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About Market Basket

Market Basket is a family-owned and operated grocer based in Massachusetts. The chain has developed a loyal following due to their emphasis on everyday low prices, fair treatment of employees, and broad selection of global ingredients.

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About Market Basket

Market Basket is a chain of supermarket retailers in New England. Headquartered today in Tewksbury, Massachusetts, Market Basket now operates over 80 supermarkets throughout Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. The chain is well-known for its everyday low prices and wide variety of global products as well as its fair treatment of employees. It's no wonder that Market Basket supermarkets have developed a loyal following since first starting out more than a century ago.

Market Basket's story began in 1917, when Athanasios and Efrosini DeMoulas opened a small food store called "The Acre" in Lowell, Massachusetts. The small shop specialized in lamb, sausage, and pork. Through the years, the DeMoulas family expanded the small operation into a supermarket and additional stores, offering a full variety of groceries, produce, meats, and more.

1963 saw the introduction of the DeMoulas Profit Sharing plan. The original 1963 plan still exists today, allowing associates to directly benefit from the earnings they help to create. The Market Basket chain grew over the decades, opening new stores throughout New England without ever losing sight of the family's commitment to both their customers and employees.

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Why should you shop at Market Basket?

A dedication to bringing loyal customers quality food products at low, affordable prices has ensured that Market Basket's popularity has endured over the decades. With a commitment to keeping a human touch in everything they do, the supermarkets continue to serve their communities today. Market Basket's diverse array of departments means you'll always have access to the variety and quality you deserve when you shop.

The Market Basket produce departments go well beyond a supermarket's typical fare. Market Basket works with an extensive network of farmers in New England to deliver farm-to-table freshness throughout the seasons. The supermarkets also source fruits and vegetables from across the globe to ensure you're never without your favorite foods. You'll also find a range of organic products here.

The meat department features all cuts of beef, lamb, pork, poultry, and veal. Market Basket grinds beef fresh in its stores several times each day, making sure your meat delivers quality and freshness. Time to fire up the grill? With more than 60 kinds of hot dogs and sausages, including kielbasa, chorizo, linguica, and locanico, Market Basket makes it easy to take your backyard barbecue to the next level. You can't go wrong with their marinated meats, steaks, chops, or fresh-ground burgers, either.

And that's just the start. Whether you're looking for frozen foods, cheeses from around the world, or Market Basket's signature barbecue rotisserie chickens, this supermarket does it all. Sign up for Instacart to start browsing the amazing bakery, deli, grocery selection, and more at Market Basket today.

What products does Market Basket carry?

Market Basket offers an impressive variety of your favorite brands and products. Whether you're looking to stock your fridge with Coca-Cola or find a fresh fillet of fish for tonight's dinner, Market Basket and Instacart have you covered.

The deli department is the place to go for lunch meat from popular brands like Oscar Meyer and Hillshire Farm, not to mention specialty cheeses and dips ready to upgrade your next family gathering. Looking for prepared soups or salad to take the guesswork out of a quick meal? You'll find that here, too.

The frozen department also features plenty of essentials. Whether you want to stock up on Eggo frozen waffles for breakfast, Stouffer's macaroni and cheese or DiGiorno pizza for lunch or dinner, or other necessities like Athens phyllo dough, you'll find it all at Market Basket. The frozen department also offers an expansive assortment of frozen meats and seafood, vegan and vegetarian products, and produce.

You can't go wrong with Market Basket for super fresh produce or meat, either. You'll discover a range of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs in the produce department, so you're sure to find the ingredients you need for any meal. Head over to the meat and seafood department for ground beef, chicken breasts, fish fillets, and so much more.

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Can you order from Market Basket online?

Instacart makes it easy to order from Market Basket today!

Your time is valuable, and your days can get hectic without warning. When you're balancing family time, household duties, work, and more, sometimes you just don't have the time to plan your next trip to Market Basket to stock up on groceries for the week ahead or essentials for tonight's dinner. Other times, you settle in to cook a big meal for your family, only to realize you forgot to grab that one essential ingredient. That's where Instacart and Market Basket come in.

You can experience the dedication to quality and affordability that makes Market Basket so beloved without sacrificing the wide selection you enjoy from an in-store experience, all without leaving the comfort of your own home. Ordering online from Market Basket doesn't limit your options. Thanks to Instacart, you can get a quick bite to eat, fresh meat or produce, or a sweet treat from the bakery. Get started shopping online when you sign up for the Instacart app.

How to order from Market Basket

Instacart makes getting Market Basket pickup or Market Basket delivery a breeze when you sign up for the phone app today.

Simply shop for your favorite Market Basket products on the Instacart website or phone app by browsing the departments or searching for specific items you crave. Once you have your order, you can schedule a time for delivery that same day or later in the week to fit your schedule.

You won't miss out on the human touch Market Basket is known for when you shop with Instacart. Your order will be received, filled, and delivered by an Instacart shopper.

Although not all products are available for online orders, you'll find a huge variety at your fingertips. This service is the perfect way to save time while shopping for your products at your go-to supermarket. Sign up for Instacart to order Market Basket delivery today!

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