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Good Grocer Grocery Delivery

Good Grocer was founded in 2015 with the mission of helping people who want to eat fresh, healthy foods but can't always afford it. The premise is simple but the impact is huge: 100% of profits go to fight hunger - every Instacart purchase helps reduce the price of healthy food for a person in need. By choosing Good Grocer, Instacart shoppers do good AND get access to the same national and local brands at our everyday low prices.

Good Grocer’s unique business model not only relies on the profits from your purchases to help those in need but we also reduce operational costs – typically one of the largest expenses for a grocery store – by relying on volunteers to operate every aspect of the store. These savings are passed along in the form of a 25% discount for all volunteers. Instead of giving people a hand out, Good Grocer empowers those in need to volunteer their time and talents for a break on their bill. As of July 2016 Good Grocer has engaged 850 low-income volunteers, enabling them to purchase 195,000 essential foods - a collective savings of over $98,000. Doing good is not part of our mission, it is our mission.