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About Fry's

As part of the Kroger family of grocery stores, Fry's offers shoppers a wonderful place to go to for all their food-related purchases. This community-minded company focuses on giving back by contributing to many local charities and through their commitment to ending hunger. They've also made a commitment to eliminate waste within the company by 2025 and are constantly working toward that goal.

Every shopping experience at a Fry's location is sure to be pleasant thanks to their friendly, courteous staff and wide selection of products. No matter what you need, you'll find it here. With some of the best meats and produce you can buy as well as a nice selection of bulk items and a delicious bakery, you can't go wrong with an Instacart order from this popular grocery store.

Along with the great selection at Fry's, you'll also enjoy some excellent savings. In addition to their already low prices, you can find coupons offering even more savings. Discounts are given on products from every department, so keep an eye out to find your favorite foods and other items when they're on sale. Check the Fry's website to find more opportunities to save through digital coupons.

Why should you shop at Fry's?

Shopping at Fry's is a comfortable, relaxing experience. The helpful staff is always ready to assist you with finding what you need and answering your questions about the store's products and services. Whether you're here to pick up a prescription from the pharmacy or you just want to grab a few quick items on your way home, you'll find the store is well laid out and clean, making it easy to find what you need.

Are you planning a party? You'll have no trouble finding everything you need at Fry's, and why not make it easy on yourself by just adding the items you need, such as beer, wine, or a cake from the bakery to your Instacart order. You can also get an elegant floral arrangement or balloons to add more fun to the party.

Those looking for ingredients to prepare tasty international cuisine can find a variety of foods, including what's needed to make kosher, Italian, Latin American, Mediterranean, and Caribbean cuisines.

An abundance of organic products makes it easy to eat healthy. From juicy, delicious produce to lean, natural ground turkey, you'll find it all in the wide organic selection available at Fry's.

What products does Fry's carry?

Regardless of whether you're looking for name brand products or the store's own Simple Truth or Private Selection brands, every Fry's has a terrific variety of the things you want. From the Private Selection line, you can find items like ice cream and chocolate as well as frozen foods and meat, while the Simple Truth line offers organic products, including canned goods, meats, and a large selection of chips. Put a bag of the Simple Truth Organic baby spinach on your Instacart list to perk up your next salad, along with some Simple Truth Organic baby carrots.

In the produce department, you'll always find lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, but did you know you can also find fresh herbs, dips, and ready-made salads too? The dairy department offers cheeses from popular brands like Kraft and Velveeta as well as specialty brands such as Laughing Cow and Boursin, both of which are easy to add to your Instacart.

Head to the frozen food department to find more of your favorite products, including Kellogg's Eggo frozen waffles, Bagel Bites, DiGiorno frozen pizzas, and Tyson cooked chicken products. Many other name brand products can be found throughout the store, and Instacart makes it easy for you to browse for what you want from Fry's.

Can you order from Fry's online?

You'll have no problem getting a Fry's delivery or pick-up order together on Instacart. Picking out the items you need and paying for and receiving your order has never been easier thanks to our online service. Because we know how difficult it can be to schedule a trip to the grocery store, we've designed Instacart to make your life a little simpler.

You can shop for all the products and brands you love right from the comfort of your own home. While you may find that some products aren't available, you can still find just about everything you could need online.

When you order online from Fry's, you'll receive the same exceptional customer service you're used to, and you'll be saving yourself valuable time that you can spend doing something more enjoyable. Keep in mind that you can get more than just food delivered via Instacart. Think about adding things like toothpaste, diapers, trash bags, air freshener, and soaps and lotions to your list.

Concerned about getting your discounts? Don't be. Through the Instacart app, you can receive all the in-store discounts offered by Fry's without having to visit the store. What are you waiting for, download the Instacart app today!

How to order from Fry's

Ordering online from Fry's or using the Instacart app saves you time and is so easy that you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner. Whether you want your groceries delivered right to your door or you'd like to stop and pick them up before you go home, the Instacart app gets the job done. All you have to do is select the items you want from the expansive list of featured products, decide whether you want Fry's delivery or curbside pick-up, and then wait for your order. Then a shopper will pick out your items and bring them to you.

We're dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction and providing top-notch customer service. When you order Fry's pick-up, you can park in one of the dedicated parking spaces reserved specifically for customers picking up their grocery order. Your groceries will be brought to you and loaded in your car, making the whole experience take only a few minutes in most cases. If you're looking for a simple way to free up some of your valued time, sign up for the Instacart app and start shopping at Fry's online now.

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