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About Food King

The Lowe’s family currently operates 151 grocery stores throughout Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and one in Arizona and Kansas. The company was founded in 1964 and has a rich family heritage of traditional Christian values. The Food King banner first became part of the company’s operations several years ago in El Paso and since that time, it has become very popular throughout the company.

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About Food King

Food King was established in an attempt to provide local consumers with affordable groceries that also taste good. Instead of pricing that includes an unknown marked-up price, Food King does things a little differently. Each item on the shelves is listed at the at-cost price. During check-out, customers are then charged a 10% increase, just enough to cover store costs and employees. This means you know exactly how much your groceries will cost and what the markup covers.

There are 23 Food King locations, with most of them in Texas. However, there are additional locations located in Colorado and New Mexico. The Food King brand focuses on convenience and believes that customers shouldn't have to make multiple shopping trips to complete their shopping lists. That's why they carry a great supply of food items in addition to household goods, fresh bakery items, packaged lunches, and a well-stocked frozen department.

Customers have also come to enjoy checking out the Food King weekly ad for inspiration on this week's meals. In addition to inspiration to spice up dinner this week, it also lists the items that are on sale.

When you shop from Food King with Instacart, you can expect affordable prices, as well as fully stocked shelves with your family's favorite products.

Why should you shop at Food King?

When you are on a tight budget, or you just want to spend less on groceries, Food King is the king of low prices. It doesn't matter if you need to fill the fridge for the coming week, or you just need a few last-minute ingredients for tonight's dinner, they are the place to go to save money. With other available departments, like a floral market and baked goods, you can also save money on the other items on your grocery list.

Food King prioritizes families, valuing high-quality products and affordable prices. They also aim to fill their customer's fridges with products that are both tasty and healthy.

Larger families find that stocking up on enough beverages and snacks to satisfy the whole family is doable when shopping at Food King. Bulk products, like peanut butter spreads, juices, biscuits, and cereals are all available in larger quantities.

With a diverse produce department, encouraging your family to get their share of fruits and vegetables is also easier when you shop at Food King. Whether your family prefers limes, tomatoes, onions, or pineapples, you will find a good selection when shopping at Food King. When you shop at Food King using Instacart, you can also ensure that you will receive the ripest and best quality of produce items.

What products does Food King carry?

While the available inventory varies among locations, Food King shoppers will often find a good supply of both well-known products and generic, cost-savings items. Food King carries the Crav'n Flavor brand, which is well- known for being both affordable and tasty. They also often have discounts on the Crav'n Flavor products, on top of the already good prices. Try the break 'n bake cookie dough or the breakfast egg bites.

Food King is also a good place to stock up on your family's favorite canned goods. You can never go wrong with a well-stocked pantry of Campbell's Chunky soups or Mezzetta's pepperoncini.

With items on the shelf already priced either at or below cost, you can cut your grocery budget even more by choosing Food King-exclusive products. Looking for healthier options for your family? Try items like Hass avocados or green limes, all priced at an incomparable price. For breakfast, you can never go wrong with Eggo or Banquet. Of course, you can always stock up on fresh eggs, if you prefer to make your own breakfast.

When you use Instacart, you can order all of these great Food King products for delivery.

Can you order from Food King online?

With Instacart, you can order from Food King online using your computer or mobile phone.

Family duties and work responsibilities can easily get in the way of household tasks like grocery shopping. But, being busy shouldn't mean that you have to sacrifice good-tasting snacks or healthy ingredients. Instacart understands this struggle and has partnered with Food King to bring you online ordering.

With online ordering, your options are never limited. Need your Dunkin' Donuts Mocha iced coffee to wake up in the morning? Are your kids requesting Hostess powdered sugar donuts? With online ordering, you can check it all off the grocery list.

Forget an upcoming birthday or celebration? Your Instacart personal shopper can handle that for you too. Just add greeting cards, snacks, books, or toys to your shopping cart, and don't forget the gift wrap. That special someone might also enjoy a sweet dessert from the bakery aisle.

Run out of necessary household items at the last minute? Food King also carries things like air fresheners, candles, floor cleaner, and laundry detergent. Just add it to your shopping list and it will be delivered right along with your groceries.

How to order from Food King

You can order Food King delivery using Instacart. All you need is a computer or phone and the Instacart app.

Once you sign up, you will be able to shop among Food King's expansive aisles, including produce, meat and seafood, deli, bakery, dairy, and household goods. Simply choose the items you want, add them to your cart, and then check out when you are done. Select the day and time when you want your items to be delivered and then sit back and enjoy all the time you've saved. It doesn't get any easier than that.

While most products are available for delivery, you can list any requested substitutions if an item on your list is out of stock. You can also request special items from your personal shopper, and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Your items will be securely and safely delivered to your front door. If you wish, you can meet your shopper, or you can request that they drop them off on your front porch. Either way, it is up to you.

Sign up for Instacart today to take care of your shopping list and order Food King delivery.

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