mitsuwa is also now offering to deliver your favorite Japanese products to your doorstep. Make use of this convenient service that the partnership between Mitsuwa Marketplace and Instacart has made available to you by creating your Instacart account today. You'll love shopping at Mitsuwa Marketplace.

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