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About Festival Foods

From positively impacting communities to ensuring quality products to providing an exceptional experience, we’ve fueled a culture of excellence for more than 70 years. 

At Festival Foods, our customers are our guests. With family at our core, we aim to give each and every guest the personal attention and support we would expect from our own families. We go above and beyond to ensure we’re meeting expectations held by our guests. It all boils down to our Boomerang Principle: Every business decision we make is based on the question, “Will it bring the customer back?”

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About Festival Foods

Festival Foods is a grocery company that operates stores throughout Wisconsin in the United States. The family- and employee-owned company has created a tradition of positively impacting the communities it serves for more than 70 years, offering a range of quality products in a friendly, family-based environment.

The company that would become Festival Foods got its start in 1946, when Paul and Jane Skogen opened the first Skogen's IGA store in Onalaska, Wisconsin, with just a few hundred dollars. The Skogen family continued to acquire small stores throughout the area through 1979. After noticing a shift in consumer buying habits, the family decided to change the store format, opening the first Festival Foods location in Onalaska in 1990.

Today, Festival Foods is based in De Pere, Wisconsin. Festival Foods is still owned by the Skogen family, leading to a community feeling and friendly atmosphere in every store location. The company strives to offer quality products and an exceptional shopping experience, and this culture of excellence comes through in everything the company does.

You now can experience these amazing reasons to shop at Festival Foods without ever leaving home. Sign up for Instacart to start on your next Festival Foods order!

Why should you shop at Festival Foods?

Festival Foods treats its customers as its guests, keeping family at its core to give every guest the personal attention and support one could expect from family members. By going above and beyond, Festival Foods makes sure it meets its guests' expectations. Festival Foods also offers an extensive selection of quality products, so you're sure to find just what you need whenever you shop for groceries here.

Festival Foods' commitment to its customers shines through in everything the company does. Check out the meal ideas they share on their website for one prime example. Once you stock up on products from the Festival Foods marketplace using Instacart, you can search for unique recipes using the tasty treats you just brought home to take your mealtime to the next level. Festival Foods knows that every individual and family is unique, so they offer recipes using their products that you can search by different dietary needs like vegetarian and gluten-free as well as by courses, cooking method, and occasion.

From signature bakery items to fresh produce, meats, and more, the massive assortment of quality products offered at Festival Foods offers another great reason to shop at Festival Foods. Sign up for Instacart today and start browsing the excellent selection.

What products does Festival Foods carry?

Festival Foods carries a wide array of your favorite brands and products to make it easy to get everything you need in one shopping trip. No matter if you want their signature bakery items or non-dairy frozen desserts from Ben & Jerry's or Haagen Dazs, Festival Foods has it all via Instacart.

Start in the produce department to stock up on fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Want some packaged fruits or veggies to take the guesswork out of having wholesome items ready to go? You'll find that here as well.

The meat and seafood department boasts a huge range of fresh and packaged meat, poultry, and seafood. Whether you're shopping for Oscar Mayer wieners to throw on the grill or you want Chicken of the Sea Ahi Yellowfin Tuna to make a quick lunch, it's easy thanks to Festival Foods. You'll even discover a variety of plant-based meat alternatives from favorite brands like MorningStar Farms and Beyond Meat.

That's just the start. From international groceries to deli items, dairy and eggs to bulk grains, spreads, and coffee and tea, the Festival Foods marketplace makes grocery shopping a breeze. Sign up for Instacart today and check out the full range of products available at Festival Foods through Instacart.

Can you order from Festival Foods online?

With Instacart, it's easy to order from Festival Foods online!

Your time is valuable. When you have household duties and work tasks to balance with time you can spend with loved ones, sometimes it's hard to get a chance to make a trip to Festival Foods to stock up on essentials for the coming week. Other times, you can't even manage to find a moment to get what you need for that night's dinner! That's why Instacart and Festival Foods partnered to make shopping easier than ever. You can experience the family spirit and huge variety of products from your go-to supermarket, all from the comfort of home.

Ordering from Festival Foods online doesn't limit your options. Whether you need inspiration for a family meal or you know just what you want to cook, Festival Foods and Instacart have you covered. You can get your favorite signature cheesecake or a box of Barilla pasta. No matter if you want a quick bite to eat or you're gathering groceries for a big family meal, shopping online lets you save time without sacrificing access to the products you love. Get started with your next order by signing up for the Instacart app.

How to order from Festival Foods

You can order from Festival Foods today using your computer or the Instacart phone app.

Put in an order for Festival Foods delivery using Instacart and check all the items off your shopping list without ever leaving home. You can have your groceries delivered right to your door or have something shipped to the office. No matter when and where you need to shop, Festival Foods and Instacart are here to simplify your shopping experience.

Start by browsing the various Festival Foods departments using Instacart to check out all the delicious items you can order. You can also search for specific products you need. Fill up your cart as you go along, then schedule a Festival Foods delivery at a time that's convenient for your schedule.

Although not every product is available for online ordering, you'll find an expansive selection at your fingertips. Whether you need mixed greens for a salad, specialty cheeses for a delicious appetizer, or even essential household products like Dawn dish detergent or Ziploc freezer bags, they are available from Festival Foods on Instacart.

Sign up for Instacart to put in your order for Festival Foods delivery today!

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